The Ruins of Republic City
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Avatar: The War of the Worlds


3: Turned Tides



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Chapter 3: Invasion Plans

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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly load: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end, one that threatens to end the worlds involved.
Now, more than ever, ending the war is urgent, for that for both sides it is either victory or death, for that this war could be the end of all of mankind.

Previously in Avatar: The War of the Worlds

The Allies make three respective plans for invasions; those on Earth name it Operation Phoenix, the ones of Kepler 22b call it Operation Aurora, while the Avataran are in no need of codenames, and simply execute their plan.

A Broken Skyline

The ships' bows cut through the water. Fog surrounded the huge armada of warships of two nations. There were aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, frigates, corvettes, submarines, destroyers and - most importantly - landing vessels. The red and blue flags flew in the cold wind of ending winter, the fog freezing onto the many crafts' surfaces, the sun that became visible every then and now melting it off again. The armada had gathered before the Fire Nation's most eastern point and had been assail for two day by now. Storms had slowed down their force, and the other landing operation in the south that had been planned to be executed on the same day as this one happened to be carried out a day earlier. Arzowa stood on the bridge of the Phoenix, the ship she had chosen to be her flagship, constantly looking east, where the fog would lift any moment and reveal the ruins of Republic City. Aeroplanes were readied for take-off aboard the aircraft carriers, and soon, rays of sunlight became much more common. The wind grew stronger and indicated their proximity to the former capital of the United Republic, as it was known to be the fall wind common in the area. Waves crashed against the metal and the engines could too be heard a bit, but safe for that and screamed orders, it was completely quiet. Arzowa breathed in deeply and saw the fog indeed clear itself. What it revealed, aside from the sun, was rather horrifying: the greatest metropolis on that planet in ruins, huge chunks of skyscrapers broken off and stuck between two intact parts of such, bunkers built from the rubble of bombed buildings, soldiers in brown, black and grey uniforms patrolling the city, swastika flags hanging everywhere, but nothing surpassed Air Temple Island and Aang Memorial Island. The latter's famous statue had been replaced by one holding an enormous swastika flag, a swastika armband on its left hand, the right risen for salutation, a small moustache beneath its nose, with just the same width. The wind lightened the fog also around Air Temple Island, only to reveal - nothing. A rock with beaches and a few, crippled trees was all that was left of Air Temple Island. The city was still afar, but she decided it was time. Time to strike. She leapt off the bridge and propelled herself upwards in the air, signalising the bombers to take off, the ships to open fire. The tranquility was ended by the deafening sound of guns firing, of aeroplanes taking off, and of the bombs and shells detonating - and by Arzowa, whose flame grew louder as she, alongside the airborne troops' aircraft, flew towards the once great metropolis. Alike the missiles shot to bring the planes down, she shot through the air, taking down anything that hindered her mission. Missiles exploded upon contact with her blazing arcs, AA-emplacements were taken out by fireballs of hers, before, however, she noticed that she was too close to the ground. But it was too late already, as an enemy infantryman had taken aim and pulled the trigger. Not being able to dodge the bullets, Arzowa was hit in her right side and fell, into the waters of Yue Bay.

