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The trio try to buy weapons, but run into some ... unwanted new associates ... yeah, that'll work ...


  • Rosutoko: the fifth child of the now deceased Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Queen Mai. He specializes in marksmanship, taking after his mother, rather than his father, like his siblings
  • Hifito: the eldest daughter of Ty Lee, she is identical in appearance and ability to her mother, being a formidable martial artist, chi-blocker and acrobat
  • Nayvah: The eldest of Zuko's children, he is sadistic and power hungry, a powerful Firebender who can summon lightning flawlessly. He takes after his aunt Azula
  • Hai Lo: The second eldest child of Zuko and Mai, she is partially insane and has three alternating personalities: Shin (shy), Aina (sadistic, masochistic) and Liosa (seductive)
  • Sin Ly: the third child of Zuko and Mai, he is a sycophant to his older brother and does what he is told, even if it conflicts with every moral and ethic ever taught
  • Masca: the second youngest child of Mai, she is stoic and brooding like her mother on the surface, but power hungry inside, willing to tear her own family apart to get on top.
  • Lady: the daughter of The Duke and Toph Bei Fong. She uses Sokka's sword as her weapon, after The Duke found it in the forest below where Sokka lost it.

The Story

Rosutoko had never been to a proper market before. He'd always been given or offered his clothes, belongings, food, in fact pretty much everything he'd ever owned or had was a gift. So as he walked through the market, stall hoods blazing red and the walls and streets glaring white, he heart fluttered high as he walked through between the booths. Everywhere he looked, bedlam shoved and jostled and heaved before him, crowds of people swam through the streets, a laden river of hungry fish. Fruits of every tint, texture and taste were laid before him; raw meats were being chopped through the open shutters of a butcher's shop, a stall sitting in front of it displaying the man's venison; the aroma of freshly baked loafs tickled his nose, the fluffy white bulks laying under the sun, as the owners of the stand had left the dough there to be cooked by the midday heat. The people weighed down the market, hoping for some last-minute shopping before they attended the coronation of the Fire Lord, who would succeed the Fire Sages, who had been left with the crown for the last seven years.

Holding Hifito's hand all the way through the hustle and bustle, Rosutoko couldn't help but turn and grin at the girl as a heavy man clipped his shoulder against the Prince's. His siblings would have approved of an execution of the man, disrespect would not have been tolerated in their eyes, but Rosu couldn't stop a smile as a new experience, not matter how crude and rude, poked him bluntly on the nose. Trailing Ilya, they tried not to be swallowed by the ever-flowing, ever-changing stream of walking people, but as they fumbled into another person, they were stopped.

'So,' he said, as Rosu tried to continue. 'You think you're better than me! You think that you can punch me then just keep walking!'

Rosutoko kept walking, not realising it was him who was being referred to. But he turned around when he noticed a circle of people gathering with him in the centre. Turning, he saw another man. He was a bulk of muscle, his arms curling him over in a hunch with their volume, his legs stumps of wood in comparison. He wore a ruddy vest with burgundy and black shoulder pads. In his Herculean fist, he grasped a log, torn from the stump as oppose to felled. 'Well?'

'Oh!' he mumbled, 'I'm ever so sorry – I didn't realise you were addressing me! Can I help your, sir?'

'Ooh! "Sir", who d'you think you are – the prince?!' he spat. Around him, three shorter teenagers, two boys and a girl, the boys were twins, wearing symmetrical pale green, long-sleeved shirts, tied around their waists were darker green belts and their hair was plaited into a long braid that trailed down their backs. The girl wore a suit of light leather armour, with a single-spiked bowl-helmet, housing her scraggly bob-cut brown hair, a sheathed sword at her side.

'You tell 'im, Pipsqueak!' she said, her voice nasal and more childlike than one would expect.

'Well, actually I am a – ' Rosu began.

'Oh,' Pipsqueak grunted. 'What a lovely lady you've got at your arm, posh boy! How 'bout a smooch?!'

The lumbering man jerked over to Hifito, she turned to see him, his Colossus's hand shifting closer to her. Her took her wrists and pulled her closer to him. 'Um ... could you please let go of my arm, sir?' she glanced at his coiled hand then back at him.

'Aww ... sorry, dear, but you're just too pretty to let go,' he pouted mockingly.

Instead of waiting for a reasonable response, or stating another rebuttal, she jabbed her fists huskily into his wrist, bruising him instantly. He let go, waving his arm and whooping in pain. Double somersaulting forward, her feet connected together, before connecting with his chest, a dull, blunt clonk bouncing off his body. Backflipping off, she landed on her feet, before somersaulting once more over his left arm, punching brusquely thrice and landing behind him.

She jabbed his back three more times and kicked. Toppling forward, his arms thumped heavily against the slabs of sandstone that paved the market. 'Pipsqueak!' the girl gasped, leaping forward and cradling his head. However, the twins had already made their way up the mountain that rose up behind the right side of the market-side houses that jutted out from the foot.

