A Second Stalingrad
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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fullfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and almost didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly cargo: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end.
But the question is: Will there still be a world to save?

Previously on Avatar: The War of the Worlds

Johnston and Olizon begin their war against the other Nations, both of them bombing Republic City and later starting an aerial landing there.
Asura, Malu, Zolu and Mike all are woken by the sirenes that signalise the attack. Asura flies off to the Hospital, while Malu chooses to defend her people. Mike is both freed and wounded by a bomb. Meanwhile, Zolu tries to fend the invaders off with the Nemesis, but has to abandon Republic City as resistance becomes futile, for what he becomes "banished from the ship" by the URN's Grand Admiral. Mike manages to save Luo and Asura from their death on his way to the Hospital. There, Kiruya saves his life and heals his wounds. The five of them decide to save Malu and end the war.

The Depot

The sound of their boots entering into and raising from the mud within the tunnel resonated and could be heard kilometres from their origin, or could have been heard if the battle on the surface would not have been that loud. The group of five, two female, three male, all of them at an age around twenty-five, walked on to the sound of rifles being shot, buildings collapsing and artillery laying waste to entire parts of the metropolis above. The five marched through the wide sewers of this city, which, alongside with another network of tunnels, formed another city beneath this one above, a city which stayed safe during the bombardment which had ended for a couple of hours by now. The two of them who were non-benders were armed with their own weapons, a rifle and a sword, both more than two-hundred years old, while the benders were armed with their bending, which was not much of a good in close quarters combat.
"When you said tunnel network, sewers weren't exactly what I imagined... ", Mike complained.
"This ain't sewers, these are a tunnel network, older than one-hundred years. It became flooded because no-", Luo began to explain, before Mike cut him off.
"Don't try to fool me, I know a sewer when I walk in one."
The two wanted to start an argument, but this attempt was stopped when Zolu spoke, "Yes, these are sewers, but this door leads directly to the depot."
He opened it, revealing hundreds of crates, piled and dusty, each of them with a lettering of their contents, one saying Electrified gloves, another one saying Electrified kali sticks.
"So... do we really need to use this Equalist-garbage? I mean... Who knows if this stuff still works?", asked Kiruya, holding one of the gloves, which accidentally answered her question by electroshocking her. Mike, Luo and Zolu barely held their laughter back, while Asura helped her friend up again, looking at and blaming the three guys for the accident, as Kiruya giggled,"Well, I guess I could live with using these gloves..."
Everyone except for Mike got two gloves, one to use now and one in reserve, Mike only took one as he had his two guns. After they had found their way out of the depot, a new maze of tunnels revealed itself in front of them.
"Great. Just great. Why... ? Why can't we go there on the surface, I could snipe the soldiers outta the way...", Mike complained again, obviously annoyed.
Everyone else went off into the tunnel, Mike soon following. They walked for what seemed hours, and where an opening to Yue Bay should have been, a wall of debris formed in front of them.
"What was it again what you offered us, Mike?", Asura asked Mike to guard them outside.
"Grand Admiral Michael Přemysl, at your service!", Mike said, climbing a near ladder up.

A City, ruled by Snipers

The five climbed out of the sewers through the manhole and ran into a near, bombed building to cover themselves. Mike kneeled down and instructed them,"So... My plan is simple. You give me the directions we have to go and I shoot every enemy for you - or better, everyone I can shoot. Well, it's not that simple... In the moment I shoot my rifle, you run the way the soldier was and eliminate every other soldier with... these gloves, bending or, in the case of Zolu, his sword... However, I need to save ammo, so I won't shoot every single soldier, if you know what I mean. Dismiss!"
The others nodded, crawling near the building's wall, while Mike positioned himself near a window in the first floor, aiming his Lee-Enfield at potential targets, shooting one single round before reloading and shooting another one.
"Area secure! Move out!"
He and the other jumped out of the windows and ran forward to the next building, as a rifle round hit the ground right in front of Asura.
"Don't stop running, change your direction every few seconds! DON'T STOP!"
She did as told until they had reached the house wall, where Mike jumped in through a window. A few fighting noises could be heard, but as Mike looked out of the window with a bloody bayonet, signing the four to come in, they were slightly relieved.
"Actually, I could have cleared the way in the sewers, but we were wrong anyway... Also, I don't think you would like an earthbent tunnel more than this...", Luo admitted, taking cover behind a knocked-over desk. Mike looked at him, asking him mimically why he didn't tell them this information earlier, before he rose again and shot a single round.
"Surprisingly easy. Whatever, MOVE ALREADY!"
The New Team Avatar now had to cross a crossroads, a tank coming in from the left. As it shot, Luo shot up an earth wall to detonate its shell too early. The shell was armour-piercing, so the wall was pierced by its explosion, as Asura reinforce it with another one. "We'll hold 'em off, you... RUN!", Asura screamed.
"No you won't! Wait a sec, I'll do it!", Mike shouted, grabbing a smoke and an ordinary HE grenade. He threw the first one and charged through to the tank, where he opened the hatchway and threw the HE grenade in, before he ran off, the shock wave caused by the tank's explosion throwing him right before Asura's feet. As he had stood up, Asura stated,"I think we should head to the shore now. It's north-west from here. There-"
"There we're the most vulnerable. You're right though, but we have to stay in cover, there's a battle going on." As he finished his sentence, the building where they have been before collapsed because of the impact of an artillery shell.
They crossed the road again, as another rifle bullet shot right for Asura, which she evade unknowingly again. They entered another partially destroyed building, as Mike ordered,"You draw his - or her - attention, while I try to annihilate... the sniper."
"You want me to do... WHAT?", Asura screamed, Mike only grinning affirmative in response, "That is right, almighty Avatar."
Asura saw it was futile to start a fight against Mike, and so she did as told. She ran the road up and down as inconspicuous as possible. A single blast was shot, a muzzle lit up in a distance of a few hundred metres and second round was shot, eliminating the source of the first. A few hours and a dozen rounds later, the group of five arrived at the shore of Yue Bay. Warships, Avatar Aang Memorial Island, Air Temple Island and the airplanes and airships patrolling the sky were all clearly visible in the dusk, which was an advantage for those who were about to sneak into the destroyed Air Nomad stronghold that was formed by the bombed structures of Air Temple Island.