The Ruins

The Crown Princess awoke again, having been dragged ashore. She could see a landing boat of the Water Tribe, dead bodies before it, wearing Northern Water Tribe uniforms, and after a brief count, she came to the conclusion that the all the boat's landing troops were dead - except that one to her left. Behind a makeshift cover, which was a piece of rubble, kneeled a girl with her bolt-action rifle, no older than eighteen. She was a medic, or otherwise, she couldn't have joined the army, and looked terribly frightened. Her breath formed little clouds as she cowered from the bullets coming from beyond the cover, trembling heavily. Arzowa noticed that her right side was free of bullets and somewhat healed, but found her right arm unable to bend. She tried to stand up, but the constant fire from beyond the cover hindered her to do so. Instead, she crawled up to the cover's edge, and fired a fireball at the bullets' source with her left hand. The fire stopped and the healer girl looked up and farther down the street she was in. Before any other Wehrmacht soldiers came to secure the street, she took the petrified healer and shook her. "What do you think you're doing? Getting yourself killed! No, you can't do that, not in my presence!"
Arzowa shouted at the girl and dragged her a few metres, before she stood up straight, took her rifle and knocked the Crown Princess' hand off her shoulder with its butt. Arzowa stopped to look at her, shocked at first, but then smirked. She then took off, running down the street further. The healer girl followed, eventually stopping when they had reached another barricade, from beyond which a rain of bullets came, and screams, "They're here!" The healer girl gathered her courage and glanced through a hole in the barricade, which was made from rusty barrels and an equally rusty sheet of ribbed roof. She took a look through it and aimed her rifle, shooting the machine gunner before any of the soldiers had time to react, and then sped across the street to its other side while reloading the rifle, where she took aim at the three remaining, confused soldiers, and pressed the trigger. Pull the bolt, push it, aim, press the trigger, she thought to herself as she did so at lightning speed, before any of the soldiers could even react properly. After just ten seconds, the two of them stood at the position the four soldiers had, when, through the riot of battle, a certain sound could be heard, its source already close and still coming closer. When the muzzle of a gun could be seen at a corner, Arzowa yelled, "Tank! Get cover!" pushing the healer girl into the ruin to their right. She herself caught a quick glance at Aang Memorial Island over her shoulder, reminding her that they couldn't be far into the city, and the eerie statue of before removed by shells and bombs. When she turned around, the tank's had turned around the corner, and fired its main gun. The building to her left came crushing down at the explosion, and she dove into the ruin she had pushed the healer before. The Water Tribe girl had hid herself under the rubble of collapsed floors, only the rifle's muzzle visible, and only when paying attention. Smiling at how fast the girl seemed to learn, she decided to take the tank out. Hiding from the tank's machine gun behind a pillar, she extended the index and middle finger of her left hand, moving it in a circular motion, separating positive and negative energy, electricity sparking from her fingertips. After a full circle, she shot it at the tank. The lightning caused the fuel, whatever it was, to explode, and the whole tank, being made from metal, to be electrified. All the guns being coil guns, the lightning disabled them, and the two girls moved on, the burning tank just another mark of their way. At the healer's suggestion, they walked right where the tank came from, and following that street, they encountered no resistance, until bullet battered in the ground from afar, just by Arzowa's right, now slightly limping, foot. The two immediately ran for cover, but then a second bullet struck into the healer's waist. She collapsed, and Arzowa dragged her into the building on the street's left side, swiftly building a cover from a few pieces of rubble to secure her against the sniper, and worriedly asked, "Are you strong enough to heal yourself?"
"Your majesty-" the healer said, holding up her right hand to reveal a bleeding hole through it.
"Call me, Arzowa," the Crown Princess insisted, examining the two wounds. Meanwhile, another shot was fired outside.
"Take the dressing material... It's in the haversack... You can't get the bullet out but-" the Water Tribe girl stated, before a bullet in the stomach cut her off, fired from above. Arzowa blindly fired a fireball there while taking the dressing material, dressing the two original wounds before moving on to the new one. The healer shook her head, before a coughing fit caught her, and she coughed up blood, the single, small blood drops landing mainly on the Crown Princess' face, who at first looked disgusted, to which the healer weakly replied, "Sorry."
Arzowa dressed the wound with all the remaining dressing material she could find, although she was somewhat clumsy with her right arm. As the Water Tribal violently coughed up more blood, the Crown Princess stated, "You never told me your name... "
"Does that even matter? I'm just another causality," the healer spoke even weaker than before, her voice rasp, before she coughed violently once more, and passed out into unconsciousness. Another two shots were fired outside, and the Crown Princess turned around to see Fire Nation soldiers having teamed up with a Water Tribe sniper, who just had taken out the enemy sniper. They were just a dozen, and then noticed Arzowa.
"Your majesty, it's-" they spoke kneeling before the royal, before being cut off by her.
"Stop making look yourself ridiculous, and get up and her into a hospital!" she commanded. "NOW!"
The soldiers looked confused, and the sniper spoke up. "Actually, your majesty, has General Muto sent us to deliver you the following message: Republic City is encircled and the enemy headquarters, the city hall, is about to be taken. Your presence is requested."
"I will go there ONCE SHE IS IN A HOSPITAL! SHE SAVED MY LIFE, NOW IT'S MY TURN TO SAVE HERS!" Arzowa started calmly before screaming deafening. The soldiers then decided to build a makeshift barrow, and once they were out of the street, Arzowa tried to bend fire with her right foot. As it worked, she smirked and then took off to the City Hall.

