Zuko's ship at the Earth Kingdom harbor
The Arrival
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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 6, 2013

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Chapter 3 - Kid Fight

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Firelord Zuko finally arrives in Republic City, but his friends aren't the only ones there to "greet" him.

It's a quiet morning in Republic City. The sun is just starting to rise. Sokka wakes up and gets out of the chair he slept in. He walks down the hall and opens Aang and Katara's bedroom door.

Sokka: Wake up lovebirds!

Aang: *wakes up and sits up quickly* Sokka, it's too early for this. What do you want? 

Sokka: Zuko's coming today! We have to be awake by now for his arrival. 

Aang: *stepping out of bed* I guess you're right. *walks up to Katara, kneels down and places his hand on her shoulder to wake her up* Katara, wake up.

Katara's eyes slowly open as she wakes up. The first thing she sees is Aang, to which she half smiles at.

Katara: Aang, what is it?

Aang: Zuko is on his way, we should get ready for his arrival, and we have to get the kids ready.

Katara: You're right. I'll go get the kids ready.

Katara gets out of bed and walks down the hall.

Katara: *yelling at the kids* KIDS! Get ready, Firelord Zuko is coming today!

Sokka: I'll be back in a few minutes, I'm gonna put on some different clothing.

Aang: Okay, see you in a few.

Sokka runs out the door. Aang starts walking down the hall, noticing Kya and Bumi getting help of clothing choices from Katara.

Aang: Kya! Bumi! You get dressed on your own, you're too big for help, just choose what you want. *smiles as he picks up Tenzin* Come on Tenzin, lets get your airbending outfit on. 

Aang takes Tenzin to his room. He pulls out an airbending outfit. He helps Tenzin get the shirt over his head as Tenzin puts his pants on. Aang looks at Tenzin with a huge smile on his face.

Aang: *happy sigh* You look just like me when I was your age, except for the arrows.

Tenzin: Will I ever get my airbending tattoos?

Aang: Someday you will. You just need to keep practicing all the airbending moves, and then you have to invent your own move. 

Kya and Bumi walk into Tenzin's room. Kya has on a traditional Southern Water Tribe outfit. Bumi has on Water Tribe pants, but a nonbender-like shirt. 

Kya: Hey dad, how do we look?

Aang: You and Bumi look great Kya. *yells to Katara* Don't our kids look great sweetie?

Katara walks into Tenzin's room and smiles at the family.

Katara: They look like us.

Bumi: What about me, I don't look like you.

Katara: You look like Uncle Sokka. Maybe one day you'll be a warrior like him.

Suddenly, the front door slams open and Sokka barges in the house with a proud smile on his face. Instead of his Councilman uniform, he's wearing a traditional Water Tribe outfit that some warriors wear. His Warrior's Wolf tail is longer and undone.

Sokka: *proudly* Warrior Sokka here!

Katara: Sokka, please cut your ponytail off a couple inches, you look like you can't take care of yourself.

Sokka: First of all, it's a Warrior's Wolf Tail, I don't know how many times I have to tell you that. Second, I am a grown man, and can wear my Warrior's Wolf Tail however I want to.

Aang: You sure got dressed quickly.

Sokka: Yeah, well I'm just in a rush, and were all excited to see Zuko right?

There's a knock at the front door. Sokka walks to the door and opens it. It's Toph and Lin. Sokka frowns. 

Sokka: *sadly* Oh, it's just Toph and Lin.

Toph: Sorry to disappoint you, but Zuko will be arriving soon. I think we should get going.

Aang: Lets take Appa! Like old times! 

They Gaang and kids run outside the door and run towards Appa. They all climb aboard on him. Everyone sits on the saddle, except for Aang who is sitting on the back of Appa's head. Momo flies around him, and lands on Appa's right horn.

Aang: Appa! Yip yip!

Appa starts flying across Yue Bay. Halfway across, Momo starts making noises. He crawls up to Aang's right shoulder and starts "pointing" to the water.

Aang: What is it Momo? *looks in the water, and sees a Fire Nation ship* Zuko's ship! 

Appa flies near the shore of Republic City where the boats and ships are. The Gaang and kids get off of Appa and watch as Zuko's ship comes closer to shore.

Katara: He'll be in Republic City in no time. 

Aang hugs Katara and smile as they watch Zuko's ship coming closer.

Kya: I can't wait to meet Zuko's daughter, I bet we'll get along great!

Bumi: *sarcastically* Great, another girl to ruin my life!

Katara: Now Bumi, Zuko's daughter is the princess of the Fire Nation, show her your respect.

Sokka: Are you sure no one will try to kill Zuko, Toph?

