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The Red Triangle
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The Red Triangle

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Spiritual Advice

Hikar Spiritual Force opening sequence

The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.

The next day there was a party at Air Temple Island for the ending of the new Avatar's instruction, before the party started there was a family getting ready for the party.

–Hikar, come here, you forgot your tie.– Said Vona

–I'm coming, just let me put on this jacket, man it's pretty adjusted already. Three years have given me more muscles.– Said Hikar as he tried to put on the same clothes he wore three years ago.

His mother sweetly touched his left cheek, smiling as she held the tie on her hand.

–We're so proud of you my son.– She said.

Mother and Son

"We're so proud of you my son."

–Well, it's not anybody's fault that I'm the Avatar.– He said Hikar jokingly.


Air Temple Island was full of important people, of course, some bunny dragonfly spirits were flying around and being chased by young airbenders. There was the Fire Nation Royal Family, where Kensi regrouped with Shaila, her little sister Li-Hua, Fire Lord Toreno and Fire Lady Cassiopeia. There was the president of the United Republic, the Northern Water Chief Kahn, the Southern Water Chief Takei, several presidents of the Earth Republics, the Metal Clan Representative, Yurei as the Air Nation Representative and Iruka from the Sato company. Hikar once he entered he was already being surrounded by the nation representatives.

–Good evening. Avatar Hikar. Right?–

–Do you have any plans for Omashu?–

–Or Zaofu?–

–You could help the Misty Palms Oasis to get better tourism!–

Hikar only stepped a few seconds inside and he was already receiving assignments to do.

–Whoa, whoa whoa, slow please! I'm a full Avatar for a couple days and there are already these things to do? I love my country, but I think it's okay how it is right now the things, I'll travel the world when I have time don't worry.– And they retreated.

–Sorry Avatar, for our insolence

–It's okay, something tells me Korra passed through a similar situation.–

And as his parents started to chat with President Takeshi, and police officers Takeyon and Kimyona, Bultina and Kosen's parents. Iruka and the Water Tribe chiefs were talking about the new academies and the creation of a road that could connect the two Water Tribes through the Spirit Portals. Suddenly, four thirty year old airbenders, two women and two men, started to talk with Hikar.

–Good evening Avatar, we hope we don't bother you. We're Gemini, Leo, Libra and Saga, the last descendants of Avatar Aang alive, other than Rohan himself and our children.– Said The eldest, Gemini.

–Yeah, I know, you're the last breed of pure Air Nomads alive?– Asked Hikar.

Four Airbenders

"Good evening Avatar, we hope we don't bother you. We're Gemini, Leo, Libra and Saga, the last descendants of Avatar Aang alive, other than Rohan himself and our children."

–Well, not really, airbenders now don't have any other ethnicity than Earth, Fire or Water.– Said Libra. –Neither us, we have Air Nomad blood in our veins, yes, but a small proportion compared to our real Earth and Fire ethnic.–

–Well, pretty sad there's no more pure blood, yeah, but at least the air culture and airbending will stay forever in this world.– Said Hikar, optimistically, the four airbenders were thankful for that.

–Thanks for that Hikar, we hope what you say it's true. If you excuse me a moment, my children are messing again with the bunny spirits.– Said Saga, going to the back yard where a bunch of kids were messing with the spirits.

–Well, as we were saying, it's an honor to meet our ascendant's reincarnation. We hope your training has been effective.–

–Actually, a bunch of kids almost destroyed me in the Avatar State, I need to learn how to control the Avatar State and learn as much substyles as possible, metalbending for sure.– Answered Hikar.

–Well the Avatar State is very important so you better master it soon. To get into the Spirit World without the portals is really important, and to also contact your past life, Korra, and the light spirit, Raava. Sure.– Said Leo.

–We wish a good evening and to have a good party.– Concluded Libra

–Thanks, you too.– Said a comforted Hikar. He saw his friends chatting with some kids who were asking if they have already settled an adventure or something. Bultina enjoyed how the little kid asked her to dance.

