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The Fire Lord
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air


Chapter 4

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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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August 31, 2012

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Chapter 3: Rong Yan's Master

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Rong Yan must prepare to meet the Fire Lord, to tell him of his progress. The Fire Lord sends him into a room, and he meets someone who might look familiar.

Chapter 4: The Fire Lord

Book 1: Air

Chapter 4: The Fire Lord

The scene begins with the Fire Nation soldiers and Rong Yan walking off the docks and back into the temple. They escort him to his chambers and they leave. Rong Yan sits down on his bed, and takes off his boots, he then lays down on his bed, and pulls the covers up to his chin. The scene fades into blackness.

Two Years Later

The scene reappears to a tall young man by the age of eighteen, with long brown hair, and little tuft of his chin, wearing a red vest accented with black, and flaming designs, a dark red belt with a black Fire Nation insignia belt buckle, and red trousers, with black boots. The young man was fighting another man who was muscular and shirtless, with white trousers, and black boots as well. The man in the white trousers looked a little older, with some new wrinkles on his face. He wore his black hair loose from the bottom and a top knot at the top, with a Fire Nation ornament piece to hold his hair a top of his head in place.

The young man jumps and spin kicks fire at the older man. The older man then punches the younger man in the chest with a blast a fire, knocking him down onto the wooden roof top of the temple. The younger man then shoots his left leg up shooting fire at the older man, sending him flying a couple of feet away from the younger man. The younger man quickly gets back up, and the older man then stands up and continues to shoot fire balls at the younger man rapidly.

The younger man then takes a form and begins to block the fire balls. After a few minutes the older man breaks a sweat and stops, then wipes the sweat drop off his cheek. Giving the younger man ample to time defeat him, the younger man then stomps and breathes fire from his mouth at the older man. The older man then blocks the fire breath, but at the same time he flies into a wall and blacks out for a couple of seconds.

Another man in red robes, and a fancy looking Fire Nation hat, runs over to the older man and examines him, he brings out a white flag and waves it. The younger man, exhales and stretches his arms above his head and down to his waist. He walks over to the older man and then picks him up and sits him down on a small table on the fire temple rooftop.

The man then looks off to his right side and coughs, wipes his forehead of the sweat and soot on his chin. Looks at the young man then coughs once more. "Great job, you.." he coughs again. " defeated me in our Agni Kai Rong Yan, you're more than ready to finally meet the Fire Lord. The Fire Lord would be most interested in your progress as the Avatar and your mastering in the arts of firebending. I will have Fire Sage Xiao to send word to the Fire Lord. Let's go back inside the temple." Sifu Takumi said.

Rising from his chair coughing once more and putting his right hand on his left shoulder. He begins to limp toward the latched wooden door leading to the top floor of the temple. Rong Yan sips from his tea, then picks up the kettle and sets it down on a wooden tray, and marches towards the latched wooden door as well.

Inside Rong Yan sets the tray inside the kitchen, and walks out of the curtains and down the hall in front of him, he greets a couple of soldiers and continues to walk down the hall then takes a left turn into another hall way. He sees a room full of steam, and walks to it. Two Fire Nation soldiers walk out in plain brown trousers holding pink towels, while shirtless, saluting to the Avatar, one of them opens the door to the bath house.

He begins to undress and places his garments on a wooden counter and then walks into the hot, steaming pool of water, and sighs in relief, and then leans on a concrete ledge resting his shoulders, back and arms on it. Finally, he leans his head back unto it, then he lifts his head up and takes off his head ornament and tosses it to where his garments are, it lands within his robes without making a sound. Then again he rests his head against the small ledge and then closes his eyes.

He begins to hear a conversation of other men in the bath house. "I'm telling you the Avatar is only going to be in the temple for two days, then they're sending him off." one of the men said. The other looks at him. "I see, I also heard he's going to have an audience with the Fire Lord, do you think he's ready for what is to come." The other replies and then looks around the room.

"Well times up for me, I must go, my patrol begins in thirty minutes! Can't be late this time or Sage Li will be upset with me!" says the man, he stands up and walks out of the pool and puts on a towel and begins to walk over to the table that he placed his garments on and quickly dresses into his black trousers and walks out. The other sits there for another ten minutes then does the same.

Rong Yan sits there alone, he lifts his head up, opens his eyes, and squeezes the water out of his hair, and then walks out of the pool, then puts on his garments, and leaves the bath house. Closing the wooden door, and puts the latch on it, and walks off drying his hair with the towel.

Rong Yan walks outside the temple, and down the dirt road, and walks into the nearby city. He walks into a public restroom, and looks into the mirror, takes his small Fire Nation authentic comb, and begins combing his long dark hair downwards. And then walks out, and places the comb back into his pocket. He walks toward the market district, and sees a stand with a fat Fire Nation man selling some kind of treat.

"You there!" the fat man shouts at Rong Yan, Rong Yan turns to see the man pointing at him, then he points at himself. "Yes, you lad, come! Try out my new snack I like to call these little cooked and steaming flour flakes covered in a rare spice powder, Fire Flakes!!" the fat man said out loud.

