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In room 215 Jia had just finished giving Da a bath. As soon as she came in the first thing she did, was wash the little dog. Now she was drying him off in the bathroom. She had always loved animals. At home she was always coming home with strays of all sorts. So when she saw Da, she just couldn't leave him on the streets.

But Aya clearly didn't care for the dog. She insisted that he be kept in the bathroom, and Jia, not wanting any accidents on the white carpet, didn't argue.

After Da was dry Jia closed the bathroom door and sat on the bed. Their room was an exact replica of Bo and Horou' was standing by the window, she had closed the curtain of their window, but was peeking behind it.

'I wonder what her story is?' Jia wondered, 'she seems like she's mad at someone.' "So," Jia began to say, but Aya cut her off and said," we're being watched."

"What?" Jia exclaimed and rushed to the window. She peeked around the curtain and saw, nothing. No one was outside. "I don't see anyone," Jia said.

"She's there, just hidden, " Aya said.

"Oh well I don' see anything," Jia said, and sat on one of the beds.

Aya went to the phone on the table and dialed a number. " Hey Junjie it's me Aya," she said in a friendly tone of voice. Much to Jia's surprise. 'I've never heard her so...friendly,' Jia thought.

"We might need a place to stay," Aya was saying. As soon as she finished her sentence the front door opened.

A few minuets earlier Akima's radio crackled. " Backup is here," a man's voice said over the radio.

She got the two-way radio from her pocket and said," the targets are in rooms 215 and 216. Detain everyone there and separate the dog from them."

Akima looked to the rooftops to make sure that everyone was in place. Four soldiers crouched on the rooftops across the street from the Motel. And three others were in the ally next to her.

'Good,' she said to herself, "move out!" she said into the radio, "you guys on the roof, stay there in case we need backup."

Akima liked things to go according to plan. So, to make sure they did, she always had a backup plan. Sometimes things still went south but not this time, 'it's just a bag and tag job,' she thought,'easy.' But overconfidence was always her weakness.

They moved in swiftly and silently. Akima was leading the attack. She took out a key card and used it to open the door. 'Universal key,' she thought,'clever.' She busted through the door and saw Jia and Aya in the room.

'Just one woman and a little girl,' she thought in surprise.

Aya dropped the phone and bent a wall of flames right in front of the soldiers. Jia sent icicles shooting at the soldiers, but they blocked them with fireballs. Then Aya blasted a hole into the left wall and leaped through. Jia followed close behind.

Akima ran back outside to open the door to the next room.

Bo was sleeping when Aya blasted a hole right over his head, and jumped through. She nearly landed on him as he sat up in surprise. " What?" he asked groggily. That was all he managed to say before Jia came flying through the hole, and crashed right into him, sending them both tumbling to the floor.

"Get off of me!" Jia said and shoved him to the side.

"Hey, you're the one who landed on me!" Bo said angrily.

"Horou did you finish it?" Aya asked.

"Yes," he said, and handed Aya the copy of the map.

Earlier that day, after she had rented the rooms, Aya bought four backpacks and put them in Bo's closet. Now she took them out and stuck the map in one. She put the backpack on and handed one to everyone else.

"Alright people," Aya began to say," lets-," she was cut off when the door burst open, and a fireball whizzed by her head. Akima stepped inside and stepped to the left, to let three soldiers enter. One of them bent the earth up from under the floor. It tore through the carpet, and encased the team's feet in small hills of rock. All this happened in the space of a few seconds.

"Aw come on," Bo complained, "we have to fight you people twice in one day?"

"We got away from you guys before," Jia said," we can easily do it again."

"No you can't," Akima said, " we are the elite of Haman's army. You're not escaping from us."

Akima walked up to Aya and said," Haman has special plans for you."

'Who is this haman?' Jia wondered.

Bo quietly bent the rocks and freed his feet. Then, in a flash, he freed the others.

Once Aya was free she jabbed her knee into Akima's stomach, and hit her over her head with both fists. The stunned woman fell to the floor.

'That was easy,' Aya thought. "Go back to our room!" she shouted.

Everyone but the soldiers ran back through the hole in the wall. While Aya kept the soldiers busy.

Akima stood up, her eyes were ablaze with fury. "No one escapes from me," she said, and took out three throwing stars. She launched them at Aya but Aya managed to dodge two of them. The third one grazed her left shoulder, and she winced in pain.

'Ok now you made me mad,' Aya thought. She bent the electricity from all the sockets in the room, causing the power to go out in the entire block. Blue light from the electricity filled the darkened room. And filled it with a flickering blue light.

Aya let out a yell, and sent the lightning flying at Akira and the soldiers. It struck them head on, and sent the soldiers flying out the door. But Akmia crashed through the window.

In the next room Jia went to get Da from the bathroom, and saw that the door was gone, blown off it's hinges.

'They got Da,' she thought in dismay. But then much to her relief she heard a bark, and Da came out of the bathroom, wagging his little stump of a tail.

"Oh Da!" she said, and picked him up in her arms.

"Uh Jia?" Bo said," a little help here."

The wall of flames that Aya had made was still burning strong. Jia bent some water from the sink and put the flames out, then they ran outside and met up with Aya.

Up on the rooftops across the street, Akima's backup soldiers were watching. One of them gave a hand signal and they all leaped down. Slowing their fall with jets of fire that shot from their hands.

