Long Journeys, Part 2
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Written by

Arthur Keane

Release date

April 1, 2013

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Chapter 3: Long Journeys, Part 1

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Chapter 5: Long Journeys, Part 3

Wulon Hai rubbed his forehead. It was a week since Lao City, and he was that much closer to the Fire Nation and home.

"Hey, you going to eat your stew?" Jor asked.

Wulon shrugged. "Nope."

Jor grabbed the pot and began to ladle more into his bowl when an arrow came out of nowhere and knocked the bowl out of his hand.

"We're under attack!" he shouted, dousing the fire with a handful of dirt and throwing up a quick shield that blocked the next two arrows from hitting Wulon.

"You're a firebender, right?" Jor asked.

"Yeah, of course," Wulon began.

"Well, then, get to it! Throw up a screen, and try to smoke them out. I think they're in the bushes over there."

Before Jor was even finished speaking, Wulon was on the move. His feet shot fire out of his soles for an extra boost as he jumped to the top of a boulder and made a quick swipe with both hands to make a horizontal wall of fire that spun towards the bushes.

"Give up, Fire Nation soldier," came a voice from behind him. Somehow, an enemy must have circled around. As Wulon went to move, he felt the point of a dagger graze his ribs. He went still.

"We've been tracking you for a week, ever since you left Lao City," the man continued. "There are some people in the Earth Kingdom who will pay handsomely for proof of a former enemy's death."

Jor's voice came from below. "So you're a bounty hunter? You're not from the Earth Kingdom."

"That's right," the man said. "And--" His sentence was cut off by a rock that caught him full in the chest and sent him flying into the creek nearby.

Wulon stood. "Nice shot," he commented, but a spout of water cut him off.

"Actually, it was one of the biggest mistakes either of you made," growled the bounty hunter. "See, I'm from the Northern Water Tribe. Putting us in water is suicide."

Jor and Wulon glanced at each other. "We'll just have to see about that."

Meanwhile at home, Kero was sitting in his room. Suddenly, he felt cold on his left side, as if a splash of water had hit him, but there was nothing there.

"Weird," he murmured, as he got ready to go to school. He wasn't ready to face Naera, but he would have to. He wasn't looking forward to it.

Neru walked up to the door. "You coming, bro?"

Kero grabbed his books. "Yeah, I'm coming."

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