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Starting Point
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September 6, 2016 (original)
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"Starting Point" is the fourth episode of Book One: Metal of Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles, and the fourth overall in the series. It belongs to the standalone arc of the same name.

Overview Edit





The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.

While celebrating the end of his training with his friends, Avatar Hikar was attacked by a trio of three teenage siblings: Aria the airbender, Zeick the combustionbender, and Deyek the bloodbender. Hikar faced them, as they wanted to take the Avatar with them. A week later, in the official party of the high authorities at Air Temple Island, Yurei, Hikar's former airbending instructor, revealed himself to be from the Red Lotus itself, who has resurged from inside the White lotus itself. Is this Hikar's new quest?

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Yurei's blue air was losing against Hikar's white air, as he was obviously stronger, but that didn't seem to bother him, as he countered attack. Yurei immediately did a gesture with his hand and made the whirlwind spin towards him; in a way his vortex was absorbing Hikar's air and attracting him. Hikar earthbent small slopes under his feet, and stopped airbending, he just started to shoot fire, but it was somewhat extinguished; Hikar remembered how abnormally cold was Yurei's airbending.

–You can't win me with just your bending, I've seen all of your earth, fire, and airbending training; I know all your movements! – Shouted Yurei.

–You might know my moves, but you don't know HIS! – Hikar shouted.

Hikar waterbent from a creak nearby, and froze Yurei's feet immobilizing him.

–UNH!! – Winced Yurei

–You weren't in my waterbending training. – Hikar prepared to waterbend to his former master

Suddenly Yurei heard a growl from behind the grown up and stopped airbending, and so did Hikar, as an angry armadillo lion jumped from behind him.

–GO NIKUMI!! – Screamed Hikar.

Nikumi was about to strike Yurei, but suddenly, both the armadillo lion and the boy, were paralyzed in mid air. Nikumi let out a small meow, and suddenly they were stomped both on the ground.

–NNNRRGGG!! – Winced in pain Hikar.

–You shouldn't forget about my children, you already meet them. – Yurei said as Hikar tried to get away from the immobilization.

–What? Who? – Said Hikar

–Us. – Said a feminine voice Hikar knew really well, Aria. Hikar wouldn't believe it. Hikar turned and saw the Red Triangle itself, Deyek of course doing his nasty bloodbending.

–Did you forget us? – Said Zeick

–No, it can't be! You three are...! – Hikar was interrupted.

–The children Amala and I had? Yes, yes they are, my most loyal companions. And of course my favorite airbending student between them. – Yurei said as he patted Aria on the shoulder.

–You know what Yurei? I don't wonder anymore why Amala got divorced from you! – Shouted Hikar, who was still fighting the grip.

–Well, that's not your problem, but your mother sure she does. – Yurei explained.

–Now what? LEAVE MY MOTHER OUT OF THIS! – Hikar was enraged.

–I'm sorry, but it's because of her family the reason why you should worry. – Hikar didn't understand a thing. –All right Deyek, come on we're leaving. – Yurei ordered.

–Sure dad. – Said Deyek, and he freed Hikar and Nikumi from the grip in a way they both passed out.

Awhile later, Hikar started to see a series of quick flashbacks in his mind, fast like a horde of wasps. First he saw what looked to be an old man with a combed tupé and a lot of children surrounding him, probably his grandchildren; then a disturbance in the Ba Sing Se Plaza. Next flash was about two adult brothers, a lavabender and a lightningbender, protecting the family from the disturbance. Then, he saw a little girl crying being patted on her head by a black-haired woman. The last thing he saw was an old Water Tribe woman, opening her glowing white eyes.

Waterbending emblem

Later, Hikar woke up being shaken by somebody.

–Wake up! Wake up Hikari!! – Screamed Kensi.


–Mom...I'm fine... –Said Hikar with his voice broken.

–Oh my sweetheart. – Vona glanced and got her son to her chest, hugging him and kissing him repetitive times on the forehead. –Oh son I thought we lost you. –

–Mom, I'm fine, I swear, please stop. – Said Hikar, getting his mother away.

–Oh my gosh Hikar, you should have seen Kosen, she was amazing how she took the kunais from the Red Lotus's knights, and how Kensi waterbended. –

–I have a new personal line: first I get two heads and knock them together, and then I say: THEY CALL ME THE NUTCRACKER! – Said Tao, Bultina giggled.

