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Vakama couldn't believe what Koh has just told him. Apparently the long lost Avatar has been found in an iceberg by two Southern Water Tribe children named...well one of them started with an "S" and the other started with a "K", but the names didn't matter to him. What mattered is that the only person who can restore balance and peace to the world, and ultimately provide Vakama's escape, has returned.

"Koh, out of curiosity, do you know how the Avatar ended up in an iceberg for a century?" asked Vakama.

"You are my prisoner, why would I give you such valuable information?" asked Koh.

"It might make my day" slyly remarked Vakama.

Koh thought about it for a few minutes and then decided he could use the information to try to take Vakama's face.

"Well", he started, "The Fire Nation has been acting suspicious a few years before the War started. Fire Lord Sozin knew that the current Avatar would be born as an Air Nomad, so he waited for the right time, which was when a comet arrived, to wipe out all the Air Temples hoping to kill the Avatar..."

"That explains why there aren't any Air Nomads left, but I already knew that from school, they explained it differently then you did, but that is a well-known event, that doesn't explain how the Avatar ended up in an iceberg."

Then Koh smiled, or at least it looked like he was smiling. Koh had a gift of procrastinating with his visitors so fear and heartbeat will increase. He didn't need to do it though, just the sight of him and the way he smoothly slithers around as he talks and the ghostly sound of his voice usually got the job done.

"Due to the rising of suspiciousness from the Fire Nation", Koh continued, "The Air Monks told the Avatar, who was only 12 at the time, of his identity. They told him four years prior then normal so he would be aware of the responsibility now placed upon him.

However, the young Avatar felt like he was under too much pressure, not being able to have fun with the other kids his age and having to train harder than normal. He held unbearable feelings when he secretly found out that the elder monks planned on separated him from his mentor and father figure Monk Gyatso. On the night he heard their plan, he decided to run away with his flying bison, the foolish boy never thought ahead of the possibilities of what might happen, and unfortunately was stuck in a storm. As he and his bison sank to the waters below them so he activated his defense mechanism, and formed an iceberg around himself and pet.

He managed to survive in the iceberg for nearly a century as the rest of the world was in a chaotic war. "

"Even the Avatar makes mistakes..." Vakama hesitantly said.

"Even the Avatar has emotions, which is one of the reasons the world is at war, which is one of the reasons the Avatar is weak!" yelled Koh.

"They aren't weak", Vakama said, "They're just human..."


  • This chapter explains Koh's point of view of Aangs actions.
  • I refer to the Avatar Spirit as "they" because the Avatar can be either a male or female.

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