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Chapter 4 - Welcome to Valem Town!
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The Future of Korra





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May 6, 2014

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Chapter 3 – To the South

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Chapter 5 - The Earthly Twist

Korra and Mako were sitting beside each other leaning against Naga.

"We're almost there... I think." Tenzin announced breaking the silence.

"So, Korra, how do feel now?" Mako asked Korra.

"I feel normal again! I can do what I want to do now." Korra picked up Chira and hugged her. "You're my little sweetie!" Korra put Chira back down.

Oogi stated to decent and a medieval like city emerges through the clouds on the edge of the island with a giant Temple in the center of the city.

"Wow." Jinora said looking at the temple in the city.

Oogie landed on a street, a young women was strolling by. She noticed Korra and dropped her paper bags full of groceries on to the ground, her jaw open she ran to the flying bison.

"Are you Avatar Korra?" The woman asked.

Korra turned around, Korra was holding two handles of luggage bags and had another handle in her mouth effectively moving three heavy bags. Korra jumped off of Oogi and preventing a splat by using her airbending, she put down the two bags and removed the other from her mouth.

"Are you Avatar Korra?" The women asked again.

"Of course, who else could I be?" Korra responded.

"Oh it's so great to meet you, I'm Taree. I guess I will be guiding you around the island," the woman said in a soft voice.

"Sounds good to me!" Korra responded.

"Stop right there young lady!" Mako called.

"Mako, Its alright. She's just here to guide us," Korra told Mako.

"I don't trust anyone here. Especially knowing that one of you guys has a closet full of skeletons," Mako said in an angry voice.

"Oh you must be talking about Marise. She was finally charged after our guards finally overwhelmed the Earth Kingdom government with evidence that she was the cause of the deaths of four innocent children, and she scary thing is she donated the organs to injured criminals, and she kept all the skeletons in a closet in her basement. But now that she is in jail, all is good."

"Wait what do you mean by our guards?" Korra asked.

"Well the Earth Kingdom doesn't want to supply us with guards to we have to hire and pay them ourselves, and plus Vogdar city is supplied with the worst guards the Earth Kingdom can give, I'm not even a bender and I still can defeat them with my weapon of choice."

"You're not an Earthbender? You sure look like one, since you don't carry around a weapon."

"Actually I do," Taree pulls out a thick raw stick with area's sticking out showing where the branches were. "This is my trusty stick, made out of special wood that doesn't snap. It's more powerful than you think." Taree swooshes the stick back and forth and then in a blink of an eye she traps Mako against the ground. Everyone claps.

"Wow you're good," Korra told Taree.

"Thank you, I've trained for years to get this far," Taree smiled.

"So Taree, where were you going before we interrupted you?" Mako asked.

"Well I was going home to drop off my groceries, and well probably go to the tavern as usual."

"Oh are taverns like your special thing around here?" Mako asked.

"Oui." Everyone looked confused at Taree. "That means yes."

"Taree can we come along too at the tavern?"

"Of course, however note that all drinks have alcohol in them just to let you know, so you won't give any to the younger ones."

"Do they serve food? I'm getting hungry." Bumi asked.

Taree chuckled, "Mashed potatoes are 50% off tonight." Everyone looked confused at Taree again. "Tsk, don't tell me you've never heard of potatoes... You've never heard of potatoes before?"

"Nope." Korra answered.

Taree gasps. "You've missed out on the most flexible vegetable in the world! Potatoes can be turned into mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, sliced potatoes, Shoestring potatoes and more! Oh and also mashed potatoes are Erpea Island's version of rice!"

"Sounds very interesting," Kya said.

"First let's stop at my house, to drop off groceries and your luggage, and then we will go to the tavern for supper." Taree instructed.

"Sounds good to me!" Bumi said.

"Okay, then let's go!" Taree said.

Everyone followed Taree as Taree walked down the cobblestone pathway to a four story building. Taree put a key into the door, and opened revealing lobby with and old-fashioned loud and slow elevator. The elevator was not at the lobby and seemed to be up at a higher floor.

"Don't worry I live on the main floor," Taree said trying to comfort everyone.

Tenzin, Kya, Bumi, Korra, and Mako all gave a sigh of relief thinking they would have to go up the stairs with all their luggage. Taree unlocked and opened her apartment door revealing a short hallway with an entrance to a bathroom and a closed off kitchen with dining. At the end of the hallway there was a big room.

"It's a bachelor suite, so I hope you don't mind that we will be all sleeping in the same room."