–But where's Yurei? I can't believe that bastard was chosen as high representative of the New Air Nation. – Said Leo. Hikar looked at them.

–He's gone, I don't know where, but more news. – Team Avatar glanced at Hikar. –The Red Triangle kids are his children and the Red Lotus is active again. –

–Then what do you say? – Said Kensi.

–We have to stop them. Before they do anything. – Said Hikar.

–Then I guess that means we have a mission, right? – Asked Bultina.

–I guess so? – Said Shaila. Team Avatar stared down at Hikar, waiting for an answer.

–Yes, Team Avatar has its first mission. – Said Hikar. –YAHOOOOOO! PREPARE YOURSELF RED LOTUS, BECAUSE TEAM HIKAR IS GOING TO KICK YOUR BUTT!!! – Shouted Kensi, joyful, again, putting Shaila in ridiculous in front of her father. Hikar meanwhile, was asking himself questions about his mother.

Earthbending emblem


In Air Temple Island there where Bultina and Kosen's parents, as the Silverfox police chiefs, who alongside several agents they caught several Red Lotus knights and locked them in jail. There were also the airbenders Leo and Gemini, and Asami Sato and Avatar Korra's children Iruka and Amala, who were investigating the crime scene of the attack from the Red Lotus to the world's most important people.

–Well, tell me, Detective Takeyon, what can you conclude from this? – Said Gemini.

–From the evidence here, this kunai knife is made from the hard metal they found in that meteorite which fell in central Si Wong Desert thirty years ago. – Said Takeyon

–Which means they're probably based somewhere in the Si Wong Earth Republic, that's a big ol' desert if you ask me. – Said Kimyona

–What do we know about this metal? – Asked Iruka.

–The first evidence we had about this metal was more than a century ago, during the Hundred Year War's final year: a meteor fell in the Fire Nation village of Shu Jing, the remarkable Sokka from the Southern Water Tribe crafted a "Space Sword," which is known to have cut thick metal from great Fire Nation airships. Sadly it was lost in the final battle during Sozin's Comet and it's still lost as today. – Said Gemini, –I like to spend my time learning about metals. –

–If they have such metal under their power, then they must have advanced weaponry. – Said Amala.

–Gemini, do you know anything else about these meteors? – Asked Takeyon.

–I was about to ask the same. – Said Iruka. Gemini thought for a moment and remembered.

–We'll, there's not much more to tell that you don't know. As you can see it can be metalbended. – He said.

–About the metal, it comes from some meteorites that fall into our atmosphere every four years. – Explained Leo –Normally these disintegrate, only a few times these meteors collide with the surface, and of course, these meteor showers come every four years. –

–Why? Why does that happen? – Asked Iruka.

–I don't want to interrupt guys, but we have case to solve and a damn cursed traitor Air Nomad called Yurei. – Said Amala, saying the name of "Yurei" with anger between her teeth.

Iruka knew what happened, but the rest were really strangled. Amala was staying strong, but tears were coming down of her eyes as Kimyona saw her. Kimyona knew there was something she didn't told them.

–Miss Sato, I'm afraid I'm going to ask you a couple of questions. What was the cause of your divorce from your ex-husband Yurei? – Asked Kimyona.

Amala turned back again, she didn't want to talk, and Iruka was face palming to himself.

–It's no big deal sis'. Just tell what happened to them. Yurei was her husband, she discovered he was up to something and they divorced because of that, that's it! – He said.

–I had no idea he was in the Red Lotus. – Amala sent her cousin an angry look.

–Is that true? – Said Takeyon. Amala took her a while to assimilate, and she started:

–Four years, we got divorced four years ago, it all started in disagreements on what typed of education should we give our children. When we knew Aria was an airbender like her father, Yurei decided we should take her to the Eastern Air Temple to learn, RIGHT AT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CONTINENT! Disagreements and full discussions started right then, he said it would be save for the kids, to learn with the Air Nomads, that they should learn how to live in a new type of world, an Air Nation-like world. – She paused. –Of course, I said no, I needed to maintain the company here in the city. He just took them without permission there. When I arrived two months later, I saw there was a ceremony being held I came inside and see what was going on...


–Today, a new master has rose. – Said Yurei –I want to present you, a new master, who mastered one hundred airbending moves in just two months, the fastest record in history of the Air Nomads. – I didn't knew what was exactly going on, then, a hooded teenager came to the center of the stage, –Air Nomads, may I present you, THE RED NOMAD! – And some Air Nomads took the teenager's robes and showed a bald airbending girl, with red Air Nomad tattoos, and when she leaned her face up and opened her blue eyes, it was Aria.

