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The Breaking Point
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March 9th, 2013

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Getting Ready To Strike

His arms and legs were bound up. The room he was in was cold and dark. Bruises and gashes covered his body, bleeding furiously. Suon had been severely beaten by a couple of ninjas is such a short time. Where are my friends? He thought to himself. Little did he know, Ko-yu was doing her best to keep them from reaching him. There was the sound of sirens wailing, like banshees in the gloomy hours. Feet moved swiftly past the solid metal door. The lock on the door cracked and Ko-yu walked in. With the push of a small remote control, Suon was electrocuted. Electricity encased his body, like a shell. Ko-yu just laughed and walked out like nothing even happened.

"I'll say that was nearly a test run and his last!" Ko-yu grinned and kept laughing, a horrible crackling sound.

Ty Lee and Nia raced through the woods, in search of their lost friend.

"Come on Mani, we have to go faster!" Ty Lee patted the wolfs head. Mani sped up, but it wasn't fast enough. Nia, who was trying not to vomit, clutched her stomach and held her patience.

"I regret every moment of this," Nia stated. They were near water, a river. A very vast river, "Uh, Ty Lee... Can this thing swim?" She was looking at the water cautiously.

"I guess we're about to find out." Ty Lee said with the same look of concern on her face. Mani plunged into the deep water, pulling Ty Lee and Nia down with her. The water looked murky with the trees covering up the bright moonlight. Nia created a water bubble around her and Ty Lee, it covered Mani from head to ankle. Ty Lee let out a short scream, she thought she was wet. When they reached dry land, Ty Lee shook her head, wringing her braid. Little did they know, trouble wasn't far behind.

"I told you Ty Lee, there is no water in your hair, you didn't even get wet!" Nia waved her hands in Ty Lee's face.

"Right, my braid gets knots in it when it's wet, they're hard to get out," She smoothed her hair with her hand, "Maybe we should stop for the night."

"What! No way, we can't-" Nia dodged a stray arrow that was shot at her. Mani slid to a stop and Ty Lee back flipped off of her. Nia took water from a few eager flowers while sprinting at the attacker, only to find that they were concealed in the treetops. Five more arrows were shot at Nia, she returned with a water whip, snapping the arrows in half. Ty Lee felt something fly past her braid, just another arrow. It clipped her split ends and they fell to the forest ground. Ty Lee whipped her head around to avoid more arrows. She looked up in the thick bundles of leaves and branches and saw something move. A dagger flew out of the trees and landed by Mani's paw, she howled in anger. Ty Lee ran over to where Nia was standing.

"Show yourself." Ty Lee and Nia demanded. A girl who looked about twelve jumped out of the trees and landed perfectly on her feet. She had auburn hair that laid down flat. A gray shirt with a black skirt that came down to her knees. It was short in the front and long in the back. Daggers were held in a belt buckle on her hips, but her bow and arrow was aimed right at Ty Lee and Nia.

"Unless you want those rotten ninja spies to come after us, I suggest that you be quiet." She said pointing the arrow at Ty Lee and Nia. One shot of that arrow in the heart and they would be dead.

"We didn't mean to cause such a ruckus. You started shooting at us-" Ty Lee started.

"For no reason." Nia said finishing Ty Lee's sentence.

"My bad. It's not all the time you see invaders come into my forest," She lowered her bow, "I'm Lala." Nia tried to hold back a smile.

"I'm Ty Lee and this is Nia. We're looking for our friend. He was kidnapped by ninjas." Ty Lee said taking a giant step forward and plastered a smile on her face.

"I don't know why you seem so happy, ninjas are very intelligent when it comes to kidnapping people. I'm the only one who has ever been able to find their hideout." Lala scoffed.

"Well, you must know where it is then." Nia said placing her hands on her hips.

"Perhaps. I can take you there. The chances that they didn't kill your friend yet," She paused, "Are very slim." Ty Lee gasped when she heard this.

"Lets get going now." Nia said getting on Mani. Ty Lee hopped on behind her, Lala just stood.

"Is this even safe?" She questioned both of them.

"Trust me, it's scary at first, but you'll get used to it." Nia joked.

"Alright." Lala climbed onto Mani's back and held on tight as Mani jerked forward. They rode off through the wilderness, still on their journey.

Ko-yu was outside by the edge of a body of water talking to the ninjas. They accepted her mission and paddled off in canoes.

"And remember, bring her back alive." Ko-yu said. She heard footsteps and turned around.

"Well, it's about time you showed up Zung. I already sent the ninjas out." Ko-yu replied.

"First of all, how did you know it was me? And I have word that Ty Lee is traveling in a forest across the water. There are some ninja scouts on land waiting for the canoes. That's a total of two troops." Zung answered.

"The answer to your first question is none of your business. And that's great news. She can't be moving fast. The ninjas will catch up." Ko-yu replied.

"Oh... Shall I go get the rhinos?" Zung asked.

"No." She answered simply.

"Then the ships?" He asked again. Ko-yu just shook her head.

"What about the-" Ko-yu took three steps forward, holding her fist close to Zung's face, her eyes turned a dark red.

"The ninjas are capable of handling this. Now go do something productive and get out of my sight!" Ko-yu yelled pushing him away. She took a dart from her sleeve and stabbed it in a tree."

"But..." He ran towards the building and slammed the door before Ko-yu attacked him again.

They could see it now. It was half a mile away, a huge building.

"Wow, you give good directions!" Ty Lee was impressed.

"Don't underestimate me Ms. Goody Goody." Lala replied.

"This is just great." Nia said taking her broadswords out.

"Why is this great? Is it because I come up with better nicknames than you?" Lala said smirking.

"No, why don't you turn around and see." Nia said. Twenty-four ninjas were jetting at them, chains in hand. Mani stopped in her tracks and they dismounted her. One ninja came at Lala but she shot her dagger at them, pinning them to the ground. Nia fought with her swords, getting every chance she could to dodge the attacks. Ty Lee was busy chiblocking ninjas. Mani snarled and bit a ninja and flung them around in the air. Ty Lee shouted for everyone to get on Mani, Lala and Nia obeyed.

"We better get out of here before more ninjas come." Ty Lee said to Nia and Lala, they nodded.

"She defeated all the ninjas!" Zung shouted.

"Patience Zung, my young pupil," Ko-yu moved around in her chair, "When she comes for a visit, that's when we strike." She stood up and walked out of the front door. Ko-yu smirked as she slipped three darts in her hair. She could feel the vibration of Mani's paw hitting the ground. This was something Suon couldn't sense about Ko-yu. Something that he couldn't put his finger on until now. Ko-yu was blind. A yellow glow filled her eyes.

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