Rong Yan places his index finger on his chin, and then shrugs it off, he takes the small pouch of Fire Flakes from the fat vendor, and begins to eat them, chewing slowly, then his eyes turn red, and steam comes out of mouth, he runs very fast, and grabs a bucket of water and dumps it into his mouth, then he runs back to the fat man, and slams two copper Fire Nation coins onto the wooden stand of the vendor.
Flaming flakes

The Fat Fire Nation vendor, gives Rong Yan a sample.

"One more pouch of Fire Flakes, please!" he said. The fat man chuckles and rubs his stomach, and looks under his counter and grabs another pouch and slides it across the wooden stand, Rong Yan grabs it and opens his mouth, and in drops all the fire flakes into his mouth. He again throws another two Fire Nation copper coins onto the wooden stand, the fat man takes the money and puts it into a small black wooden chest.

"I'm glad you liked my new invention!" the fat man said chuckling once more, Rong Yan looks at the fat man and slowly raises a thumbs up. Then he begins to walk away. Rong Yan walks further into the Market District of Yin La and sees a couple more stands and loses interest into any of them.

His eyes bulgen with interest as he sees a clothing store, with an old man in white vest with fire exterior like designs on the vest, and red trousers sweeping, he looks up at the sign and reads "Yin La's Finest Clothing Store", he walks into the store after the old man.

The old man walks over to his counter and begins to write down something on a piece of parchment and puts the parchment away. "Yes, may I help you?" the old man says, looking at the young man, bringing out a quill and the same parchment back out.

"Yes, I am looking for a hat..Fire Nation hat." Rong Yan said setting his index finger on his chin and beginning to think what it should look like. The old man looks at him "Are you crazy boy? With that clothing you are w-..wait a minute I recognize you.." the old man says, kneeling down and bowing down to the young man "Please come this way Avatar Rong Yan, I have the finest headwear, that you could find of use to you." the old man said leading the way to a large set of shelves most of the hats on the shelves looked very fancy-like, Rong Yan looks at each and everyone of the hats, and snaps his fingers and points to a tall red and dark red hat.

"I want that one!" Rong Yan said excitedly.

The hat that Rong Yan saw at the clothing store. Now he wears it as part of his Avatar attire.

"Oh no, you don't want that...I mean yes of course Avatar!" the old man said placing it on his head. "That'll be five silver pieces, but for someone of your status as yourself, it's on the house!" the old man said cheerfully. Rong Yan bowed down to the old man, and so did the old man in return.

"Have a nice day, sir!" Rong Yan replied. Rong Yan leaves the store, and walks back to the temple. He walks into his chambers and sits down on his bed, takes the hat off and sets it on the small wooden table beside his bed.

He walks up to another table and sits in the chair, he stares at the small candle on the middle of the table, and places two fingers on the wick, and then takes them off, a small fire sparks on the wick and the candle then lights up.

He gets up and off the chair and walks to the many shelves in his room with several books, of all shapes and sizes. Rong Yan looks up and pulls out a book and begins to read it. After about an hour or two, Fire Sage Xiao walks in with Sifu Takumi and four soldiers.

"Come young Avatar, it is time for us to escort you to Yin La or as most people like to call it the Palace City." Fire Sage Xiao said. The group begins to the leave the temple, and the soldiers walk with the firebending master, the Fire Sage, and the Avatar to Palace City to meet the Fire Lord.

They walk down the same dirt road that Rong Yan took earlier, this time with two soldiers leading the way, and two soldiers protecting the rear of the group. An hour and a half passes by as they reach the gates of the city, and are greeted by one of the palace's elite guards.

"Welcome Avatar Rong Yan, to Yin La, I will happily join your group and gladly escort you to the palace." the elite firebending soldier said, saluting Rong Yan and taking the lead.

The elite palace guards, escort the Avatar, his firebending master, and the Fire Sages to the palace.

Walking them through the afternoon skyed city, as they all watch the sun go down, they reach the mountain, and take the path up to the top, after about thirty minutes they reach the top of the mountainside, then they take another thirty minutes walking down the path into the inner city or the rich part of the city.

The scene fades, and reappears at the entrance of the palace. On the path way leading to Fire Lord's throne there is a line of ten Fire Nation elite soldiers saluting Rong Yan, then bowing down to him. The elite soldier then opens the large doors to the throne room, the group walks in then bows down the Fire Lord.

Rong Yan looks around then, kneels down and then bows down. "It is a pleasure to meet you Fire Lord" Rong Yan said. The Fire Lord laughs hard. And shakes his head in disagreement. " IS truly an HONOR to meet you Avatar, no need to bow to me, I am just the leader of our great nation! I am the one to bow down to you!" Fire Lord Yeh Lu said still laughing.

Yeh Lu bows down to Rong Yan, "You're the great leader of the world, and the Spirit World young Avatar!" Yeh Lu said excitedly. Standing on his feet, Fire Lord Yeh Lu looks Rong Yan and signals Rong Yan to follow him. Rong Yan follows the Fire Lord into a room, and sits him down in chair by a table.

Yeh Lu enters another room then comes out, he opens the curtains that lead back into the throne room and looks back at the Avatar and smiles, then continues out. An old man walks out of the door that the Fire Lord went in and then walked out after a few seconds. The old man walks over with his walking stick, and walks over to sit down in the chair on the opposite side of Rong Yan.

The scene fades.

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