–What? What?? ARIA! – I cried

The whole crowd, Aria and Yurei turned too

–Oh! Hey mom! Did you like the ceremony? I just became an airbending master! – She said joyfully.

–Those tattoos...they should be blue! YOU JUST BROKE A TRADITION YUREI! – I yelled to him.

–Antique traditions can be modified, it has passed two centuries since the Air Nomad Genocide, and those traditions have been maintained, yes, but it's a new world Amala, everything changes. – Explained Yurei

–I don't like this. Come on Aria, we're leaving. Where are your brothers? – I got her hand and pulled her out of the Temple.

–MOM! LET GO! – She said


–NO!! – She screamed, and she airbend me forward to get rid of me, she landed on an air ball while I almost crashed. I was astonished. –No mom, dad showed us what real freedom is, and it's limits, he showed us the right path. – She said.

– Aria, what has he done to you? – I said

–Mother. – Said Zeick behind me, who had a bunch of bruises, and next to him was Deyek who still looked like my baby that he is.

–Zeick, Deyek. – I wanted to hug them, but Zeick stopped me.

–Mother, I think it's better for you to leave. – Deyek's words stabbed me deep in my heart...


–Right after seeing what Yurei had turned my children into, I just had to leave, I couldn't stand it anymore, I started to cry, and in a year half of my hair grayed. Even he won the custody jury, they sure have great lawyers in the Air Nation. You don't know what it is for a mother to not see her children in years? – Finished Amala.

–Why didn't you tell us? – Said Iruka. –That's what happened to Aria? –

–Yes, she changed, they're not the happy kids they were in the past anymore. If there was one thing I ever wanted anymore in these years, was to see them again. – She said.

Then Kensi bumped into the conversation:


Tao's face got without expression, Bultina was so tired of Kensi she was there looking at the hopeless case, and Shaila got angry.

–KENSI! THAT'S A DELICATE ISSUE FOR AMALA!! – Shaila enraged him as her eyes had a fulminant look.

–Sorrysorrysorry... – Said Kensi frightened by his girlfriend's furious look.

–It's okay, just...I need to be alone...keep going on. – And Amala left. Shaila punched Kensi in the face, and he fell down to the floor.

–See what you've done? – Said Shaila.

–Ow... – moaned Kensi.

–It's okay; she was already leaving. – Said Iruka

–Hi honey. What are you doing here? – Said Kimyona to her daughter.

–I'm daughter of the Silverfox police officers, Tao belongs to the Tenba family, and Kensi and Shaila were recognized by the three as our friend and friend of the Avatar. – Explained Bultina. –Of course we have permission to be here. –

–Great, but... where's the Avatar? – Asked Leo

–And your sister. – Asked Takeyon

–They went to get advice from Korra, and for that he's going to try to connect with her in the Spirit World; they must have already arrived to the Portal. – Said Bultina.

Firebending emblem

Meanwhile, in the Republic City Spirit Portal, there was an armadillo lion, a young redheaded girl and an earth boy right towards the huge vertical light ray.

–Hikar, are you sure about this? – Asked Kosen

–Trust me Kossie, I need to master the Avatar State if I want to defeat Yurei. Remember two days ago? I managed to get in it but I couldn't maintain it because my connection with Korra is practically nonexistent. I need to find her, and staying hours meditating while the Red Lotus is out there is not going to help any of us. – Explained Hikar.

–Oh. But wait; do you actually know how to meditate? – Asked Kosen.

Hikar hysterically laughed for a moment.

–HAHAHAHA!! Oh ho! Sure I tried, during three bloody years! And what's the result I got? No contact with Korra at all. – Answered Hikar, with a sarcastic tone.

Kosen was a little bit ashamed for not remembering that.

–Oh, sorry. But do you think you'll find her in the Spirit World? It's huge and limitless! – She said.

–Trust me, and my Avatar instincts. – Said Hikar.

And he turned to the green light, he deeply breathed, and walked towards it. As his arm passed through the portal, he closed his eyes, let all his body through.

Once he stopped feeling the energy, he opened his eyes, and saw the most beautiful landscape he had ever seen. It was an aquatic meadow surrounded by shining icebergs, and the ground was covered in colorful oceanic plants, and there was also a forest of dead-looking trees. Furthermore, Hikar could see a dense pink forest, where he felt a strong spiritual presence, Korra, thought Hikar. In that moment Kosen and Nikumi had already crossed the portal.

