Pepper crashes inside the Foggy Swamp
"Journey to the Foggy Swamp"
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Avatar: The Legend of Miranda




Start (開始)



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July 29, 2016

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"Journey to the Foggy Swamp" is the fourth chapter of Book One: Start (開始) of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda.

Journey to the Foggy Swamp

The sun shined into Guardian Tyro's house in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se.

Miranda awoke, yawned, and went out of the bedroom. She didn't see Tyro, but when she looked out of the window, she was shocked to see all the guards being tied up. "TYRO?!" she screamed, causing the three others to wake up. They entered the room.

"What's wrong?" Myrdin asked.

"It's Lady Li-Hua! She took him! LADY LI-HUA HAS KIDNAPPED TYRO!" Miranda screamed.

Raggety, the ticketmaster from the Fullmoon Bay, stormed into Tyro's house. "Tyro?! TYRO?!" he screamed. Then he finally noticed Team Avatar. "You guys! What are you doing here?! What happened to these guards? Where is Guardian Tyro??!" he asked.

"It wasn't us," Dandelion said.

"We're sorry, but we need to leave," Miranda said, and the group ran away as fast as they could.

Raggety followed them. "Wait! Stop! GET BACK HERE!!!" he screamed. The group was about to get away, but Raggety seemed to be a pretty skilled earthbender. He overpowered the group easily. However, Ming returned with Yakul, and the bison smacked his tail in the ground, causing Raggety to fly away, and the group flew away.

"Ming! You're back! Where have you been?" Miranda asked happy.

"Who is this guy?" Willy asked. Ming twittered, and Miranda understood.

"So, I guess your name is Yakul, is that right?" Miranda asked. Yakul roared, meaning that she was right. "We need to go to the Foggy Swamp to find Huang-Gi. Can you take us there, please?" Miranda asked friendly. Yakul roared again, as the group flew in the direction of the Swamp.

Elsewhere, in Lady Li-Hua's lair, she had technically kidnapped all of the Earth Guardians. However, Guardian Tyro wasn't there yet, but Pei Qi and the other helpers were on their way with him. Li-Hua stood in front of a blackboard. The glasses on her nose did somehow make her look a bit less scary, but she was on the other hand a lot more creepy now. On the other side of the room, the three kidnapped Earth Guardians were sitting, watching, and listening to her speech. "Lesson time! Listen off," Li-Hua said. On the blackboard she had drawn the four guardians sitting in their chairs and herself sitting on the throne. She started talking. "Once I have all four Earth Guardians here...."

She was interrupted by Guardian Bolin, raising his hand. "Yes?" she said.

"Is that one supposed to be me? Because I'm much taller than any of the other guardians," he said and pointed at the blackboard.

"It's true, he is," Guardian Su said, sitting next to him.

"Fine!" Li-Hua said and changed his neck with the chalk to way longer. "As I was saying..." she started, until he interrupted again.

"Now I just look like a giraffe!"

"ENOUGH!!!" Li-Hua screamed, now being a few millimeters from his face.

Then, Pei Qi and the other helpers showed up with Guardian Tyro. "Oh, Tyro. Welcome, welcome, join the party!" she said, while she went in front of Tyro, completely changing her attitude.

"Do you always keep your party guests captured, Li-Hua?" Tyro asked.

"Yes," she answered. "I was about to explain that once I kidnap all the guardians, I'll suck the power from the amulets the Earth Queen gave you and transfer those powers to me," she said, and smiled to Tyro.

But then she noticed that Tyro wasn't wearing his amulet. Her voice became almost monstrous. "I will only ask once. Where is your amulet?" Tyro didn't say anything. "WHERE IS IT?" she screamed.

"I thought you said you would only ask once," Tyro said friendly.

"PEEEIII QUUUIII???!!!" Li-Hua screamed.

"Yes, my lady?" Pei Qi said.

"WHERE IS HIS AMULET?" she asked.

"What amulet?" he asked.

"That's because I rarely wear it," Tyro said.

"YOU'RE LYING!" Li-Hua screamed.

"Wait! I did see an amulet!" Pei Qi said.

"WHERE?" Li-Hua screamed.

"It was around the neck of the Avatar, my lady. She was asleep at that moment," he said.

"Oh, really, Lady Li-Hua? The Avatar sleeping in my house?" Tyro said.

"QUIET!" Li-Hua screamed.

