Raised By Wolves
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Avatar: The Tragedy of Korra


Book 1: Bloodbending



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Korra now knew what she had to do. She had to completely master every single aspect of every single element whether it's legal or not. Including Generating/Redirecting Lightening, Metalbending, Become a master Airbender, Energybending, and Bloodbending.

Korra is now not scared, but determined to put a quick end to these Shadowbenders before they become a global threat. She goes to Airbending Island for Tenzin's guidance.

Once Korra arrives, everyone greets her happily.

"Korra oh my gosh we're all so happy to see...." Ikki's mouth was covered by Jinora.

"We're happy to see you" Jinora said calmly.

"Thank you, I'm happy to see you guys as well. Where is Tenzin? I need to talk to him about something important."

"Daddy should be meditating right now" Meelo said.

"Thank you, I hope I won't seriously interrupt him."

Korra walks off to find Tenzin. Once she spots him she rushes over.

"Tenzin!" she said. Tenzin made no reply and kept his calm state and continued meditating.

"Tenzin answer me now!" Korra yelled. He opened his eyes and looked at Korra angrily for interrupting his meditation.

"What do you want? I'm still meditating! You know how important this is!" he said.

"I need to talk to you about something important. Shadowbenders. Asami and I believe there are a few left in Republic City and they took Mako and they're controlling Bolin."

"Korra, Shadowbenders have been extinct for hundreds of years. Nobody has seen them since the death of Avatar Yangchen."

"I know, but it's a strong possibility if you look at all the victims and witnesses. I need a quick ride to the Southern Water Tribe to speak with Katara. Can you help me?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, but Oogi is really sick right now and he's the only Bison I'll ride. You'll have to try and get there some other way. Plane maybe? Naga?" Tenzin said curiously.

"I'll find my own way" Korra said as she stormed off.

She walked back into the city and grabbed something to eat when a strange looking man caught her eye. He started to walk towards her, his face covered. Korra just watched as he stood right over her, and he disappeared, Nobody else seen him but Korra.

The next day Tenzin flew to Korra's house on the other side of town.

"Oogi is still sick, but he's made a remarkable recovery. I can take you to the Southern Water Tribe as long as you tell me why you need to go there."

"I need to go there to practice bending" she replied.

"But you can do that here in Republic City. Why fly all the way out there for that?"

"Because I don't mean regular bending Tenzin. I need to learn Bloodbending whether you like it or not. I don't think I can handle this situation alone, unless I learn Bloodbending, Energybending, Metalbending, and Generating and Redirecting Lightening."

Lin Beifong was in Korra's house and came out in full armor.

"Korra told me of these plans. I disagreed at first but she made it clear that it's essential for the Avatar to adapt to new forces. And technology and other benders have caught up to the Avatar's power. It's time she's expanded it."

"Korra I don't think you should be doing this but I'll go with it. I'll take you there immediately."

"Oh also, Lin, Zuko, and Iroh are coming with us."

Zuko and Iroh stepped out of the door.

"It's time all Avatars expanded their power" Zuko said.

In a few days they arrived in the Southern Water Tribe. Katara was the first person to greet them.

"Look at all of you. Grown so well. Why have you come here so unexpected?"

"It's time we taught the Avatar the extent of bending powers Katara" Zuko said.

"Is that so? Explain further please."

"Avatar Korra needs to learn how to completely master waterbending. Not just using the water that's visible, but teach her how to use the water if it's not visible, from air or plants. Also, she needs to learn Bloodbending."

Katara's eyes grew wide and afraid.

"I'm sorry but bloodbending is a bit too far Zuko. You know that!" she yelled.

"There is a secret society attacking Republic City and the Avatar needs every last bending aspect she can get to stop it," he said.

Katara seemed unsure, but she decided to show her bloodbending techniques.

"Korra I just want to let you know, bloodbending is a very to complete. It will take hard work to get you the progress you need in order to stop whatever is terrorizing the city. It's a bending form we will only practice so far on full moons."

Korra was listening to Katara but was more concentrated on Bolin.

"Katara, I was raised by wolves. Not my parents. I can master this in a week and be able to use it efficiently."

"Korra that will be extremely tough, but we do have a full moon tonight and in 2 days. I hope you learn as fast as you say, I hate performing these techniques."

Everyone began eating dinner a bit earlier than usual so Korra can begin Bloodbending.

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