–Well...we're already in the Spirit World. Now what? – Asked Kosen.

–I'm going to find Korra, you two stay here, and we don't know what kind of dangers wait deep in the forest. – Answered Hikar as he saw Nikumi playing like a cat with a pair of flying Spirit Butter-dragonflies. –And of course, please take an eye over my buddy. –

–You got officer Kosen in command! Sir, yes sir! –

Kosen mischievously imitated her parents on their duty with a move of her arm to her forehead. Hikar laughed.

–All right officer Kosen, take care and wait for me here. – Said jokingly Hikar before he left to the forest.

Kosen kept an eye on Nikumi as he kept playing with the little Spirits Butter-dragonflies; Nikumi was upside down with his four furry paws high trying to catch the little Spirits. Kosen enjoyed the view for a couple seconds, and then she was interrupted by a cute digital voice.

–Is that weird big cat yours? – She asked the voice. Kosen turned and saw a cute little cubic-like spirit.

–Who're you? By the way it's not really mine, it's my friend's. – Said Kosen.

–You mean the Avatar? I thought he was your boyfriend. – Said the digital Light Spirit.

–What? No! I don't... Hik and I... we're just friends! – Replied Kosen, blushing. –Wait. Who're you and how did you know Hikar's the Avatar? –

–I'm Pixel, a Sensor Spirit; I sensed Raava's light in the boy you were talking to before. – Said Pixel, the spirit.

–Well, okay Pixel, that's amazing. Can you sense Korra here in the Spirit Wilds too? – Asked her.

–Actually her soul is connected to Raava, so basically she's within him right now. I can't say where. – Said Pixel in her digital voice. Kosen sighed.

–So, I guess then it's a waste of time this thing. I'll get Hikar and tell him he'll have to meditate any way to connect with Korra. – Said Kosen.

–But what about your cat? Where is he? – Said Pixel.

–He's not a cat, he's an armadillo lion, and he's right there. – Kosen pointed to the place where Nikumi was previously playing with the spirits. –What...? Where...? – Kosen got frightened until she saw Nikumi ride towards the forest. –Hey you crazy crusty cat! COME BACK! – And Kosen started to run to Nikumi, who got into the forest chasing the Butter-dragonflies he was playing with before.

–Wait! Let me help you! – Said Pixel, but she was shoved away by Kosen.

–Thanks for distracting me! Now if Hikar knows I lost Nikumi I'll never get the chance to date him! – Said Kosen angrily, running to the deep purple forest.

–Oh, so you DO like him. – Said Pixel, mischievously.

–SH...SHUT UP!! – Said Kosen, trying to hide her obvious blush.

Meanwhile, Hikar was still walking through the vast pink bamboo forest, wandering around, bored and tired of not having found anything in a while.

–Korraa? Kooorraaaaa! – Called Hikar out loud through the pink bamboos.

Still, he couldn't find anything but more little bug spirits.

–Uuuh, come on! Where's this damn woman? I knew Korra was a complicated woman, but not a difficult-to-find one. HELLOOOO KORRAAA! I'M YOUR AVATAR SUCCESSOR AND I NEED YOUR ADVICE TO ENTER THE AVATAR STATE AND DEFEAT MY EVIL AIRBENDING INSTRUCTOR! – He shouted, mad.

After a long wait and many wandering around, Hikar was getting more mad each time as he got more impatient, that the spirits were hiding and getting darker.


Suddenly, he heard a smooth kind laugh of an elder woman from the shadow under the bamboos. Hikar turned with his still angry face.

–At last Korra! Didn't you hear me calling you out there? –

–Oh Hikar, if you were calling for me, I would have gone earlier. But you weren't calling for me precisely. – Said the woman.

Hikar's angry expression turned into confusion, he turned up an eyebrow in misunderstood.

–What? You mean you're not Korra? – Hikar asked, and meanwhile the hidden spirits turned bright again.

–Oh no, no I'm not. But I was a really close friend of her, and if you approve it, a friend to you as well. – And the elder woman showed herself from the shadow.

She was an Air Nomad with her red and orange robes, and under a silver bob hairstyle she showed a pale wrinkled face with dark brown eyes. Hikar's expression turned to amazement when he saw her, and then to kindness.

