Chapter 4: Leaving
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It had been a tiring day of training for Miyuki, and an even more tiring day of work. She was already very skilled in the art of Firebending with only a few months' training. Her situation with Bojing, however, was becoming worse, and she was almost about to crack. He seemed to hate that she had some sort of status above him as the Avatar now. She hated the fact that he never listened to her. She hated the fact that she was overworked.

She also hated his attitude.

And him.

Everything about him, really, angered Miyuki. She would not put up with it. She sat on her bed thinking about him, about what he does to her... when it hits her; she's much stronger than he is - so why obey him? Why obey every single ridiculous order he gives when it' would clearly be much easier to not do so?

She stormed down the hall and into Bojing's room. He was startled as she appeared in the doorway. The anger showed clearly on her face, and fear on his.

"What do you want, Miyuki?" he asked, in an attempt to sound superior.

"For you to get off my back." she said simply, with fire blazing in her eyes.

"No. I am letting you live in my house, when you could be on the street. I will treat you as I wish."

"You're scared," said Miyuki. "Scared of me."

He laughed, trying to cover the fact that she was right. "Ridiculous, Miyuki! Now, go back to your room. I can't bear to look at you."

Miyuki was taken aback by this comment, as she was not expecting it. "Excuse me? I work my butt off every day training and running after you. The least you could do is show some respect and appreciation!" She was now yelling at the top of her lungs.

"Do not speak to me like that!" Bojing yelled back. "You will do what I say and I will treat you as I wish! Now, go back and study your stupid element. You're going to need the knowledge with what those soldiers have planned for you."

Miyuki's face turned white. "W-what do they have planned?"

"Oh, you don't know? They're going to get you to kill the Earthbenders. Wipe them from existence. Gone. Dead."

Miyuki froze. "Is this true?" she wondered to herself. To her, it seemed like something the soldiers would do. Her face turned red in anger. She was infuriated that everyone lied to her and would not tell her anything. Without thinking, she sent sparks from her hands and set a fire in the center of Bojing's room. As Bojing's eyes widened in horror, the flames quickly consumed the furniture and floor. With tears streaming down her face, Miyuki watched it grow. She turned about and ran hastily out of the house to save herself. She watched the fire spread to each room when she remembered... The picture.

She quickly ran back into the hazardous inferno, extinguishing fire in her way with skilled precision. She was relieved to find the fire had not yet reached her room. Tears, burns, broken inside; Miyuki grabbed the picture and stormed out of the blazing house once more, only just making it this time. She waited till she could no longer smell the smoke then she finally slowed down. She stopped completely and began sobbing hideous tears. Then, she made for the trees.

Miyuki ran quickly through the woods, the wind blowing her hair up and down with every stride. Sweat was wetting the palms within her clenched fists as she tried to put as much distance between her and Bojing's charred dwelling as humanly possible. As awful as it had always been, her life with her uncle once seemed so simple. When Miyuki found out she was the Avatar, everything had changed. She became suffocated by pressures from Captain Yuan and chores from Uncle Bojing.

What made things worse was the secretive attitude of Yuan's men. Ming and the others always kept their mouths shut around her about what they knew. Today, on separate occasions, Miyuki had found out that the past Avatars were murdered and that she was to be sent overseas and forced to kill Earthbenders; innocent people. The only one Miyuki felt close to, like she could really trust, was Lee. But he was not around now.

Bojing knelt in ashes before the burned remains of what was once his magnificent manor. "I'm ruined! I knew that brat would be the end of me."

Captain Yuan marched up and stood behind the broken man, bewildered. "What happened here?"

"I'm ruined..."

"Bojing, where is Miyuki?" asked Yuan urgently.


"Where did she go?"

"She burned down my mansion!" shouted Bojing.

"Your house is not my problem!" snapped Yuan. "Which direction did she leave?"

"Toward the beach," Bojing muttered, distracted.

Yuan turned away from him. "We're sending out a search party. We'll split up so we can cover more ground. We have to find that girl at all costs!"

At last, Miyuki arrived at the docks. She had been here once before, when she was younger, to pick up a delivery for her uncle. Night had fallen and the floating boats, both large and small, gently rocked back and forth with the wind. On what had already been a big day for her, Miyuki was now going to steal for the first time in her life. Miyuki came across a modest sailing vessel which suited her. It was not extravagant enough to remind her of Bojing, but also nice enough for her to know she was not taking it from a poor person. With a boat, she could go start a new life for herself anywhere in the world, away from her past. She could go to the Earth Kingdom or the Water Tribe...or the Air Nomads, which would be next stop on her Avatar path, but Miyuki did not want to think about that right now. She could even seek out her mother, who she had not seen in years.

Suddenly, she heard a deep voice call her name from twenty feet behind her. "Miyuki, stop!" It was Ming.

Desperately, Miyuki leapt into the boat and undid the rope which fastened it to the wooden pole. Then, with a forceful kick, she pushed off and steered the boat into the open ocean. She had barely left the dock when she heard a splash and turned around to see Ming swimming swiftly after her.

"Go away!' screamed Miyuki. "If you don't, I'll throw a fire ball at you!"

"I'm sworn to protect you," said Ming in between the breaths of his breaststroke. "I will obey orders. It's my duty."

Miyuki struggled to make the boat go faster. "You people are crazy. You want me to..."

"Bojing lied to you," he yelled before she could finish.

Miyuki sighed and lowered her voice. "Even so, I can't go back there if I wanted to. I burned his entire house down."

"I won't leave your side," said Ming, slowly but surely gaining on her.

"No," said Miyuki stubbornly. "My minds made up. I'm leaving"

"Then I shall go with you."

Miyuki pondered this for a second. "Just you. We're not waiting for the others."


"Fine." Miyuki stopped the boat.

Ming proceeded to climb into Miyuki's new boat, drenched and shivering. "So, have you thought about where you're going to take this boat?"

Miyuki stared blankly at the dark horizon. "I don't know..."

"As the Avatar, you must master the four elements," stated Ming. "You've had Firebending so far. We need to get you to one of the Air Temples so you can learn Airbending."

Miyuki nodded. "Okay."

"I've got a feeling about you, Miyuki. You're rash in your actions sometimes, and you've got a lot to learn. But I believe, you can save the world!"

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