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Chapter 3: The Sozin's Curse

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This is the 4th chapter of the Master of Avatar State series, written by Avatarbender.

A bit of information

Every chapter in my fanon is told by a character. The first one is Roku's and Aang's.

Previously in the Master of Avatar State

Team Avatar flies back to the Ba Sing Se, but at the western side of the Earth Kingdom, they have to land, because Appa is tired. They meet an old woman, who tells them about their friend. After he attacks Team Avatar. Team Avatar goes back to Appa and they find him dead. Aang goes to the Avatar State and wastes an Avatar lifepower to save Appa, but it doesn't work.



„Aang, if you don't leave the Avatar State, you will completely disappear from the world and the balance will be destroyed!" I shout to young Avatar. I know, Appa was Aang's big friend, but he can't just destroy the balance of the world, of the universe. „Aang, if you don't leave, the chakras will blend together, and you can't go to the Avatar State at all!"

But... He doesn't leave. Aang even goes deeper to the cosmic energy of Avatar State. I want to stop him, but he disappears. He made the same mistake as Yangchen. He was too sad to leave the Avatar State. And he disappeared. A hundred years passed until Kuruk was born. Now, the next Avatar will not born in many years.

But just after Aang disappears, something forces me to go with him. And after a big walk in the cosmic path, I am in an air temple. It's the southern one, where Aang lived for twelve years. I look around and everyone is completely different. Air Nomads are all alive. After a short walk in the temple, I see Aang and Gyatso playing Pai Sho. Aang is completely younger, maybe something like ten years old.

„Avatar Roku, how nice to see you here!" I hear someone saying behind me. I turn quickly around and see, that there is a member of the Council of Elders. „I thought you were dead!"

„You're right, I am dead. But something forced me to come here. Maybe it's the cosmic energy of Avatar State." I explain. „Maybe it's because Aang!"

„Maybe... We realized Aang is the next Avatar. After your death, we worried so much, if the Avatar reincarnate. We must say him, that he's the Avatar." The Monk said.

„No! You can't! The Avatar must be ready. The learning must begin, if the Avatar is 16 years old. Before that, an Avatar can't save the world!" I disagree. „And if you don't let him grow, I will use the power of Sozin's Comet to wipe the council out."

„We can explain. The Fire Lord Sozin is planning to destroy the Air Nomads. He knows, that the next Avatar will be an airbender." The Monk explains. „We must tell him!"

„But... We have some time. Maybe... four years?" I ask. Aang can't start learning so young. He must grow up.

„We don't have time. The Sozin's Comet will be here after two years. If he kills Aang, the cycle will be broken!" The Monk shouts. „Go! You are not welcome here anymore! Leave!"

„I won't! And the cycle won't be broken!" I shout and attack the monk with two fireballs. Monk gets hit, but he recovers quickly. He shoots an air wipe to me, but I dodge it. „You can't fight me!" I shout angrily. But then... I fall of the cliff. I see Gyatso coming with an air scooter to me, riding on a wall. He catches me, but pushes my to the wall.

„Don't ever fight with the monks again!" He says angrily. „And don't ever attack the member of Council of Elders!" Then he takes me to a room. It's little, but very cozy. But after hearing, that he locks me here, I become angry.

I am back at the Earth Kingdom, where I talked with Aang. We are both here, in the Avatar State. It was just a memory, what Aang mistakenly forced me to see. But it wasn't me. I mean, I was in someone else's body. I just saw the whole event happening to me. The memory changed, like it was me, but I was dead, when Aang was born.

After a little thinking, I leave the Avatar State, but Aang doesn't. According Aang's friends' faces, not even a second haven't passed. They are still doing the same thing, what they did before the memory.

I go to the Avatar State again, because the next memory is coming. I step to the white tunnel, what leads me to the next memory. I am at the locked room, where Gyatso put me. But now I am sleeping.

I wake up and firebend a little, trying to open the door, but I can't do it. I jump to the floor and then I try to earthbend a little hole, where I could escape. But I can't. I am just firebending. I don't get it. What is going on with me? I go to the mirror and I see, what I am. I am in the Sozin's body. Now I get it. After talking about Aang, the memory changed and I saw, what Sozin is trying to do. I didn't fight with the monk, I t was the Fire Lord, who did it. I am not in the prison. Sozin is. I just have to get out of the body.

I sit down and meditate. After a little meditating, I go to the Avatar State. I didn't even knew it was possible. Maybe the Avatar State comes from the spirit, not body.

So I send many fireballs to the door to open it. And it did work. But I don't want to help Sozin. I wanted to escape from the body. I can't control myself at all. It seems like Sozin gained control over me.

"Help! The Fire Lord has escaped!" I hear monks shouting. Someone screams and someone just falls from the cliff. And probably dies. But the Council of Elders come to fight with me. And they are surprised.

"Sozin is in Avatar State! How is it possible?" They ask. They are too confused to fight with me, so I just wipe them all against the wall.

"The airbenders's ultimate death will come after 2 years, where the comet is here." Says Sozin and leaves. Leaves the Avatar State. After that, he propels him back to the Fire Nation lands. But my spirit doesn't leave.

The monks talk about something and then they leave. After that, something hits me, so I fall. It was Aang, but he doesn't see me. He is not ready for being an Avatar.

I am back. The memory is over. This time, the memory was too long. Aang's friends are trying to confront him. I force him to leave the Avatar State but it's too hard. He goes even deeper and deeper. I meditate and everything becomes black. Then, the cosmic energy path appears and I see Aang walking on it. He is doing something very stupid. At the beginning, he walks two steps to the end, then two steps back. Aang is holding the Avatar State. As long, as he does that, he can't leave the Avatar State.

I see her seventh and first chakra glowing. They are trying to blend together, but the chakras between them don't let them.

After some thinking I walk to the cosmic path. I walk closer to Aang and I hold him. He can't walk like this anymore. And then, the path disappears, we fall and fall, until we are back at the same place, where Aang went to the Avatar State.


I am back. Yay, I did it! I left the Avatar State. I don't know, how I did it, but now I can control it again.

"Aang, we were so worried. You were at the Avatar State so long. We were some kind of... scared. You were scary." Katara says. "Why didn't you come back earlier?"

"I... Don't know. I couldn't come back. I was there, at the Southern Air Temple and I saw myself like ten years old. And Sozin was there too. He warned the nomads that with the coming of comet, they will be destroyed." I say. "It was weird."

"Okay, you were at the Avatar State and couldn't come back. But now you are here and everything is okay." Sokka says. "I want to sleep now. Maybe I can see in the dreams, how we can get Appa back."

"Sokka!" Katara shouts. My eyes glow a little, but not like before. I can't go to the Avatar State. Something blocks me. But why I even try to go there? Is it because Appa?

Tears start to flow from my eyes. Without the Avatar State, I can be sad. The Avatar State just mutates it to anger.

"Aang, I know, that Appa was your best friend for a long time, but you have to let it go." Katara tells me.

"I can't." I say. And then I cry even more. I just can't stop it. Whatever I think about, it becomes Appa. Even if I think about Katara, I see the memories of him with Appa.

I look around and I stop crying. Where is Toph? I can't see him anywhere. I stand up and use the seismic sense, but I can't see Toph.

"Where did Toph go?" I ask.

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