'How dare you?!' she spluttered. Unsheathing her sword, she flashed a black blade; a razor of the deepest night, the sun's light piercing its liquid darkness. 'We were just gonna rough you up a little – but now? Now you're asking for it.'

The rugged young woman began towards Rosutoko, Hifito still behind her from her defeat of the ironically-named giant. The blade cut through the atmosphere like a fish through water, the warm air whistling as it caressed the black edges. But she stopped. The summer air chilled, the Fire Prince's eddying breath misting up his vision. He watched as her eyes drifted upward, in awe, yet glazed over with fear. Turning Rosu saw what she'd seen.

Upon the roof of the nearest house's terracotta tiles was Ilya. She stood slightly crouched, her head somewhat bowed. She held her hands out, one above the other, her fingers straight, yet tensed, to the point of almost bending the improper way. She then moved her arms, shifting her weight and body slowly, with vampiric grace. The girl in the road moved with her, her limbs locking to her sides and the black sword chiming as her gripped hands became rigid.

Bloodbending, Rosu mimed to himself in awe of her power. But there is no full moon for at least another two weeks. How could she be controlling her without the strength the moon gives her? It's not even night time!

The girl was soon laid out upon the street, Ilya standing over her. 'Who are you?' she said, her head tilting, yet her voice monotone and acerbic.

'I will tell you after you free me from your grip and my friend and I are escorted away from prying eyes,' she growled through bared teeth, her face just off the sandy ground.

'It is a reasonable request, Ilya,' Rosutoko said.

So she and Rosu moved the two over into the shade of the house that Ilya had stood upon. They were propped against the cliff and Ilya stood over them. 'Who are you and why did you attack us?'

'We start fights for fun, sometimes pickpocket the people. The twins are Gi and Hi, that's Pipsqueak and I'm Lady.'

'Fine,' Hifito said. 'Ilya – free her, please.' She did. 'You have a choice, either stay here and pick fights for your kicks or help us by travelling the world.'

'What?!' Ilya turned to her, her eyes and mouth wide with disdain.

'We need as many people to help us defeat the Fire Lord and spread the word of Rosutoko's siblings' treason!'

'I agree,' Rosu interjected. 'We need as much help as we can get – most people wouldn't want to go against the Fire Lord, not after the Great War, so we need to find those who will.'

'Fine,' she hissed, her arms crossed. 'So? Are coming with us or not?'

'I don't have a clue what you're talking about!' she said, frowning. 'What treason?!'

'The new Fire Lord has killed the leaders of the other Nations and is planning to invade the countries and conquer the earth,' Rosutoko replied simply. 'My siblings want to continue the legacy that my ancestor, Sozin left behind.'

'What?!' Lady spluttered. 'You're a prince?'

'I did try to tell that to your friend there, but ... this happened.'

She fell forward onto all-fours, bowing low and deep. 'I'd be honoured to serve you, Prince.'

'Good,' Ilya said bluntly. 'Now show us where the best blacksmith is and we will obtain weapons to aid our journey.'

'Of course!' she gasped. 'Come with me! We'll leave Pipsqueak to himself until he wakes up.'

She stood and walked through the crowd, followed closely Hifito, Rosutoko and a sulking Ilya. They passed countless stalls and marketplaces, fruit, vegetables, cakes, pastries, they all lay before them. They travelled to the furthest side of the long, wide walkway that ended with a dead-end that veined off into alleys of stone and cliff. In one corner was a weaving stall, a tent with a wooden frame, tapestries hanging over the edges and makeshift hobbyhorses. At the other side was a house of stone and a thatched, conical roof, with chimney jutting from the centre. Smoke danced from it, a fiery furnace flaring in the back of the shop. At the front was a tanned man, sweating over an anvil as he hammered a molten sword into place, before tossing it prudently into a bucket of water and steam screamed from it, as if it had been stabbed by the burning blade itself.

'Hong!' Lady called, and the man smiled, his teeth white and surprisingly clean.

'Well hello there, my young Lady!' he replied, 'What can I do you for?!'

'The Prince and his companions need weapons and armour,' she said as they stood in front of him.

'The Prince!' he bowed over his anvil. 'I will serve you as you wish, Your Majesty.'

'Oh come now!' Rosutoko smiled. 'I'm not even heir to the Throne! But yes, we need weapons and armour.'

After an hour of shopping, Rosu now stood with a red iron shoulder-guard, kneepads, baggy, beige trousers, metal boots and a chain mail vest. He was equipped with silver shuriken, senbon and throwing daggers. Hifito's striking ability was so precise that she was not in need of weapons, but she wore a new silk, crimson hooded cloak with zips, her legs were almost fully covered by brown leather boots, fingerless gloves of pelt and greyish shorts.


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