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"Hello, Ryu," said Ozai.

"Hi, General!" said Ryu.

"It's time for your firebending training."

Meanwhile in the Spirit World.

"Aang, the spirits are feeding off the boy's energy. What should we do?"

"I agree, Korra, but I think there's a way."

"What is it?"



"When energy changes form, some energy gets lost. The Avatar that spirits counteract, entropy from the universe."

"What do you mean?"

"We use a lot of energy, and so does the Spirit World. Using that much energy means some energy from the universe is lost."


"As Avatars, our duty is not only to the world but to the universe as well."

"I see."

"We need a suitable source of energy to counter the Dark Spirit's."

"I know, Aang. Firebending.

"Great idea! Firebending is perfect. It produces more energy than any other bending and its powerful enough against dark spirit energy."

"Great, Aang, the boy is learning firebending now."

"Firebending and cosmic energy will be great against the spirits."

"Hey, Aang. What happens if the Avatar is gone and the universe loses energy?"

"The universe shall be changed forever."


"We exist in a timeline. If the universe begins to break down the timeline will be destroyed and a new one is made."

"That means-!"

"Yes. Only a few people shall enter the new time line."

"What about the others?"

"Their existence will be a mere memory to others and for some unlucky ones, their existence will be wiped out forever."


"Are we done?" said Ryu.

"Yup take a break," said Ozai.

"You have excelled greatly in firebending. Good job."

"Thank you, Sifu Ozai."

The two take a bow.

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