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January 3, 2017

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This is Chapter 5 of Kun: The New Avatar, called "Global Assault: Part 1". This chapter was uploaded on December 31st, 2016. Kun: The New Avatar follows the story of a young adult who has to protect the world from the evils of Arnaq's forces following Avatar Korra's death.

Author's Note

I haven't written a chapter for this series in a long time.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great New Year, everyone. This chapter will signal the beginning of my return to this site and writing fanons, because it was a pain to leave. I hope you guys had a great break from school, and I'm here to welcome you guys back.

I'm sorry I was gone, I'm glad I'm back, and be prepared next week for a fanon a day, because that keeps your crippling depression away. I speak from experience.


Previously, on Kun: The New Avatar:

Mako arrives on the island to teach and train Kun in firebending, and after a long day of training, suggests a visit into Republic City in order to clear Kun's head and introduce him to the city, but they are captured by the Triple Threat Triad. They manage to escape, but not before finding some evidence that may lead to a connection between the triads and the bandits that Kun saw in the swamp.

Tenzin, Jinora and Kai try to escape, but they don't know that they are being monitored the whole time by Arnaq. They fail to escape and are locked in solitary confinement. Arnaq pays a special visit to Tenzin, torturing him since Tenzin essentially punished Arnaq the same way 25 years ago.

Global Assault, Part 1

At the borders of the island crescent that is the Fire Nation, due to massive heat, there are gigantic volcanoes, easily the size of multiple airships. These volcanoes served as natural defenses for the Fire Nation in the event of a mass invasion orchestrated by the combination of the two other world powers: The Northern Water Tribe and the Earth Kingdom.

These volcanoes are the perfect haven for the firebenders. It supplements their bending, and because of their spiritual connection to the dragons that resided there for thousands of years, they were able to possess a skill no other bender could have. Even against the full moon, the firebenders would possess immeasurable power and were unstoppable.

Even Fire Lord Sozin, with his infinite wisdom about the intricacies of the world, did not know of their existence. Their secret had been hidden for decades, without a lack of scholars in the Fire Nation to perpetuate such information.

And so it was from here that Arnaq's invasion into the Fire Nation began. A group of only 3 dozen or so gliders crested on top of the closest and smallest volcano in the ring. Their leader, a man simply known as Hisashi. Nothing was known about him, except he had benefitted greatly from joining Arnaq's ranks early on.

Hisashi breathed in. Not even Sozin's Comet could compare to the level of fire he felt coursing through his veins. In fact, that gave him an idea...

Looking around at his team, Hisashi saw that the firebenders were breathing in the volcanic ash, seemingly unharmed by the poisonous gas. The others wore masks designed to keep the toxic particles away from the nose and mouth of the wearer, and those without bending abilities had the Echidna sticks strapped to their belts.

Hisashi breathed in again. "We have been chosen to perform this task as part of a ritual for some, to prove their loyalty, but as a stepping stone for others, reaching our goals quicker. You all know the plan, now it is time to act on it."

The group split into two. The first group was the smaller, but more agile group: it consisted of Hisashi and about a dozen other men who were perfectly in control of their gliders. The second group packed up their gliders into their backpacks and began to trek down the volcano.

Once they had just barely kept out of the line of sight of the watchtowers, Hisashi gave the signal. As one, the dozen men jumped off of the volcano. Using expert maneuvers, they all separated from each other until they formed a gigantic "V" shape in the sky.

The defense mechanisms in the Fire Nation whirred to life as they detected unknown flying craft. Rapid fire fireballs ejected out of large machinery located on the edge of the capital. The wall was also protected by firebenders, and they also began to attack the dozen gliders.

Unfortunately for the Fire Nation, the gliders were very adept in the air, due to hours of practice in the Earth Kingdom, and were able to avoid every single well - aimed blast. Not only this, but they also held small balls of slime that were meant to immobilize the more dangerous machines that were more accurate and damaging. One by one, each machine fell to the slime bombs, that were ironically first developed by Sokka against the Fire Nation.