–Jinora. – Said Hikar.


She kept running and cutting branches and leaves in front of her with a blade she metalbended from her bracelets. She had already left behind the pink bamboo forest, and now she was running in a vast blue jungle.

–I think it's not a good idea to break down those trees, they are from the spirits'. – Said Pixel.

–I don't care! I need to find Nikumi! – She said.

Suddenly she heard a lion's growl from somewhere in front of her, and she became happy to hear that.

–Nikumi! At last! – She started to continue running again –Stay there I'm coming – And she didn't like what she discovered in the place.

There was Nikumi, in the middle of the jungle's glade in front of a huge Dark Spirit. It was bigger than Nikumi, black, tiger-like, with some dark spikes all over his body. Both felines were facing each other, growling angrily.

–Nikumi? Don't move and now let's try to escape. – Whispered Kosen, still.

–It's Heinu, the Dark Tiger!! I'm leaving! – Frightened Pixel as she quickly blasted away like a lightning.

Suddenly the two feline-like rivals started to fight, roaring to each other.

–Well, I guess it's battle time. – Said a serious Kosen as she prepared for battle her metalbended bracelets.

Airbending emblem

Meanwhile, in Air Temple Island, Shaila, Bultina, and Tao were inside the vigilance room, alongside Leo and Gemini, looking in the vigilance videos for some hints about where they might have gone.

–Look there! In the bison stable! – Tao pointed to the screen where it showed the bison stable.

–Those are Wookie and Hahti, our Flying Bisons. – Said Gemini

–But look! – Shaila pointed the screen.

The recording showed the two bisons being suddenly tense and then they fainted. Deyek appeared pointing to somewhere in the opposite side he came from, he looked like he was saying something, and was looking very tired, but then Yurei bursted inside and looked like he was denying Deyek's proposal, and they immediately came out of the place, with Deyek being a bit carried half by Aria.

–I think he was saying it was the last time could bloodbend for the night. I remember him saying he could only bloodbend two times without a full moon. – Said Tao. Bultina suddenly popped out.

–Yes, of course, I know what happened! – Said Bultina, she turned to Leo. –Airbenders have their right to have their Air Bisons, right? – Asked Bultina

–Yes that is correct. But lately the bison population has decreased so only airbenders who are older than 18 get to have one. On the other hand, there isn't much... "Demand" for air bisons lately. – Said Leo, hardly pronouncing "demand".

–I think that Deyek suggested to escape with Yurei's Air Bison, but he denied it for a reason, I think he knew they were going to search for him in the air, given he's got an Air Bison. – Said Bultina. –So it mean they escaped where he knew they wouldn't look for him. –

Iruka, who was there, clicked his fingers realizing where he went.

–The boats! – Said Iruka

–What? But he doesn't have any motorboats, and from the guests who had one there has not been a robbery demanded. – Said Gemini

–Hey, we're talking about the Red Lotus; maybe Yurei had ordered a boat or something. – Said Shaila.

Iruka suddenly remembered.

–Quick, put the recording of the docks right after the time Yurei pulled Deyek out of the stable. – Said Iruka.

Leo placed the recording of the dock in the main screen.

It showed how a boat docked a little further from the deck, and there was a middle-aged woman piloting it. She waterbended an ice bridge from the boat to the wooden plates, with Deyek's help, and Yurei and the Red Triangle crossed to the boat as Deyek and the woman waterbended the bridge back to be water again.

–Pause it! – Said Bultina. –Zoom the woman's face. –

Leo zoomed the screen to show the woman's pixelated face, and after he made the image look better, it showed a middle-aged Water Tribe woman.

–It can't be her! She's dead! – Said Iruka.

Leo leaned to see the screen and was petrified.

–It's that...Zhasha?? –

Waterbending emblem

–YAHHH! TAKE THAT! – Shouted a furious Kosen as she rode Nikumi on top, metalbending her bracelets in a Frisbee trying again and again to hit the Dark Spirit, without success.

The Dark Spirit jumped over but Nikumi managed to be faster. Suddenly, the spirit turned into a black spiky ball.

–Come on Nikumi, time for your move. – Said Kosen seriously as she jumped from the running armadillo lion, before he turned over himself transforming in a crusty spinning ball. The two balls were about to collide right one in front of the other.

Earthbending emblem

–If you want to archive the Avatar State, first you have to connect with your deep spiritual self, – explained Jinora –and once you make there the connection, you can enter the Avatar State, and meditate into the Spirit World, and of course, you will finally contact Korra. – Hikar kept listening as they were walking down the forest.