A crowd of people from the motel and nearby buildings, were watching from a safe distance. Aya heard police sirens drawing closer.

The four soldiers walked through the crowd towards Aya. Before she could see them in the crowd, one of them tossed a small bead at her. It landed at her feet and released a white fog. The fog spread out and no one could see anything more than shapes moving around.

Bo closed his eyes and sensed the vibrations of everyones footsteps, through the ground. But the soldiers stepped so lightly that he couldn't sense them.

Aya heard a yell and a scuffle. She headed towards the sound, and grabbed at the first shape she saw. It was Horou.

"They got the map," he said.

Aya nodded. She had suspected that might happen.

Jia bent the water vapor that created the fog away and they could see clearly again. Then the team quickly walked away. They were on the next block when the cops sped by, heading to the motel.

"We have a problem," Aya said," they have the map. So they'll be headed to get the scroll as soon as they can. We need to hurry."

"Can we get the captain to leave tonight?" Jia asked.

"No, he has other passengers and won't leave without them," Aya responded, "but I know a friend that we can stay with tonight."

They eventually entered a residential area. Houses lined the street on both sides. Most had green lawns, with flowerbeds and a tree or two. Junjie's was a simple house. With a porch that wrapped around the entire house, and a stone path that led to the front door. The house itself was painted brown, with a white trim and a blue door.

The sun was setting as they walked up to the house. Jia saw a crescent moon rising in the sky. The north star was shining next to it, like a dimple made by a smile.

The door swung open before Aya had even knocked, and a scruffy looking man in his forties stood in the doorway. His clothes were wrinkled and he had a bit of stubble on his face.

"Aya!" he said with a big smile," and Horou. It's been a while. Come in, who are your friends?"

Aya smiled and gave the man a hug. "You haven't changed a bit," she said.

"Well it hasn't been that long," he responded.

They entered into the house and Junjie began clearing the couch for them to entire living room was messy, filled with books and papers, and maps. A fireplace stood in front of the couch and a small table was in one corner of the room. Once the couch was clear Bo flopped down on it. There were several chairs in the room, and Junjie brought them forward for Aya and Horou. Jia sat on the couch.

Jia remembered Aya calling him from their motel room earlier.'If he knew we were coming why didn't he clean up earlier?' she wondered.

"So you guys need a place to stay right?" Junjie said.

"How'd you know?" Bo asked.

"Aya called him just before the attack," Jia said.

"So she knew we were gonna be attacked and didn't bother to tell us?" Bo exclaimed.

"No, I didn't know," Aya said, "but never mind." She turned to Junjie and said, "JJ, we got the map."

"Really?" Junjie said in surprise, "so that means Haman doesn't have it yet. Very good. But do you really think you should take these kids along? Remember what happ-"

"Of course I remember," Aya said in a controlled tone, "but they can handle themselves," Aya said, " and I need their help."

Junjie still looked doubtful, but he shook his head and said," well I'll show you to your rooms and get dinner ready."

"By the way Haman's got a copy of the map too," Aya added.

"Not good," JJ said.

After Junjie showed them their rooms Jia went to the kitchen to feed Da. Junjie was in the kitchen too, he was looking for food to cook.

"What's his name?" he asked.

"Da," Jia said.

"That means intelligent. It's a good name."

Jia smiled and JJ took out some dog food and put it in a bowl for Da. He explained that he liked to feed the strays in town.

"So uh, exactly how dangerous is this mission were on?" Jia asked.

"Well let's just say that last time Aya went up against Haman it didn't end well."

"Who's Haman?"

"You mean Aya didn't tell you?" JJ asked in surprise.

"No I didn't," Aya said. She was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, glaring at JJ.

JJ stood and faced Aya, she said, "it doesn't concern them. We're gonna find the scroll and give it to the Fire Lord. Haman won't be involved."

"And if he captures you?" JJ asked.

"He won't," Aya said, and left.

'So she is mad at some one' Jia thought,' but who is Haman?'

After they had eaten dinner Aya went outside and was standing on the porch looking at the was thinking of a time when she was more trusting, happier, and more open. Today she ony trusted her oldest and closest of friends. Like JJ.

JJ came out side and sat on a chair behind Aya. "Hey," he said.

"Hey," Aya said without turning around.

"They need to know about Haman."

"That was, and still is personal. You had no right to go-," Aya was cut off when JJ said, "You're not just looking for that scroll. You want revenge."

"I'm just gonna get the scroll, and give it to my father," Aya said, " then the kids can go back home and I'll go after Haman myself."

"If things get out of control, then they'll need to know how dangerous he is."

"Don't worry," Aya said, as she turned and looked him in the eye," I'll tell them if I have to."

"Good, now about Korra's disappearance."

"What about it?"

"Well history repeats itself. If you can't find her, then some one has to be out there that can stop Haman."

"Yes. That's me," Aya said.

"No he can probably bend all four elements now. Not even Ozai could challenge him."

She didn't want to admit it but he was right, 'last time I fought Haman I nearly died,' she thought.

"If we come across someone that powerful, I'll get him to join us, but I'm killing Haman myself."

"Just don't go up against Haman by yourself," JJ said.

"Don't worry I won't repeat my mistakes."

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