As the gilders flew around in the air and distracted the defenses of the Fire Nation, the rest of the group entered the city through the wall surrounding it. In the middle of the city, they could see the main fortress of the capital. As their friends took down the defenses outside of the city, the invader group made their way towards the fortress capital.


From the skies, Hisashi could see that the invader group had breached the first wall, but there was a lot of work to do. Even from his position, he could see the guards around the inner two walls converge on the spot of the intrusion.

A hastily thrown fireball distracted him for a moment, and he shifted his gaze to the defenses on the outer wall. Although their purpose had been served, Hisashi, the military strategist that he was, chose to completely annihilate the outer defenses to prevent any attack from the rear. That wasn't crucial to the plan, but it was always better to be safe.

Swooping down into a deep dive, Hisashi targeted the openings of the metal towers, trying to throw some of his more special bombs into them. The others followed his lead, and soon, the outer defenses were nothing more than retreating soldiers and burning wood from the acid bombs.

Just in time, as well. Their friends on the ground were having trouble with the guards for the second wall. Even though they bested the defenders with skill, there were just too many of them for the small task force to handle alone.

The guards on the ground began to push the invading force back, step by step. Even from the sky, Hisashi saw that at least two of the dozen on the ground lay motionless, most probably dead or severely injured.

With a battle cry, Hisashi jumped off of his glider, letting it sail into the group. Even though it did knock over two of the invading force, they recovered quickly, as they had been expecting something of the sort. The same could not be said for the poor guards, however, as they knocked each other over in sprawled confusion.

The rest of the gliders performed the same activity, jumping off of their winged vehicles and letting them assault the guards in their stead. Slowly but surely, the guards were moved back, closer and closer to the wall. Hisashi had not yet figured out how he would penetrate the thick concrete now that he didn't have his glider, but he would figure it out when he had disposed of the guards.

Unfortunately for Hisashi, he would never get the chance. As he was in the middle of disposing of a guard, he felt the unmistakable feeling of cold metal. A voice whispered in his ear. "One move, and you won't have a head anymore. Walk." Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his other men in a similar situation. They began to walk forward, into the imposing structure of the Fire Nation capital.


Hotaru sped forward, his natural speed and genetic traits helping him greatly as he rocketed his way to the Fire Nation. Snorts of green fire trailed over his scales, but they didn't singe Izumi.

She wiped her forehead nervously. All she hoped for was a fighting chance, a sliver of hope that might let her defeat the invaders.


Hisashi had only been in the large room once before, the "elemental room," as they called it. The first time, however, there wasn't a large table in the center of the room, and there certainly were not other people within the room itself. 

The first person he noticed, quite surprisingly, was the portly gentleman on his right. Shaped like a bowling ball, and with a suit that barely covered his frame, he appeared to be some sort of rich businessman, with the funds to help support Arnaq's goal.

The second man was shaped like a skyscraper, towering 2 meters tall, a half meter over Hisashi himself. With soldier armor covering his body, and lapels on his shoulders, Hisashi could tell that the man meant business. 

On the far end, shrouded in darkness, was Arnaq. Hisashi could see nothing of him except the chair in which he sat. A white gloved hand pointed towards the chair that separated them. Hisashi forced himself to step forward, but refrained from sitting. 

" Welcome to my humble abode. As I've heard, this is not the first time that you've come here. That's...impressive."

The voice cut through the tension in the air, ironic considering it gave Hisashi chills that ran down his spine and nestled somewhere below his ribs. Nevertheless, the others immediately grew relaxed and their faces broke out into somewhat gruesome smiles. 

It was at this point that Hisashi could see what was on the table, as a light flickered over his head. It was a detailed map of the Fire Nation capital. Shaped much like Ba Sing Se, the Fire Nation utilized their advances in technology to support the building of large defenses for the castle, including robotic trebuchets, platinum walls and cannons that could store fire. 

" As you've discussed with your superiors, you believe you have a way of penetrating the walls. Please explain."