–That's great. And how can I do that? – Asked Hikar.

–You'll have to look deep inside of you, find the light and peace. – Said Jinora. –Another friend of mine told me, Korra, and even Aang a very useful advice, specially for meditating and the Spirit World: If you look for the light you can often find it...–

–But if you look for the dark it is all you will ever see. – Said an elder man who appeared from the trees behind Jinora.

–IROH! – Said Hikar amazed.

–We've been waiting for you. – Said Iroh.

–We know you can be the best Avatar that has ever existed. – Said Jinora

–Really? I was defeated by a bunch of kids. – Said Hikar.

–Of course, you tried to master something you're not able to control yet. You need to travel the world for learning everything and get to control your fears. – Said Iroh –You must look for the light in you. –

–And then, you'll be able to make the world a better place, and the Earth and the Spirit World will become one. – As she said that, she touched the frightened Butter-dragonfly spirit, and set to fly, as more spirits of the same kind followed it. Creating a whirlwind of colorful spirit butterflies. Hikar was completely amazed by the spectacular view for a couple moments.

–Now you must leave, and find your friends to help them. – Said Iroh as he and Jinora vanished.

Hikar suddenly heard from far away crashes and explosions. He turned to see, and he realized.

–Oh spirits, Kosen, what are you doing now? – And Hikar propelled himself to get to the place he heard the blast, as Jinora and Iroh's figures vanished in the air.

–Huff, huff, this creature is really tough to defeat. – Said a really tired Kosen. –I wish we had a Spiritbender like master Iruka. –

Nikumi kept roaring out loud trying to intimidate the creature. But the Dark Spirit kept fighting him.

–Nikumi! Stop! We have to retreat! – But Nikumi didn't listen to Kosen, who was desperate.

Suddenly, a huge fire blast hit the Dark Spirit and propelled him far from Nikumi, and then a couple more rocks, which weakened him even more, hit him. Kosen turned surprised and saw Hikar bending two elements at the same time. Hikar continued striking until the creature couldn't continue more.

–Leave my friends alone. RAH! – And he stomped the foot on the ground, earthbending a huge earth pillar that propelled the Dark Spirit far away, as he kept growling. Hikar turned to Kosen and Nikumi, who were lying on the floor exhausted. –I guess I came in the right moment. – Said jokingly as he tended his hand to Kosen.

–Thank you Hikar. – Kosen got Hikar's hand to get up.

Suddenly she jumped over him and passionately kissed him in the lips. She separated for a moment and said:

–You're my hero. –

Hikar waved her down as the little spirits and Pixel made a heart shape around them.

–Of course baby. Even though I had a crush in your sister, the truth is that I've always loved you. – Said Hikar holding Kosen, as she looked deep in his green eyes, in which she saw a brown ring around the pupil, as their lips got closer each time more.

–Kosen? Hello? – Said Hikar as he watched Kosen be kissing the air over her with her eyes closed, laid down on the floor still. Suddenly, she opened her eyes, and realized it was just a dream. She quickly got up.

–Nothing! Nothing my dar-...FRIEND! – She said blushing.

–Uh...Okay, come on Nikumi, let's go. – Said Hikar, estranged in the beginning, and Nikumi gracefully roared at their victory.

Firebending emblem

As the three were walking back to the green Spirit Portal, Hikar's mobile started to sound.

–Continue, gimme a second. – Said Hikar

–You didn't make your mobile public, right? Because then maybe lots of girls... – Said Kosen jokingly as she took Nikumi.

–No, its just Kensi. I'll get another mobile for that. – He said as he picked the phone. –What's up bro? –

–Hey Hik, guess what I managed to get from a Red Lotus knight I've been interrogating. – Said Kensi from the phone.

–Really? What? – Said Hikar. Kensi made a dramatic pause as he inhaled.

–Nothing, these guys won't talk even if I froze their underwear. – Said Kensi, back in interrogatory, with all Red Lotus suspects having their pants frozen.

–Then why do you call me? Wait you did the frozen underpants technique again? – Laughed Hikar through the phone, as the suspects groaned.

–The thing is, the guys got something in Air Temple Island. – Said Kensi.

–Okay then, tell me everything you got. – Said Hikar.

–Well, there are this kunais that apparently and...– Explained Kensi through the phone as Hikar, Kosen and Nikumi crossed the portal.