Then she walked to the blackboard and started thinking out loud. "Hmm... The Avatar... The Avatar will probably not be affected by my green smoke. She will probably be too powerful. The Avatar... The Avatar can destroy everything!" she screamed. She turned around and talked to Pei Qi. "Pei Qi! Find this Avatar girl! Find her and bring her to me! IMMEDIATELY!" She was screaming out louder than ever before.

Elsewhere, on the beach of Lake Laogai, a boy and two girls were sitting, relaxing. "Hey, you girls know what today is?" the boy asked.

"No, what?" one of the girls asked.

"Today is what they call perfect," he said. "You know what I say to myself on days like today?" he said.

"What do you say?" she said.

"I say, 'Zing Dang, you've got it good'. Nothing can spoil a day like today."

However, Team Avatar kind of ruined the moment when they, with their flying bison, crash landed in the lake, causing the three of them to get soaking wet.

Zing Dang started to yell at Yakul, but when he saw the pretty Avatar Miranda, he stopped. "I'm sorry," he said. He got up and greeted her. "I'm Zing Dang, leader of the Laogai Village," he said.

"The Laogai Village?" Miranda asked. "I've never heard of that. I thought it was only Lake Laogai," she said.

"It was. Until my father created a village nearby the original lake," he explained.

"But if the village is called Laogai, are you brainwashing people there or what?" Dandelion asked.

Zing Dang laughed. "Oh, no. The village is only named after the lake," he said.

"I can take you to the village if you want to take a look," he proposed.

"I'm sorry, but we have to go to the Foggy Swamp. It's urgent," Miranda said.

"I see. Be safe. I hope one day we'll meet again," Zing Dang said to Miranda and left.

Team Avatar finally arrived in the Swamp. They were flying over it, but something weakened Yakul's flying. It was Lady Li-Hua's green smoke. The group crash landed into the swamp.

Miranda said that Ming and Yakul should wait there while she and the rest of the group went searching for Huang-Gi.

As Miranda, Dandelion, Willy and Myrdin kept walking, they didn't meet anyone. They walked, and walked, and walked, and walked. The swamp felt endless. It became dark. The night was here, but no Huang-Gi yet. They were just walking in the dirt.

But then, Miranda's amulet suddenly started to glow. A beautiful girl with long, black hair, showed up. Her makeup was done perfectly, even in the durty swamp. It was Huang-Gi. She spotted the dirty teens and noticed that Miranda was wearing Tyro's amulet. "Hey! That's Guardian Tyro's amulet, and you're definitely not Tyro!" she said.

"I'm Miranda. I'm the Avatar. Tyro gave me his amulet. He wanted to see you, but he was kidnapped by Lady Li-Hua, just like the other guardians. So, we came instead," Miranda said.

"Look. I don't know what Tyro told you guys about me, but I can't help you," Huang-Gi said.

"Oh, but you can! Tyro said so! He said you were loyal to Li-Hua once, so you'll know how to stop her!" Dandelion said.

Huang-Gi laughed. "Oh, come on. That's what I said ten years ago. When I realized Lady Li-Hua was evil, and I left her service. I tried to talk to the Earth Guardians to possibly help them, but only Guardian Tyro believed I'd changed. The rest thought I was a spy. So no, I'm not really excited to do any favors for the Earth Guardians. Thanks for dropping by, but get lost," she said and was about to leave.

"No! Tyro was your friend. He stuck up for you, and now he is in trouble. All of the Earth Kingdom is in trouble. Doesn't that mean anything to you?" Miranda asked.

"I don't know all of the Earth Kingdom, and besides, I'm from the Fire Nation," Huang-Gi said and used her firebending to cut a large vine into two. "Why would I risk my neck for them?" she asked.

"Because they are the friends you haven't met yet," Miranda said and smiled.

"Excuse me?" Huang-Gi said.

"That's what Tyro would say. You have to do what's right, even if it's not the easiest thing to do. I guess he thought you knew that. I'm sorry we bothered you," Miranda said. The group was about to leave, but what Miranda said proved to inspire Huang-Gi to change her mind.

"Wait! Maybe I can help," she said.

"Great!" Miranda said.

The teens caught up with Ming and Yakul. "Lady Li-Hua will never expect this bunch to come after her," Huang-Gi said, and the group left the swamp.

Book One: Start (開始)
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