This came from the man on Hisashi's right, the battle - worn soldier. Hisashi cleared his throat, settling his heart. "We have realized that it would be nearly impossible to break through the three layers of walls with the forces that we could take. We could, of course, increase the size of the force, but that would mean that we would be much more dangerous and therefore worthy of increased defense. We need an invading force that is not too many people to require an increase in defenses in that area, but enough to get through the walls."

The portly man shuffled in his seat. "How do you plan on accomplishing this? You just said that you cannot break the walls."

Hisashi smiled, showing his perfectly white teeth. "There is one way to get in."


Hisashi stared at the condensation of his breath. The small cot he was on could barely contain his frame. He hadn't slept since he had entered the room, but it was getting close to time. He started to worry, before remembering that he had placed the man himself.

A guard began to walk closer to Hisashi's cell, his baton clinking on each of the bars before stopping right in front of him. Without making a sound, he slipped a key through the bars and shuffled forward. Hisashi smiled again, happy that his investment worked.

After opening his own cell, he opened the cells of the ones next to him. Luckily for him, he picked the right side, as three of his best men were in those cells. Running through the halls, Hisashi tossed the key to one of his other men, and whispered, "Get everyone out. Meet us back here in 10 minutes. We're getting our weapons."

Hisashi began to sprint through the halls, disposing of any guards he could find and taking their weapons, better to defend with as they looked for their weapons. Hisashi took special notice of their position, and recalled the map of the Fire Nation capital.

" Once we get out of the cells, we'll have free reign to look for our weapons. No doubt they will be taken when we're imprisoned. Getting our weapons is key to winning this fight."

Hisashi opened a door as his friends were defeating a phalanx of guards. Inside, he found their weapons: An assortment of knives, plated gloves, armor and his favorite dagger. Grabbing some of them, he took his own and fastened them to his body, tossing the rest to his friends.

They ran back through the hallways to the cell blocks, were they distributed the weapons to the waiting members of their group.

" After we get our weapons, we need to head to the main hall. There we can take control of the city by taking the throne. Because the Fire Nation doesn't have armies of guards within the city, there's no way to defend against a large group of invaders with only a handful of guards at a time."

Hisashi led the group through the hallways. He didn't care if they were going in the right direction or not; if they weren't, then they would be able to dispose of more guards quicker. Any way was the right way when they could remove some guards from the equation.

Finally, after half an hour of running the halls, they found the main hall. The main political leaders in the Fire Nation, along with ambassadors from each of the nations. Protected by guards, the Chief Minister of the Fire Nation stepped forward. "Fire Lady Izumi is on her way here as we speak. Do what you want with us, she won't let you get away."

Just as the minister finished, a loud roar came from outside the building. One of the group ran over to the window from where it came, and yelled: "It's Izumi! Everyone get down!"

Hisashi ran to the window. "You guys work on things here! I'll take Izumi out!" Without waiting for a response, Hisashi jumped out of the window and onto the roofs of the houses below. Charging Hotaru, Hisashi removed his favorite blade, staring at its nicked edge from years of survival in the cities of the Fire Nation.

" Most likely, to let the plan go forward, I will have to sacrifice myself in order to keep Izumi away from the invading force long enough for them to subjugate the prisoners. Hopefully, my death will mean the success of our cause."

Concentrating, Hisashi set the blade on fire. Without even mentally congratulating himself, he threw it with all his power at Hotaru, the blade flipping end over end as it hurtled towards the dragon.

At the last moment, Hotaru opened his mouth and sent out a blast of green fire that burnt the dagger to a crisp. The green flames traveled towards Hisashi, as he closed his eyes and stretched out his arms.


Arnaq closed his eyes and massaged his temples. The news was well and good, but the plan could not move forward without the success in the other section. Hisashi's death had been planned, but he had lost a good soldier. He would just have to hope that his sacrifice was not in vain.


Author's Note

I'm just kidding. I don't have crippling depression; I used to. But regardless, I hope you enjoyed this chapter of Kun: The New Avatar. The next few chapters for a bunch of my fanons will be out next week, and the week after that, I'm planning one more chapter of Fire of the Red Lotus and Part 2 of Global Assault.

See you next week!

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