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The Hidden Islands is the fourth episode of the emerging Avatar: The Last Airbender FanFiction Nomad. It was first published to Vanja1995's deviantART account on February 27, 2009 It is the first episode to incrporate the "fifth nation".


Aang, Katara and Sokka crash in the Hidden Islands, and find a Waterbending village. They are entangled in the Island's politics.


Giant wave

The Storm

Still on their way to the Southern Water Tribe, Aang, Katara and Sokka are caught up in a dangerous storm. While they attempt to get out of the storm, Appa is struck with lightning, and knocked unconscious. They begin to fall, and Aang involuntarily enters the Avatar State. Still falling, Aang uses Avatar State enhanced Airbending to hold up Appa, with Katara and Sokka in the saddle. He maneuvers through the storm and exits the clouds. Aang senses land nearby, and struggles to bring the group there. They barely make it, crashing onto the beach of the unknown land. They are all knocked unconscious.

The Beach

Katara wakes up later, it is day time. She goes to wash herself from the sand, then notices that she appears to be alone. She searches for a moment, then sees Appa's discarded body up the beach, running there. She finds Appa unconscious, then discovers Aang next to him awake, and worried. Sokka is sleeping soundly nearby, and when they are all awake, Katara tries to heal Appa's wound. It does not succeed, but but Appa does wake up. Now that Aang's mind is cleared, he notices that he knows where they are, the Hidden Islands.


Since Appa is relatively okay, Aang and Sokka go up the beach to search for anything helpful. After walking for a while, they find a village at the edge of the beach. They are greeted by its leader, Kaumātua. Inside the main hall of the village, Totoro, they discover that it is full of Waterbenders. They explain their situation, of Appa being injured and needing help, and are taken to the medicine woman of the village. Meanwhile, the village leaders Kaumātua and Kōtene secretly discuss the flying bison. They are surprised by its existence, and speak of another village, Mauna, which is somehow involved. Aang and Sokka are given some sort of brown liquid and special leaves to heal Appa. They immediately leave the village, deciding to help Appa first, then return later and give their thanks.

The Battle

Lin Yee

The villagers ready for battle.

When they return to Appa and Katara, Katara Waterbends the liquid with healing powers, after which they apply the leaves. Soon after, Appa appears to regain his strength and is able to walk around and act normal again. In a surprise, a girl from Totoro comes running to Aang, yelling for help. She says that the Totoro's rival tribe, Rātō is coming in for a raid. Aang, Katara ad Sokka fly on Appa to the village to go help. They find it preparing for battle, and decide to help in the battle. The battle takes place on the sea, with Totoro and Rātō canoes hitting head on, a battle of spears and Waterbending happening there. At first, Aang and Katara help the Totoro with big waves of water, but have a change of heart when a huge fireball crashes down from no where. While the fight stops and everyone is confused, another attack comes in. This one is of Black Fire. The third party, evidently Blackshock, reveal themselves. They are just one, huge ship, and continue to end attacks. Katara goes to the Totoro - Kanoran - and Rātō leaders and attempts to make peace for the moment, so they can use the power of the Waterbenders from both sides to overpower the Blackshock ship, the only way to do so. Succeeding, all the combined Waterbenders make a huge wave, and crash it into the enemy. The ship retreats. After the victory, the Rātō leave, a small truce currently in place and no reason to raid Totoro anymore.


They return to Totoro to find Kaumātua and Kōtene around Appa. Katara is mistrustful of the village leaders, and urges Aang and Sokka to leave quickly. They do so, continuing on their way to the Southern Water Tribe.

Meanwhile, Azula speaks to an officer on the Blackshock ship after its defeat by the two tribes. She gets angry at him for calling her 'princess' as she is a very different person now.


  • The names of the Hidden Islands Naties are based on Māori, from New Zealand.
    • Totoro means to hang over, to stretch out.
    • Kaumātua means 'elderly man'.
    • Kōtene is a mix of Kō an Tene, where Tene means spontaneous.
    • Rātō means west, as that village is the most western.
    • All the other names are based off of Māori.

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