–Well, I guess, that people expect a lot from me, if you excuse me, I'll go with my friends.– And Hikar went to the kids and his friends to talk and enjoy the party.

Later that night Hikar went to the balcony to watch the city lights and the starlight, alongside the amazing spirit portal created by his past life Korra and Kuvira. He thought of all things he has to do already for the future. He had been three years already training for the rest of his life, and at the same time he felt he hadn't finished that training. He thought of his friends, he thought of the adventures they might have all around the world and, even the Spirit World. Suddenly he was interrupted in his thoughts.

–Hikar.– Said Yurei, as Hikar turned to see him.

–Hi there.– Answered Hikar.

–You're worried for the world, right?– Asked Yurei

–Yes, pretty much. I was actually thinking about my friends too, what happened to them yesterday with that...Red Triangle. They almost destroyed me.– He answered.

–It's the first time you've ever entered the Avatar State, you don't need to worry, you'll get it next time.– Comforted him Yurei.

Yurei's talk

"It's the first time you've ever entered the Avatar State, you don't need to worry, you'll get it next time."

–Yeah, but it's not only the Avatar State, it's also the Energybending, Metalbending, Spirit World...– He turned back to see the city lights. –There's so much done and so much to do.–

–You know, being the Avatar might be amazing and that. But do you know what Korra, Aang or Roku have been through?– Said Yurei.

–Roku I don't know to much, but Aang and Korra almost ended the cycle I think, and died in that. Right?– Said Hikar. –Being the Avatar is risking your life also, I guess my mother didn't took it precisely good because of that.–

–Huh, yeah, because of that.– Said Yurei. –There's something I need to tell you, about today's world. You're going to face many enemies, but we're never going to win if you're in disadvantage.–

–What do you mean?– Asked Hikar, wondering curious what was he talking about.

–You can learn many things from your enemies, like why do they want to do the things they do, why do they do those things. There's always a reason: their ideals.– Explained Yurei serious.

–Ideals?– Asked Hikar.

–In the past there have been several important enemies: Ozai fought for national pride, Amon fought for equality, Unalaq wanted balance, Zaheer wanted freedom and Kuvira wanted order. See what I mean?– Explained Yurei.

–That villains are just people who follow their ideologies at the extreme.– Said Hikar, partly joking.

–Yes. But that's because they thought it was right, a person chooses an ideology because they think it's the best for the world.– Finished Yurei.

–You're telling me this for what?– Said Hikar, this time more serious.

–Maybe that Red Triangle of yesterday had their intentions to make you come with them.– Said Yurei.

–But those reasons don't tell what do they want FROM ME.– Said Hikar.

–Organised freedom.– Dropped Yurei. –Freedom for everybody, the same laws for all, same training for all, same life for all. All for the nation before the person.– Hikar turned to see his face, really surprised. –Unite the whole world in a single nation, the whole world being a United Republic.–

–What, the hell? You know a lot about it. Like... like...–Started saying Hikar.

–Like I was part of it? Yes, I am.– Said Yurei. Hikar stepped back. –But I have a proposal for you, that has been one of the Avatar's objectives the last generations. You could join us to comit it.– He kneeled towards him. –In the past, my organisation had lots of things against you, but I believe the reason was ridiculous, I've been in your training this three years to get to know you, I believe you can help us, that there's no need to be against you.– Hikar leaned back and started to walk away.

–What kind of organization is that? Organised freedom, dissolve peaceful countries.– Hikar turned his back. –I'm sorry, but both me and my Avatar instincts don't like this at all.– And he walked away leaving Yurei in the balcony alone.

–In that case, it's really sad, to have you against us. You were my second favourite airbending student in my whole carrier.– And Yurei airbent cold air to Hikar's back, making him be brutally pushed to the inside of the room.

Hikar ended to bump with Bultina, and both friends fell to the floor by the impact. Bultina and Hikar got up thanks to her parents and Kosen.

–Hikar! What the heck are you doing!– Said Bultina.

–It wasn't his fault Bully.– Said Kimyona, her mother.

–What happened sweetie?– Asked Kosen.