Toph: Has my police force ever failed this city before?

Sokka: No.

Toph: That's what I thought!

Meanwhile, on Zuko's ship, Zuko is standing on the deck looking towards the shore of Republic City. His daughter is standing right next to him as they stand in silence. Zuko breaks the silence.

Zuko: Don't worry sweetheart. We'll be in Republic City and you'll get to hang out with Aang and Katara's kids, and Toph's daughter.

Zuko's Daughter: But I don't want you to die!

Zuko: We can handle any person that tries to kill us. I don't see anyone on shore except for my good friends.

Back on the shore, everyone is smiling. Their faces lighten up more and more as the ship comes closer.

Katara: I'm surprised your police force isn't finding anyone.

Sokka: Yeah, maybe no one is trying to kill him and they've forgotten all the situations.

Suddenly, there's a huge blast from the water near Zuko's ship. Zuko and his daughter get knocked over by the blast, but don't fall of the ship. Back on shore, the Gaang and kids gasp as they watch the blast. Everyone rushes on Appa. 

Sokka: Why does the universe love to prove me wrong?

They start flying towards Zuko's ship. Katara stands up, looking as if she's about to jump.

Katara: I'm going to go under water! Toph, come with me, I think someone is underwater!

Katara grabs onto Toph as they jump off of Appa's back. Before plunging into Yue Bay, Katara forms an air bubble so they can breathe. When underwater, Katara sees two guys, and one of them is waterbending under Zuko's ship so it shakes. Katara tries to yell at them. 

Katara: Stop trying to kill the Firelord!

The bad guys shrug and bend water and earth at Toph and Katara. Back on land, Appa lands on Zuko's ship and Aang and Sokka get off. 

Aang: Sokka! You help get Zuko and his daughter on Appa and back to the temple! I have to go underwater and help Katara and Toph!

Sokka: Okay! *runs to Zuko, and helps him and his daughter up* Zuko! *hugs him* It's good to see you buddy!

Zuko gives Sokka an annoyed face

Sokka:Right, sorry. *gets down and bows to Zuko* I should bow to a Firelord before hug a friend, but we've got to get you and your daughter *to his daughter* Nice to meet you, my name is Sokka *talks to Zuko again* to Aang and Katara's house before those guys try to kill you!

Zuko: I know. I can't believe people won't forgive me. I know I've made many mistakes throughout my life, but--

Sokka cuts Zuko off mid word and grabs Zuko and his daughter's arm while running frantically to Appa

Sokka: We have no time for your sentimental speeches right now! We have to get you out of here! *Zuko and his daughter climb onto Appa's saddle and Sokka sits on Appa's head* YIP YIP! YIP YIP!

Appa flies towards Air Temple Island. Meanwhile, Aang is underwater in the air bubble with Katara and Toph. 

Aang: Ladies! Get out of the water!

Katara: Why Aang?

Aang: It's time for a little Avatar State action!

Katara: Okay *hugs Aang* Come on Toph, lets get out of here!

Katara grabs Toph's arm and waterbends them over the water for air. Katara waterbends her and Toph to shore, and Katara looks at the bay with a hopeful look in her eyes. Underwater, Aang's eyes and tattoos begin to glow, and enters the Avatar State. He waterbends the bad guys with a water blast out of water, and they travel across the bay, landing on shore near Katara and Toph.

Aang: Stop trying to kill the Firelord. He may have made mistakes back a long time ago, but that was in the past. 

The bad guys run away in fear. Aang lands on shore and exits the Avatar State. Katara runs up to him and hugs him

Katara: Sweetie! Are you alright?

Aang: I'm fine, but I think they're still trying to get to Zuko.

Katara: Where is Zuko?

Aang: I told Sokka to take him along with the kids back home. 

Toph: Don't worry, my officers are around the city, they'll arrest the guys in no time.

Just then, a man in a police uniform runs up to Toph. He salutes her.

Officer: Chief Beifong, We captured the bad guys! They won't be able to get to Firelord Zuko.

Toph: Nice job. I'll deal with those lily livers later. 

Aang: Lets just go home and catch up with Zuko. 

Aang, Katara, and Toph grab a ferry boat. Aang and Katara waterbend under the ferry to make the trip to the Air Temple faster. When they arrive, they run up the island. Sokka, Zuko, and the kids are waiting for them outside. Sokka runs up and hugs his sister.

Sokka: Thank goodness you're all alright.

Aang, Katara and Toph bow down to Zuko

Aang: It's good to see you again Firelord Zuko.

The three get up from bowing down.

Zuko: It is respectful to bow down to the Firelord, but I think that I should be bowing down to you *bows down in front of Aang.* Avatar Aang.


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