Long Journeys, Part 3
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Arthur Keane

Release date

April 2, 2013

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Chapter 4: Long Journeys, Part 2

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Chapter 6: Necessary Adjustments

Kero yelled in frustration in his room. Naera had completely ignored him--as if he wasn't even there.

"Haven't we been best friends since, like birth!?" he raged.

A knock on the door stopped him. He took a half-second to catch his breath, then opened the door.

It was Neru, of course.

"Hey, bro," Neru said. "Today was great."

"Really," Kero muttered.

"Yeah, really!"

Kero sat down, resigned to having to listen, but knowing every word would be torture.

The wannabe assassins were all tied up in a heap on the boulder. Wulon and Jor were starting to walk away when the waterbender called out suddenly. "You can't just leave me here!"

Wulon turned back, a wry smile across his face. "Of course we can."

The waterbender's screams of anger were audible for the next mile.

Jor eyed Wulon. "You know he'll get out eventually, right?"

Wulon nodded. "If he hasn't cut those ropes already, he doesn't deserve to."

Jor sighed. "Yeah."

Two weeks later, Wulon was boarding the Daft Captain, a passenger boat to the nearest Fire Nation port.

"Pleasure guarding you," Jor had said as he left.

"The pleasure is all mine," Wulon said with a laugh.

With a dull noise the boat left port and set sail.

Wulon realized belatedly that he was getting seasick.

The Hai family house was smaller than he remembered it, but the bright red paint was redone and the roof looked as if it had been retiled.

"Home, sweet home," he said with a laugh and reached up to knock. Before he could, though, the door was thrown open.

"My son!" Vef Hai shouted and embraced the younger man tightly.

Wulon returned the gesture. "My father," he began, but then he saw the three boys standing in the doorway with a woman not much older than himself. His face hardened momentarily, but he forced a smile.

"I am overjoyed to be home."

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