–I'll tell you what happens.– As Kosen finished getting him up, Hikar pointed Yurei, who was coming towards him. –IT WAS HIM!– Shouted angrily, everybody was watching the scene.

–Listen to me Hikar, things already are complicated, don't mess them up more. I told you people fight for their ideals, well; those I told you were MY ideals. My organisation thought of this type of world WITHOUT the Avatar, I tried to show them they were wrong. Apparently, I was wrong!– Explained Yurei.


"Listen to me Hikar,..."

–Well, you still haven't even mentioned the name of that mysterious evil organisation!– Said Hikar loudly.

Yurei did a gesture his hand and some of the White Lotus guards that were serving as bodyguards in the party, took their white and silver robes to show their real black and red robes underneath. They got their kunai knives out and caught everybody, even Hikar's friends and his family.

–The Red Lotus.– Said Yurei.

– YOU!– Hikar was astonished and his rage was raising.

–Come with us and nobody will get harmed.– Yurei tended his hand to his former student.

–HIKAR DON'T DO IT!– Screamed Kensi.

–NO!– Begged Kosen and Shaila. Hikar closed his eyes, and tended his hands in front of him like he was letting himself be taken by the police.

–Go ahead. Take me there.– And Yurei pushed Hikar's hands downwards, like he wasn't taking him as a prisoner, but as a guest.

–No handcuffs.– Said Yurei as he made him follow him outside the building through the garden.

–Psst, mom, dad, Kossie.– whispered Bultina. –Remember you can do "that," right?–

–Honey, they're too much.– Said Takeyon, her father.

–But we're three, I know what she means, trust us.– Said Kosen

–Alright.– Answered Takeyon, and as soon as they understood, given they practiced it for cases of emergency, given he and his wife were policemen.

–NOW!– Cried Kosen, and the kunais were taken to the ceiling like magnets and they were stabbed in it like knifes on the floor.

Page 5

Bultina leaped over the knight that had her, Shaila electrified hers, Kensi waterbended his drink to his guards's face and Tao just punched him in the guts and his head. Meanwhile, the airbenders Gemini, Leo, Libra and Saga, airbent their guards out and Sterkur, Takeyon, Kimyona and Kosen earthbent their feet and kicked them. Sterkur caught the guard that had his wife and threw him to the wall.

Bultina leaped over the knight that had her, Shaila electrified hers, Kensi waterbended his drink to his guards's face and Tao just punched him in the guts and his head. Meanwhile, the airbenders Gemini, Leo, Libra and Saga, airbent their guards out and Sterkur, Takeyon, Kimyona and Kosen earthbent their feet and kicked them. Sterkur caught the guard that had his wife and threw him to the wall.

–You don't ever touch my wife! YA HEAR?– He yelled at the knocked out knight as Vona passionately kissed him in the lips.

–Yes, that's my strong lavabender.– She said

–Like in the old times. Can I lavabend them?– Asked Sterkur.

–For our son? Yes you can!– She gave him a mischievous affirmative look. Sterkur jumped to the backyard were the airbenders and Team Avatar were facing as they could their opponents. Sterkur Started lavabending, again since the last ten years, and got many of the red knights.

–Watch out sis!– Advised Kosen to her sister as she ducked letting a metal ball go over her.

–Thanks for advising me.– She said as she caught another knight by the neck with her legs, immobilizing him and suddenly she did some quick jibjabs that immobilized him.

–Nice job sweetheart.– Said Tao as he punched another one in the jaws. He caught two knight by the head and proudly said: –They call me the Nut-Cracker!–

Kensi and Iruka were doing a great job together waterbending the knights back and forth and easily defeating them.

–Ha! Nice shot!– Said Iruka

–I learned from the best. Meanwhile, in the path to the docks. Hikar heard there was a rumble.

–I think your knights lost the control of the situation.– Said Hikar as he kicked the floor, earthbending a wave to Yurei.

Yurei ducked the attack by jumping high with airbending. He sent some air slashes as Hiar blocked them with some fireballs. Hikar airbend a spout under his feet before he airbent again some air slashes. Yurei ducked them all, even more boulders he earthbent from the floor. Suddenly, the two airbent two whirlwinds towards each other, equal forces, retaining each other. The two got tired and stopped bending for a while taking their breath back.

