The Forest of Thorns
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The Tale of Naton



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May 15, 2014

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Chapter 3 - Return to Guang

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A new evil has risen; a darkbending nation. The world may be fighting, but only the Avatar can defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

Book One: Dark

Chapter Four: The Forest of Thorns

Previously on Naton

The earth boy, Naton is revealed to be the Avatar, and has been trained in the four elements by the guardian spirit Alang. At the refugee camp, Naton realizes he must keep training if he wants to beat the Dark Lord. Naton and the Ben Hai travel to a person Master Onza believes can help Naton....

Chapter Four: The Forest of Thorns

"Gooooooood moooooorning, Avatar!" Beeno jumped up and landed on Naton.

"WHA-DUH- Beeno! Ow! Don't do that!"

"Naton! You're late! We're gonna meet the gardener!"


"Onza didn't tell you? The guy who's going to train you in awesome lightbending stuff!"

"I know! But I didn't think he'd be a gardener!"

"Doesn't matter! Let's go!"

Beeno dragged Naton out of the tent, and the Ben Hai were assembled in the center of the camp. The mayor of Guang and Naton's parents were there, too.

"Are you ready?" Aeron asked. Naton nodded.

"Good luck, Avatar. The world needs you," the mayor said.

Wushu and Linnie walked over to Naton. "Do you have to go? It's not safe out there," Wushu said.

"It's my duty as the Avatar. I'll be fine," Naton said.

"That's my son." Naton turned to the Ben Hai.

"Well?" Master Onza stepped forward. "We'll be leaving now. We will come back."

As the town waved good-bye, the Ben Hai traveled north, towards the dense forest.

"So, who is this gardener?" Kian asked. "You never told us about him."

"He is a good friend of mine. But he prefers to be alone," Onza replied. "But you will like him. He is young, kind and full of knowledge. He gets along with spirits."

"Sounds like my kind of guy, minus the alone part," Beeno said.

On the top of a rock face, they rested, and Tazen lit a small fire.

"I got some rabbit-snake stew ready!" Beeno cheered. "Don't worry guys, it's not my own recipe. Oh, I forgot the salt."

"Beeno! I need the salt!" Aeron protested.

"We'll have to do without it. The darkbenders are everywhere," Tazen said.

Naton sat next to Aeron and Karrie. "So, if you're an airbender, is Tenzin your grandpa?"

Aeron nodded. "Yup. Jinora's my mom. I have an older sister, but she's in Republic City."

"Aeron's my cousin. My mom is Ikki. My little brother joined the Flare Rebels," Karrie said.

Naton turned to Beeno. "What's your story?"

Beeno's face lit up. "I was a 3-time pro-bending champion! Have you heard of the Brown Battle Badgermoles?"


"Well you should! We were the best!"

"Are you still part of the team?"

"Nope. During a tour, we were attacked by darkbenders, and I stayed in Guang," Beeno explained.

Tazen stood up. "I was living with the Fire Governor, until a dragon attacked. Many people thought the spirits were mad at us. After the attack, I traveled to Guang, where I joined the Ben Hai."

All eyes then riveted to Kian, who was silently slurping his stew. "Oh, my story." He set the bowl down. "I was a soldier in the Northern Water Tribe, until an army of dark spirits attacked. My father owned a rebel army, and I traveled down to Guang as well." Then he resumed with the stew.

Onza cleared his throat. "Well, now that our Avatar has been introduced to everyone, let's hear what the Avatar has to say."

Naton blinked. "Me? No no no. My story's not very fun. You know, Wushu's Fruit Juice, market, sleep, regular stuff. Sorry, no fun stuff. Don't you guys have, a car or something? Something other than feet?" Naton asked.

"No, we don't. It would be too obvious," Tazen said.

"But it's so slow going by foot!" Naton complained.

"SHHH!! Everyone," Aeron hissed. "The forest. It's over there."

Onza pointed his staff to a large sea of tall trees. "The Forest of Thorns. The most sacred and spiritual place you'll see for miles."

Naton gasped in amazement. "It's so green."

"Where are the buildings and cars?!" Beeno shouted.

The Ben Hai trekked down the valley and entered the forest. The trees were straight and stood tall. The sunlight seeped through the branches, lighting the ground with spots. "Hello, Mr. Gardener?" Karrie cried out. Suddenly, a log shot past them, and collided with a nearby tree.

"Master Onza, are these nice or evil spirits?!" Naton cried.

Vines grew out of the ground and grabbed their ankles. Tazen firebended, and shot fire in the general direction. Several trees fell down, trapping them. The vines continued to wrap them up, and Naton spun around, creating a ring of flame. "Gardie! This is Onza!" the master yelled. At once, the rogue plants retreated, and out of the shadow, came a young man.

"I'm sorry, Onza, I get so many darkbender visitors these days."

"It's fine. But I think the log was a bit too much."

"Heh heh."

Gardie was around 35, with long dark hair and a small beard and mustache. He wore old dirty green clothes, and a blue necklace. His leather belt held leaves, herbs and vines. "So this is the Avatar," the gardener said to Naton.

Naton bowed in respect. "Hello, gardener."

The man laughed. "I prefer Gardie." The Ben Hai bowed to Gardie. "I look forward to training the Avatar. Did he master all four elements?" Gardie asked.

"Yes," Onza replied.

Gardie turned to Naton. "Have you been trained in plantbendng?"


"Oh, well then this will be fun. Let's begin your training."

Character or Plot Revelations

  • Tazen was friends with the Fire Governor.
  • Kian's father was the leader of a rebel group.
  • Beeno was a 3-time pro-bending champion.
  • Aeron is the son of Jinora.
  • Naton's master, Gardie, is a talented plantbender.


Writer- GretriXcape

Illustrator- GretriXcape

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