"Not at all." Tenzin replied.

Taree grabs a coat before leaving with everyone else to go to the tavern. They enter the quiet streets of Valem Town. A guard walks by them with no suspicions. They arrive at the tavern that is moderately full.

"That's probably the most people I've seen in this town so far," Mako said.

Taree digs around in her purse look for the mash potatoes coupon that she got in the newspaper. She finds the coupon, pulls it out and zips her purse back.

"Is everyone ready?" Taree asks.

"I am." Korra responds.

They all enter the tavern. The tavern is made out of cobblestone and has tables on the right and a bar like counter on the left.

"I'll go first and show you how to order." Taree walks into a fenced path in the tavern that leads to the serving counter. "You grab a plate here, Then here you pick the desert you want and here you order your main meal." Taree ordered her meal and paid for it. "Now who wants to order next?" Korra went next to order, then Mako, Tenzin, Pema, Kya, and Bumi. Korra and Pema also ordered kids meals so the children had something to eat.

"Oh we forgot drinks!" Taree pointed out. "I'll get the drinks and you guys will find a table okay? Oh and what drinks would you guys like?"

Korra and her friend stare at each other.

"I think we'll just have water," Korra told Taree.

"Okay," Taree replies.

Korra walks over to a decent looking table. All her friends follow her except for Taree. They sit down at the table.

Taree walks to the bar section.

"Bonjour Monsieur, may I have 1 root beer, and um 12 glasses of water?"

"Oui, plain? Ou with alcohol?"

"Plain, merci."

The man hands all the drinks that Taree ordered to Taree. Taree looks for the table that Korra has chosen. When she see's that their there, she walks over and hands them their drinks.

Taree sat down beside Korra. Korra was staring into Mako's eyes as Mako was looking at his plate wondering if he'll like it or not. Taree saw that everyone was looking at their plate and dreaming.

"Okay, are we all ready?" Taree asked.

"Mmm, YES." Korra said quickly looking in Mako's eyes.

Mako looks up. "Everything alright?" Mako asked Korra.

Korra jumped as if she was scared disrupting the table. Korra's soup spoon goes flying and lands in Taree's mash potatoes sending a piece flying. A piece of mash potatoes splats on Taree's nose, she uses a napkin to wipe it off. Everyone looks at the table looks at Taree and Korra.

Taree chuckles. "Don't worry about that, I can be clumsy too some days."

Korra gives a sigh of relief, and scoops up a bit of the mash potatoes and puts it in her mouth, everyone at the table but Taree watches.

"Mmm... Very soft... Mushy... Barely even has a tate." Everyone at the table immediately tries the mashed potatoes.

"So, it looks like everyone is enjoying the food."

"Your cuisine is so... Unique." Tenzin replies.

"I've never seen Kukri so happy to eat before," Pema said.

Korra looks at Kukri as if she didn't believe Pema.

Taree takes a bite at her cake. "Too much salt," she complained.

Korra finishes her meal and takes a bite of her cake, her cake is the same as Taree's cake. "I think it tastes fine." Korra replied.

At Taree's apartment, Taree was reading a book as well as Jinora. Ikki was drawing and cutting as well as Meelo and Chira. Tenzin was meditating on the balcony, and Pema was laying down on her blow-up air bed. Korra was sitting looking like she was meditating but was really listening to the radio, that was disturbing the only source of noise in the room.

"The Chief of the Southern Water Tribe says that he will be supporting the independence movement," Korra opens her left eye and looks at the radio, "and will help Erpean officials fight off the Earth Kingdom troops that the Earth Kingdom are sending. Now lets ask our first responders what they think about this." A siren goes off, Korra closes her eye and exhales. A women talks on the radio. "I would be afraid because recently the Earth Kingdom has gotten a higher and higher technological advantage over, any of the Water Tribes, as we do know the Southern Tribe is much weaker than the north and has generally less power and that's why they almost compromised the world," the man tries to cut her off with a sigh but fails, "and so these weak people coming to help us... Is that really going to help us, I'm just worried that our island will be covered with Southern water Tribe blood, and that the Water Tribe will lose their..."

Korra shuts off the radio and throws and banges it on the couch while she yells at it. "It wasn't the Southern Water Tribe's fault about Harmonic Convergence it was the North's fault, and The Southern Water Tribe prevented the world from being compromised." Everyone in the room looks at Korra. Korra looks up, she sees everyone staring at her with disbelief. Korra looks back down at the radio, she was glad that she didn't break it. Korra here's a pitter patter against the window, it started raining out.