The Stronghold

In the middle of the night, a water bubble separated itself from the water of Yue Bay at the shore of Air Temple Island, revealing its contents, which was a group of five. They quickly went to one of the secret entrances of the temple's basement, which were used as defensive posts. The first one of them, wearing a beret, opened it and crawled through as the first, barely making a noise, as did the other four. Every of them drew their weapons as silent as possible, soon being asked by a familiar, injured-sounding voice,"Who dares to break the silence of the night?"
None of them answered, until the man with the beret stepped forward and said,"We do, as Air Nomads never turn away a-"
He was sent flying at a light switch, causing the light to reveal the voice's bearer, as well as the identities of the group of five. Mike, who accidentally had switched on the light, complained,"We get through all of Republic City, fighting dozens of soldiers to rescue you, and how do you thank us? By throwing me against the wall! Malu, seriously, what the hell?"
Malu it was indeed who sent Mike against the wall. She looked terrible, leaning herself on her glider staff, her stomach, her head's right half and her left foot covered in partially bloody dressing material. Everyone was shocked at this sight, Zolu only stating,"Well,... that explains... the injured-sounding voice..."
Now they could also see what the rest of the basement was. People, sleeping between crates, filled with weapons and supplies, such as food and medicines, many of them injured, even the children. This war really was a total one, especially for the Air Nomads of Air Temple Island, whose entire population fought.
"Any... causalities? You know, like... dead?", Mike asked somewhat disgusted at seeing little children heavily injured.
"Yes, six were killed... Each two by bombs and artillery... Each one by bullets and meele attacks... Three were... little... children,... the others weren't older than... fourteen, so... adolescents... ", Malu managed to tell him before the tears that had formed in her eyes rolled down her cheeks. Kiruya already began doing her duty as a doctor, while the other four helped Malu to patrol around in the destroyed facilities. Malu continued as Mike asked for further information,"The attacks began, like in the rest of Republic City, with the bombing. Soon, we had to fend paratroopers off, when one of these... shot one of the children... However,... later, the artillery of the Fire Nation bombed us as well. Soon, because of the importance of our island, troops began to land. We fended them off completely, throwing them away, back into the water, unlike the beginning of the Hundred Year War... That's pretty much everything."
"Did you also... like,... how should I say it.. kill someone?"
"Killing is, if necessary, allowed. We have to defend our home, ourselves! We are NOT weak!"

At dawn, most of the Air Nomads awoke and fastly armed themselves to fend off new attack waves. The five who had arrived in the nighttime were given hospitality and now drank a bit of tea and ate bread. The Air Nomads always shared whatever they had, even if it was less than their guest's. Mike looked around, stating,"Kiruya's healing seemed really to help these people, but if we really want to help 'em, we've gotta bring them off this isle!"
Malu walked by, having overheared the sentence Mike had said and answered,"We are not going to give up our home. Try-"
"Then you will be slaughtered again. Even if you resist. You guys have to get out of here, compared to what's outside you are weak. The-"
"Okay, call us weak! You are right! Why don't you just slaughter us?!"
"Look, the enemy's got control over the skies, over the sea and over the nearby land. Here, we're on a small isle near the coast. And you are no more than something around... a hundred. It's a proof of your strength that you guys are still alive. Also, you have to think about the future, think about your children! You can't let them die like this! I have a plan how to escape the encirclement!"
Most of the Air Nomads have overheard the conversation despite the deafening sound of the battle outside and now were listening to the Grand Admiral, who spoke, even convincing Malu of his crazy idea,"You will get off this island like we've got on it. A few of you surely can fly off during the night, but underwater, it's unlikely we'll be spotted. Once we're on the other side of Yue Bay, we can use the sewers and tunnel network."

As the sky darkened, the Air Nomads gathered in the basement, waiting for the right moment. A few were taking a dozen of the children to safety with the three left sky bison, red cross-flags on the bison' stomachs, the rest was going to walk underwater.

Notes and Trivia

  • This chapter is named after the Battle of Stalingrad, which all of you should now as the turning point in the Second World War, as it too was ruled by Snipers and vastly bombed into ashes. Another reference to this battle will be the last chapters of Book 1.
  • The US-soldiers can be imagined as a combination of Stormtroopers from Star Wars, an ordinary Wehrmacht soldier and a member of the SWAT. The Fire Nation soldiers as a combination of, again, Wehrmacht soldiers and Hundred Year War-era FN soldiers.
  • Just to note, Mike still is armed with WW2 weapons.

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