A Light in the Darkness

Dust and fog had settled around the City Hall, the former risen by the intense fighting. Guns - except for handguns and sub-machine guns of course - were of little to no use, most soldiers have switched to melee fighting and, if able of it, bending. Also had the dust made it impossible to see farther than a few metres, which kept most from using their guns. Arzowa accelerated her fall into the enemy forces' centre with her firebending, and finished it with a disastrous firebending equivalent of the Earth bomb. It raised a column of dust and burned many of the soldiers alive, those surviving trying to strike back in any way in vain. The wall of fire resulting from it soon died down, and Arzowa found it necessary to move. She realised that the only direction one could relatively clearly see - except for downwards - was skyward. She headed into the City Hall's direction, her own infantry's retreat clearly audible in the background. She frowned at first, but then, when an array of machine guns that clearly were no coil guns opened fire, she smirked, sending fire streams at the unsuspecting guards at the City Hall's gate. The two fell to their knees, and then laid there, not moving the slightest. She then entered the council room and immediately left it the same way she came after realising it was crowded by enemy soldiers. She chuckled awkwardly as the finally clearing fog and the setting dust revealed Fire Nation and Water Tribe tanks, all aiming at the building she had just briefly entered. She then decided to break in with her most powerful attacks ready. A simple fireball blast the door open, and then fire rained upon the dozens of soldiers in the room, who frantically began shooting into all directions before Arzowa performed her "Fire bomb" again, devastating the whole council room. When she heard a voice from the ground, she fired a fire-jab at its source, ending the survivor. Like a rocket, she shot upwards to the upper floor, and then continued to walk ordinarily, while Fire Nation and Water Tribe soldiers flooded the council room. She walked to the door labelled as Reichskommissariat VRN and opened it, slipping into the room unnoticed and quietly. An officer, a general in fact, and another high-ranked officer, presumably his right-hand man, argued.
"Sir, please, I beg you, surrender! Don't try to hold out, just surrender and they'll treat us, well, better than in battle!" the latter begged, on his knees, and his desperation clearly audible.
"No! We'll fight to the last man, if necessary kill ourselves before getting captured! We will do as the Führer orders us to! Onwards to Valhalla!" the former spoke, his confidence unbroken.
"They will massacre us, please, sir-" the latter plead, but was cut off by his superior. "I WILL HEAR NO WORD MORE! WE WIN OR DIE!"
"No. I live," the latter spoke confidently as he drew the pistol from his superior's holster and shot the general in his face repeatedly. Arzowa only had watched, and didn't intend to take action, as the officer now ripped the swastika out of a flag, and then the white circle, then tying the white, circular cloth to the small flagpole. He opened one of the office's windows and waved the flag outside, screaming, "STOP THE FIGHT! WE SURRENDER!"
Arzowa decided to walk up to him and startled him by laying her hand at his shoulder, speaking, facing him, "You did the right thing... "
Republic City had been liberated, lighting the first light in the lifting darkness.

Notes and Trivia

  • Once again, nothing to write here due to tiredness.

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