The Assassination
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July 13, 2014

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Chapter 3: Mysteries and Secrets

The assassin got away yesterday! I have since then slept in my room. Alright, I admit I could not sleep again. And how could I? My uncle will get killed and I can not stop it. My uncle is the only person capable of ending the chaos and holding the Earth King at bay. Thank the spirits that Azalia is alright at least. She is now resting in her room. She was quite wounded. Hours have already passed and I can not rest. The parade is still 3 hours away.

I will get up I guess. I stood up from my bed I walked to the hall and asked some servants to come aid me. I stood there and after a minute they entered. They took the royal armor for a prince. I patiently waited as they dressed me. After they were done, I went into the hall. Here in the palace. each hall looks the same. Gold, red walls with tapestry of royalty of now and the past and of course our banner everywhere. My grandfather loved banners. Uncle never took them away. I decided to go to Azalia's room and see how she is doing. She can not aid me of course as she is too wounded but still. Then I saw a tapestry at the wall. It was a family picture of when I was a child. I was barely five. My mother was there as well. At the time, a sickness went through the lands. My mother and uncle's wife as well died because of the sickness. Along with thousands of people. My mother was a very tall woman with black long hair and a pale skin as pale as the moon. Her eyes where brown instead of gold. She looks so much like everyone in my family because she descends from a prince from a long time ago. Mother was the most beautiful person. I admit I never knew much about her. But that is tradition in the family. The only reason father married her was because she was of royal origin.

I finally reached Azalia's room. I saw uncle Azulion standing there by the door.

I walked to him and asked, "How is she doing, Uncle?"

He looked me into the eyes and answered, "She is stable now, however, she must rest according to the doctor. She is still too weak. Fuzu... I thank you for what you did. You saved my little girl. Strange that man kidnaps my girl and disappears."

Suddenly I remembered what the assassins said. I will ask him: "The assassin also talked about your greatest weak moment and called Azalia a bastard."

My uncle then looked me straight into the eyes. He then said: "I do not know what he is talking about and even if I did, then it is not your business."

My uncle still looks quite the warlord when I looked at him. He was big and was wearing the armor of a general or admiral. Both are the same. I never saw him in anything else. With the short black hair and stern face he is exactly my grandfather's very image indeed.

I decided not to anger him any further. I have a parade to go to and uncle to save.

I walked away and went to the throne room. The throne room is huge full with red gold pillars and red gold decoration at the walls. I saw the throne. The throne looked like it was all made of fire, only it was gold, with a huge golden dragon made of gold behind it. I met my uncle there. The others have already went to the parade. I also saw my cousin Zulo. Zulo has the same long black hair of his father. He is truly a younger version of him. He is twenty, just like me. My brother, Fazal, is a year older. Azalia is two years younger than me. Zulo is kind and benevolent, like his father, only Zulo is more silent and stern. He rarely shows emotion.

My uncle suddenly walked to me and hugged me. Then he said, "Ah, Fuzu! In the mood for the parade! We have held this parade ever since the Great Dragon Lord founded the Fire Nation and I will not stop now."

I just smiled at him.

A few hours later most of my family went together outside through the main road towards the fortress beneath the volcano. It was a long and boring ride as the carts we sad in gave now few of outside. Finally, we were there. Together we all entered the building and walked through a huge white golden hall. After, we went up a huge staircase and that went straight to the balcony. Right before us, we saw beneath the balcony an incredible army walking in circles. It went on for hours and hours it seemed. It is so boring. I normally never participate in this. Oh it stopped?

I saw my uncle walking to the front of the balcony. All sounds where gone and everyone was waiting for his speech.

My uncle has always been a giant of a man. He was the most muscled man I have ever saw. I bet that he is the most muscled man on the world. And as a middle aged man he still is so big! Together with his long black hair and beard, he looks truly scary. He wears the Firelord robes, however, special ones were made for him because the original ones were to small for him because of his muscles. He is truly the father I never had. My real father is someone I barely know. He only cares about Fazal. Who is exactly like him.

Uncle then started talking, "The Avatar is gone and his my father. We are in an era of darkness and chaos. The Earth King threatens to take the world. The Earth Kingdom divided. And the chaos must end. I want peace most off all. However, the Earth King refused peace, therefore he leaves me no choice. We will invade the Earth Kingdom and take their capital. We will arrest Earth King Hao and bring back peace to the world. I promise that the world will return to peace. I know that nobody wants war, but this is the only way of bringing in era of peace and prosperity to the world and to our great nation!"

Everyone was cheering and chanting Uncle's name. Peace can perhaps return to the world.

Then suddenly I saw far away a black figure. The assassin!

"The assassin!" I screamed and pointed at the man.

Uncle looked at the assassin. "Arrest that......"

Suddenly, a poisoned arrow went right though my uncle. He fell of the balcony. Everywhere people were screaming and running. However, I failed! My uncle, the great Firelord Zalon is dead!

Five hours later, I explained what happened. My father looked at me with anger. I decided not to tell the part about I knowing that he was behind it.

My family was shocked. Of course I changed the truth a bit.

In Ba Sing Se

"Your Majesty, news reached us that Firelord Zalon has passed away."

The Earth King looked at the messenger with happiness.

Then he answered:

"Then the time has come to change the world! Now it will all be mine!"

The next day in the Fire Nation.......

"Zalon, you were Firelord to our nation for only a month. Though short your reign was, still great it was. You led our forces and saved our allies from the Earth king. You ended the war with the Air Nomads. And you held peace and prosperity to our nation. You were father husband of Ladia, now passed. You were brother of Azulion and Zulas. Father to Zulo. Uncle to Azalia, Fazal and Fuzu. May you rest in peace. As was you dying wish, you will be succeeded by your son. All hail Firelord Zulo!"

My cousin looked said and strong with the fire with his burning father behind him.

I looked at my cousin, the new Firelord.

Already did I know that a civil war was coming.

And what side will I choose?

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