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Chapter 4: The Battle on Kyoshi Island

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Chapter 5: A Clue Edit

I will never forget my humiliating defeat on Kyoshi Island. The memory still stings me. To take my mind off of things, I meditated. A servant came into my room.

"Prince Zuko, there has been a sighting of the Avatar in the Prison Rig. All of the Earthbender prisoners there are free. In fact, we're not too far from it. Do you want to check it out?" the servant asked.

"Set a course for the Prison Rig," I ordered. The servant left.

We finally arrived at the Prison Rig. The Avatar was gone but there was a clue. As I scanned the area, a glint of light caught my eyes. I went towards it and saw that it was a necklace. The Waterbender's necklace. I picked it up and stared out into the distance.

Author's Note Edit

So sorry about the length! That's the only bit in that episode in which Zuko comes in though!

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