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Christopher's Journey


Book1: Earth



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Snow Cap Mountains

When Christopher and Ally reached the marketplace, Christopher told the vendor the oath, and he let them through. He metalbent a panel on the floor, let them down, and put it back in place. They found a torch on the side wall, ignited it, and walked down the path. They walked for about half an hour when Ally spotted a fork in the path. Christopher checked the map; they needed to go to the right. They walked down a mile and came out into the sunlight. In front of them was another tunnel. In this one, they could see a huge inside room; they walked in and found four torches on each of the walls. Christopher lighted them. They both had to say the oath and propel themselves up.

"Through the fire, Make it higher, Through the blaze, Take the rage."

The platform rose as they said the oath. They kept saying it; it rose higher. Until, at last, they were at the top. A young man with a short pnytail, red robes, and a calm expression greeted them.

"Hello," he said. "I am Yeinton Zhiou. I have been expecting you. I learned you want to learn some fiebending."

"Yes," Christopher said. "I'm Christopher, and this is Ally. I have recently learned lightningbending. I would like you to help me harness the power."

"Let's start training," Yeinton said.

Yeinton showed them a new ability: you bend a fire ball, then put your hands in it. The fire will engulf your hands, but won't burn them. He also showed Christopher how to transform his fire gloves into lightning gloves; he just has to heat his fire ball up amd make it a lightning ball. Christopher thought this was the best thing. Yeinton also showed him how to harness the power of electricity.

While they were there, Yeinton also showed them good swordmaster moves, in case they get in any trouble. He also showed them the power to lift themselves up into the air; they bend a fire ball, and prepell it down. To go higher, they shoot the fire harder. Ally got a kick out of this; she kept going higher and higher until she fell down.

"Well, we'll be going now," Christopher said. "I hope to see you in the near future."

"Goodbye," Yeinton said. "Have a safe journey."

As they were on their way to the next location, they found a boy on the side of the road. He was about 16 years old, he also looked like a firebender. He had his head hung low. When Christopher walked up next to him, he came to a realization: he was an airbender. Underneath his Fire Nation gettup, he had the unmistakable airbender arrow tattoos.

"What's the matter," Christopher said, trying to calm him. "We can help you, if you would like."

"The name's Nad," he said, in a low voice. "An what's the matter is I lost my pet lemur-bat. He's the only thing I have left of my old life."

"What happened to you?" Christopher took a seat beside him.

"The fire villan, Fretos," Nad said, trying to keep tears out of his eyes. "He came and killed my parents. They enslaved my brother. Luckily, I escaped with my pet lemur-bat, Nin-nin. But now I've lost him too. What I'm afraid of is that he wetn into the Snow Cap Mountains."

To be continued...

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