Patola Mountains
Snow Cap Mountains
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Christopher's Journey


Book1: Earth



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Dr. Lintong

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Nad led Christopher and Ally down the pass to the Snow Cap Mountains; as they came closer to the mountain range, Nad started calling Nin-nin's name. As they approached the first mountain, Nad could hear his lemur-bat calling him from under a pile of snow.

"We have to get him out!" Nad screamed at the top of his lungs, so Christopher and Ally would hear him. "My Airbending won't get him out of the snow!"

"Ally," Christopher screamed, "we have to use our bending together to get him out!"

"Okay," Ally said. "Let's do it!" They both used their Firebending to melt away the snow. The last layer would not melt, but it was not as compact; it could be blown off.

"Listen to me, Nad!" Christopher yelled to Nad. "You have to use your Airbending to blow off the last layer of snow!"

"Okay!" Nad blew off the snow with his signature Airbending move: the air-kick. It blew right off; he got Nin-nin right out.

"Nin-nin! Your okay!" Nin-nin gave an approving squeak.

"Now we need to get out of here!" Christopher screamed. "Which way is-" a huge snow chunck, caused by an avalanche, blocked their way out. "Ally," Christopher bent down so Ally could hear him. "We need to use our bending together!" He turned to Nad. "You have to blow away the snow after we melt it." They both nodded. Christopher and Ally used their Firebending to melt away the snow; Nad blew it away with his Airbending.

"It's still not melting!" Christopher knew what he had to do. "Back up." Nad and Ally backed away. Christopher raised two fingers, which shot out lightning. It peirced right into the ice block, immediately melting a hole big enough for them to walk through.

When they got back to the village near the East Fire Temple, Fanilla, Nad took Nin-nin to the veterinarian doctor there. Dr. Lintong, the doctor, examined Nin-nin. He checked his tempurature, checked to make shure he wasn't crushed, and made sure he was up to shape.

"It looks as if there was a force protecting him," Dr. Lintong said. "Do you have any idea how that would happen?"

"I might," Nad said, a little scared. "I encapseled him in an air-ball because he wanted to ride around."

"Well," Dr. Lintong said, "you might have saved his life."

Nad was so relieved. He didn't know if he did the right thing or not. As they journeyed to the next stop, Nad had new confidence. He knew, no matter what, he would know what was the right thing, and what was not.

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