Chapter 4: Preparation
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Chapter 3: Secrets Revealed

"Why didn't you tell us you were a firebender!" Sokka shouted at Dan, "Is it because you're a Fire Nation spy?"

"No! Remember that I've been here as long as you have been, Sokka," Dan retorted, "and the reason I never revealed that I was a firebender is because I was worried of how everybody would see me. Do you expect all firebenders to be Fire Nation?"

"Okay, I believe you, but we need to get ready to save Aang. He saved the village, now we need to save him," Sokka replied.

Then as Sokka went to get his trip's supplies, Dan went to get his too. Dan later brought up his sleeping mat, extra clothes, a fishing rod, and his knapsack. He then took off his armor and put his clothes and armor in the knapsack. He then strapped the sleeping bag on top and all his weapons to the side, except for his knife, which he always keeps in his pocket. He later carried all his things to meet with Sokka.

"Looks like you cleaned off your make up, Sokka," said Dan jokingly when he saw Sokka and Katara, then he looked at the small boat that held their things, "Uh... Sokka, I don't think we can save Aang with that raft of yours. How are we going to at least get on that Fire Nation ship?"

Then as if right on cue, Gran-Gran came with Appa, "You kids have a long journey ahead of you. Aang is the Avatar, and he is the world's last hope. It's up to you to save him and the world."

After they packed up their bags upon Appa's saddle, and said their thanks and goodbyes to Gram-Gram, they left to go save Aang and possibly the world.

As they rod on Appa, who was swimming in the water, Sokka kept questioning Appa's ability to fly, "Up. Ascend. Fly."

"Shut up, Sokka," said Katara, then she whispered to Appa, "Don't pay attention to him, he doesn't believe you can fly, but I do, and Aang needs you. So can you fly, please?"

Sokka then asked, "What did Aang say? Yahoo? Yahip? Uh... Yip Yip?"

Then suddenly Appa rose from the water and started ascending. "Look! He's flying! Appa is really flying!", shouted Sokka then Katara gave a smirk at him, "I mean, he's flying, no big deal."

They later reached the Fire Navy ship in a matter of minutes. "Looks like we don't have to worry about busting Aang out of a prison cell inside the ship," Dan said, as Aang was on the deck of the ship fighting Zuko and several other soldiers. Then without warning, Zuko blasted Aang off the ship and into the icy, freezing water.

"AANG!" Katara cried out. After seconds passed, it seemed that he was truly gone, until Aang burst of the water upon a swirl of water with glowing arrows and eyes. He then landed on deck, and blew Zuko and half of his men off the ship. Appa landed, and Katara, Sokka, and Dan jumped off.

While Aang got on Appa, and Sokka went to fetch Aang's staff, Katara used her water bending to freeze the rest of the soldiers in place, but accidentally froze Dan's and Sokka's feet as well. Dan shot fire to his and Sokka's feet, and the ice thawed. When they got free they jumped on Appa, and Appa started to fly away, but then one of the soldiers shot the catapult towards Appa. Luckily, Aang came and redirected the flaming projectile to the side of the cliff that they were near, trapping the ship underneath. After they got far enough, they talked.

"Aang why didn't you tell us you're the Avatar?" Katara asked.

"Because I never wanted to be," replied Aang.

Then Katara asked Dan, "Why didn't you tell us you were a firebender?"

"Because I was afraid Ponytail here would kick me out the village, or possibly kill me," Dan said jokingly, "So enough about that. Where are we going?"

Aang then pointed an area on the map, "We're going to the Southern Air Temple."

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