Airbending emblem


All Team Avatar and their families were in the southeastern part of Republic City, right in the limit with the Forest Mountains. Each member was saying goodbye to his or her parents.

–Take care Bultina; remember to polish your knives every now and then. – Said Takeyon.

–Don't worry dad, I think I'm not going to use them too much at all. – Answered Bultina.

–Make sure you metalbend those bracelets right, to the perverts who stare at you. – Said Kimyona in a joking tone.

–No mom, I'll metalbend them to their crotch in the shape of a metallic boot. – Laughed Kosen.

–You sure are my daughter. – Said Kimyona.

–Believe it or not, you did that to me when we met. – Remembered Takeyon.

–Must be a Silverfox thing then. – Said Bultina, jokingly.

Shaila was saying goodbye to her family, which was accompanied behind by four firebending bodyguards.

–Make sure to be safe hon. – Said Cassiopeia.

–Are you sure you don't want one to go with you for protection? – Said a worried Toreno pointing to the bodyguards.

–No dad, I don't need one, I might be chubby I'm an experienced firebender. And also, we're going with the Avatar, come on! – Said a proud Shaila.

–We'll, all right then. Be sure to come back. – Said Cassiopeia.

–If you don't come back, all your T-shirts will be mine! – Said Li-Hua imitating an evil laugh.

Shaila kneeled to the ten-year-old curvy girl, and rubbed her hair.

–Yes, of course you'll do my little sister. – Said a sarcastic playful Shaila to her sister, who giggled at it.

–Toreno, my man, you don't have to send a single firebender bodyguard to protect her, because she's in hands of the best waterbender in the world! – Said Kensi doing his majestic pose.

Shaila facepalmed in shame towards her boyfriend.

–Okay, I'm not worried anymore, but REALLY scared. – Said Toreno.

Tao was with his parents: Teokan and Natsuki Tenba. Like Shaila they had bodyguards protecting them.

–Take care son. – Said his mother.

–Aw, Nat, come on. You've seen him in his best moments; he got his mother's strength. – Said Teokan with a smirk, grabbing his son's hand to show his wife he was right, and Tao squeezed his hand. –Ow! See honey? – Answered smiling as he rubbed his hand to recover.

–You see dad. – Said Tao satisfied.

Hikar's parents, Sterkur and Vona, who were really uncertain about his travel, were hugging him.

–Please, be careful. – Said Vona.

–Don't worry mom, I'll be okay. – Answered Hikar.

–I know we say this too much, but we're very proud of you. – Said Sterkur.

–Thanks dad. – Then their hug ended. –We have to go now. We've already packed Nikumi and Tao's motorbike, so let's go guys. – Said Hikar, as the group leader.

–Why don't you go by airship? It's safer and you'll have the army on your back. – Said Vona

–It's okay, Vona; we've already talked about this. He's traveling by earth because he will connect that way with his spiritual self, like Aang or Korra did. – Said Sterkur.

–Korra actually used an airship. – Complained Vona.

As the team went to Nikumi and Tao's motorbike, Takeyon and Teokan stopped Bultina and Tao each separately.

–Hey Bully, one more thing before you go. – Said Takeyon.

–Yes dad? – Asked Bultina. Takeyon left something on Bultina's hand.

–Just in case. – He said. When Bultina saw what it was she got very surprised, in the bad way that even her face turned completely red.

–DAD! Tao and I don' IT! – Said Bultina, offended, and blushing a lot.

–It's okay honey, I understand that young people have their moments, and especially at this age when you can legally do it already. – Said his father as a piece of advice. Bultina gave the thing back blushing and nodding.

Meanwhile, Tao had a different conversation. Teokan also gave something to Tao.

–Just in case. – Said Teokan. Tao looked at it.

–Thanks dad. – Tao answered, smiling. –But I think just one it's not going to be enough. –

–Of course, the pack is already in your motorbike's right compartment. You know how to do it, right? – Said Teokan.

–Of course. – Tao started to whisper in his ear. –Me on top for the big pleasure. – Father and son laughed for a moment, as Bultina asked herself what they were talking about.

Hikar, Kensi and Kosen mounted on Nikumi, and Tao, Bultina and Shaila mounted on Tao's motorbike, and they launched to the south.

–Gook luck. – Said Sterkur, as all parents were waving good-bye to their children.

And all together, the seven friends started their new adventure.


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