"The Institute"
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Forces of Nature


Anger (愤怒)


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January 3, 2017

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Chapter 3: One By One

It had been many months since Bagguk and his friends had been taken the Institute, but to them it felt like an eternity. All they knew was that the Institute was located deep within the Northern Water Tribe, somewhere the chief could imprison anyone, as seen from the multiple criminals who also lived here, who were far from insane.

Once every week, the six of them were taken to see the leading doctor, who from the start found their situation interesting.

  • Doctor: "Hello again, all of you. This is your thirty-fourth meeting with me. I hope by now you've been able to gather your minds. Tell me, how are you all feeling."
  • Massak: "Scared."
  • Cannaq: "Sad."
  • Doctor: "The same as every other week."

The doctor sighed, and looked directly at Bagguk. He noticed that Bagguk's face wasn't angry like every other week.

  • Doctor: "And you, Bagguk?"

Bagguk didn't say a word. The doctor knew Bagguk was feeling something, but knew he wouldn't say a word.

  • Doctor: "The healers at this institute are trained far above basic healing. They've trained for years to look into someones mind and find any problems deep inside. But your minds aren't like normal minds; they tell me they've never seen anything like it. We can't help you if you won't help yourselves...."
  • Bagguk: "We don't need your help!"

Everyone, including Bagguk's friends turned to face him, and were surprised. After a number of weeks, he finally broke. Bagguk looked like he was biting his tongue, trying to stop himself from talking, as if someone else was speaking through. The Doctor looked around him at the six of them, they heads down, trying not to make any eye contact with him.

  • Doctor: "You've been needing my help for months now, Bagguk. Not only did you leave a part of your city destroyed, but you don't remember doing it. Schizophrenia, violent outbursts, delusions about spirits infesting your mind"

The doctor sighed again

  • Doctor: "You know what we'll have to do to all of you eventually if we're unable to treat you. I'll see you all again next week."

The staff took Bagguk, Cannaq and Massak out of the room, leaving Urrana, Hallaq and Hoddo in the room.

  • Doctor: "As for the three of you, we've been more successful over the past few weeks. I want to move you three somewhere else in this facility, close to my office."

For Massak, someone surprising had arrived, not long after they did all those months ago. It was one of the guards from that night in the Southern Tribe, the one he'd allowed Ogon to torment. Zokkam, the man's name was. Massak knew he had a son and a wife back in the South, but no matter how much he tried, the only thing he could feel was fear. Zokkam was put in a room not too far away from his own.

To be continued...........

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