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Duel at Mount Makapu
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Child of the War



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January 2nd, 2012

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"Duel at Mount Makapu" is the 5th chapter of the Child of the War continuity. It was written by Annawantimes.


2 days after Sha Lu meets Colonel Mongke

Despite Sha Lu working for the Fire Nation, Jenju knew that he only was forced to do so. The information Sha Lu provided didn't seem accurate, leading Jenju to believe Sha Lu was misleading the Fire Nation. He had grown to trust him, somehow...

"Why can't we leave this camp? We've been here for two days!" Jenju complained as Sha Lu unrolled a sleeping bag.

"Well are you going to help me or what?"

"Fine, but when can we leave? I have to find my dad, who knows how far he's gone by now."

Sha Lu straightened up upon hearing about Jenju's father. He remembered the devastation done to him by the Fire Nation. Then came Sha Lu's reply, "Soon."

Jenju and Sha Lu set up the campsite and sat down by the fire. After finishing their small meal, the two lounged around. Within minutes, a signal call could be heard from the woods.

Jenju drew his machete from the scabbard on his back. "What was that?"

"Probably nothing, uhh, go to sleep." Sha Lu became nervous. He looked back into the woods and saw Colonel Mongke.

Jenju put away his machete and laid down, waiting to see what Sha Lu was going to do.

Regardless of what Jenju would think, Sha Lu ran to the woods and met Mongke. Jenju looked as he once again conversed with his enemies.

"Well? Have you seen any Earth Kingdom soldiers patrolling the area?" Mongke was irritable and impatient.

"No. No sir."

Mongke ignored Sha Lu and looked back at the camp. He saw Jenju draw his machete. "Who is that?!" Ordered Mongke.

"Uhh, uhm..." Sha Lu stuttered, unable to provide an answer.

"Is he the boy that you told me you took care of?"

"No, he's uhm, an, an Earth Kingdom rebel. He's revolting to Earth Kingdom rule in his hometown."

Mongke looked puzzled. He raised his hand and produced a fire in front of Sha Lu's face. "I'll find out if you're lying."

"You have my word." Sha Lu replied, which didn't mean much as he was a cheating gambler.

"When you report to me next, you'd best not have that boy with you. And remember, I have ways of knowing whether or not you tell me the truth."

"Yes sir." Sha Lu said.

Mongke nodded, and Sha Lu walked back to the camp. Kahchi proceeded to walk off, but Mongke stopped him, watching what Sha Lu and the boy would do next.

Sha Lu collected his things. "Jenju, we have to make a run for it."

"You're working with the Fire Nation?!"

"I'll explain later. Now we just need to get out of here, quick."

They began running. It took a while for the Rough Rhinos to notice in the dark. When they did, they began chasing after them.

"It looks like they've found out we're running." Sha Lu shouted. He and Jenju made their way off the path as the Rough Rhinos gained. They jumped a small rocky bluff and dashed around towering trees.

"After them!" Shouted Colonel Mongke as his group lessened the distance between the captors and the captives.

Sha Lu and Jenju were caught at a high cliff that raised up Mount Makapu. "Ready your weapon Jenju." Sha Lu drew his swords and Jenju whipped out his machete.

The Rough Rhinos caught up and stopped five feet from the runners. Sha Lu made a run for the Rhinos. They spread apart briefly as Sha Lu sliced the lower back of Mongke's Rhino with his swords. The beast roared and dashed for the cliffside. "Jenju look out!" Shouted Sha Lu.

Jenju hit the dirt as the Rhino crashed into the rocks. A discarded rock hit Jenju in the foot as he struck the ground.

Mongke jumped from his Rhino and joined Yeh-Lu on his. "You've made yourself an enemy of the Fire Nation Sha Lu. Ride off." Called Mongke.

Sha Lu removed the rock from Jenju's shin, revealing a huge gash and rock fragments caught in it.

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