Tenzin jumped he entered the room from the balcony door and tried to squeeze all the water off from his robe. Then he looked to see an angry Korra, and his brother, and sister staring at her in disbelief.

"Is everything okay?" Tenzin asks looking at Korra.

Korra slides herself under the couch's cushions.

Tenzin awkwardly walks over and sits beside Jinora on Taree's bed. Tenzin looks down depressed. Korra gets out from under the cushions and walks towards the door, then turns around.

"I'm going for a walk... Alone." Korra says in a sad and depressed voice.

Outside Korra gets on Naga and moves down the street. The rain turns into mist and fog arises. Korra feel's below her belly button then above, she feels like she's about to throw up.

"Wait I know this awkward feeling," Korra says out loud. "I'm pregnant! Again!" Korra then sees a man approaching her, she worked out that he had a bag full of mail like things, he emerges from the fog.

"Oh are you Avatar Korra?" The man asks Korra.

Korra slows Naga down.

"Yes," she replies.

"I got a letter for you!" The mail man hands her a letter.

"Thank you," Korra tells the man.

The man walks off.

Korra's face turns green, she tried to hold it in but she couldn't, she threw up. After throwing up she felt much better. She opened the letter. Korra looked wide eyed at the letter her eyes getting wider the more down she goes. She turns away from the letter.

"Mom's pregnant too?!" Korra says out loud in shock.

Korra, shocked, didn't know what to do. She put the letter back in its envelope and in her pocket. Korra scratched her head, wondering if she should continue wandering around, or if she should go back. Korra felt awkward knowing she was pregnant and her mom was pregnant at the same time. Korra decided that she should talk with Mako about this, Korra ordered Naga to turn around and she went back to the building.

Korra entered the lobby, the old lady at the desk was staring at her as if Korra was a criminal.

"What are you doing in MY building!" The old women screeched. "Get out now you directionless youth!"

"Its okay I'm the Avatar."

"Ha, liar, Avatars always neglect this island. Aang hated this place! You should be ashamed."

Korra looked down trying not to let this sink in her head.

"I'm here to visit Taree." Korra told the old lady in a peaceful voice.

"There are trees outside! You can go hug it until you get a direction you directionless youth!" The old women loudly screeched.

Korra getting frustrated, screamed in the old Womans face.


"Disappear." The old woman said waving her hand in a back up like motion.

Korra went to Taree's apartment, and knocked on the door. Korra heard footsteps coming towards the door. She saw someone peeking through the eye hole.

"Korra's back! I think she settled down now," a familiar muffled voice said on the other side of the door. Taree opened the door. Korra stepped in.

"Sorry for me raging at the radio," Korra said to Taree.

"No biggie," Taree responded.

Korra walked into the room. "Mako." Korra said. "Can I talk to you... Outside?"

"Okay," Mako said in a happy mood.

Mako and Korra walked out of Taree's apartment. Korra bumped into the old lady, the old lady shot her a look and walked away. Outside the building Mako and Korra were riding on Naga.

"Mako, I know this isn't that much of a shocker, but... I'm pregnant," Korra said in a concerned voice.

"Okay, is anything wrong?"

"Mom's also pregnant too."

"Ooh, that must be awkward."

"Yes, it is."

"How did you find out?" Mako asked.

"Through a letter. I was thinking maybe should I send her a letter too? She didn't seem happy that I didn't mention my children my letters. What do you think?"

"Korra I am happy for you that you are pregnant, and I think you should send your Mom a letter saying you are pregnant."

"What do you MEAN that I AM HAPPY FOR YOU? You are the one that got me pregnant in the first place!" Korra said starting to get angry.

"Well what am I supposed to say? Yay I can't wait for my next child?" Mako asked.

"Yeah, you see, that is what you should've said in the first place!" Korra said angrily.

Mako trying to stay calm and peaceful to Korra, tried to cool Korra down. There was a long period of silence.

Korra letting out a tear, quietly said, "Mako, do you think that everything will be alright?" Korra sniffed.

"Don't worry, I think your father will be safe, I don't think that he will be injured, and if he does, Katara will heal him."

Korra looked at Mako, she stopped quietly shedding tears and looked at Mako as if he was hope, after three seconds Korra hugged him tight. Mako then wrapped his arms around Korra and returned the hug.

"Are we going to Vogdar city tomorrow?" Korra while she was hugging Mako.

"I don't know." Mako replied, "Probably."

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