Hikar vs Yurei Air Temple Island

Suddenly, the two airbent two whirlwinds towards each other,...

–You can't win me with your bending, I've been in every single training of you, I know all your movements!– Shouted Yurei.

–You might know my moves, but you don't know HIS!– Hikar shouted. Suddenly Yurei heard a growl from behind the grown up, and an angry armadillo lion jumped from behind him.

–GO NIKUMI!!– Screamed Hikar.

Nikumi was about to strike Yurei, but suddenly, both the armadillo lion and the boy, were paralyzed in mid air. Nikumi let out a small meow, and suddenly they were stomped both on the ground.

–NNNRRGGG.– Winced in pain Hikar.

–You shouldn't forget about my children, you already meet them.– Yurei said as Hikar tried to get away from the immobilization.

–What? Who?– Said Hikar

–Us.– Said a feminine voice Hikar knew really well, Aria. Hikar wouldn't believe it. Hikar turned and saw the Red Triangle itself, Deyek of course doing his nasty bloodbending.

–Did you forget us?– Said Zeick

–No, it can't be! You three are...!– Hikar was interrupted.

–Me and Amala's children? Yes, yes they are, my most loyal servers. And of course my favourite airbending student between them.– Yurei said as he patted Aria on the shoulder.

–You know what Yurei? I don't wonder anymore why Amala got divorced from you!– Shouted Hikar, who was still fighting the grip.

–Well, that's not your problem, but your mother sure she does.– Yurei explained.

–Now what? My mother?! LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS!– Hikar was enraged.

–I'm sorry, but it's because of her family why you should worry.– Hikar didn't understand a thing. –Alright Deyek, come on we're leaving.– Yurei ordered.

–Sure dad.– Said Deyek, and he freed Hikar and Nikumi from the grip in a way they both passed out.

Later, Hikar woke up being shaken by somebody.

–Wake up! Wake up Hikari!!– Screamed Kensi.


–Mom...I'm fine...–Said Hikar with his voice broken.

–Oh my sweetheart.– Vona glanced and got her son to her chest, hugging him and kissing him repetitive times on the forehead. –Oh son I thought we lost you.–

–Mom, I'm fine, I swear, please stop.– Said Hikar, getting his mother away.

–Oh my gosh Hikar, you should have seen Kosen, she was amazing how she took the kunais from the Red Lotus's knights, and how Kensi waterbended.–

–I have a new personal line: first I get two heads and knock them together, and then I say: THEY CALL ME THE NUTCRACKER!– Said Tao, Bultina laughed.

–But where's Yurei? I can't believe that bastard was chosen as high representative of the New Air Nation.– Said Leo. Hikar looked at them.

–He's gone, I don't know where, but more news.– Team Avatar glanced at Hikar. –The Red Triangle are his children and the Red Lotus is active.–

–Then what do you say?– Said Kensi.

–We have to stop them. Before they do anything.– Said Hikar.

–Then I guess that means we have a mission, right?– Asked Bultina

–I guess so?– Said Shaila. Team Avatar stared down at Hikar, waiting for an answer.

–Yes, Team Avatar has its first mission.– Said Hikar.

–YAHOOOOOO! PREPARE YOURSELF RED LOTUS, BECAUSE TEAM HIKAR IS GOING TO KICK YOUR BUTT!!!– Shouted Kensi, joyful, again, putting Shaila in ridiculous in front of her father. Hikar meanwhile, was asking himself questions about his mother.


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  • The Kainora grandchildren, and Meelo's granddaughter, are named after zodiac constellations: Leo, Gemini, Libra, and "Saga" comes from Sagitarius.
    • Their looks were inspired by Johnny Depp, Michael Fassbender, Scarlett Johansson and Juliane Moore, in order.
  • Yurei's dialog was intended to be deeply philosophical. Like every other Avatar villain (Ozai, Unalaq, Amon, Zaheer and Kuvira), I had to give him a solid reason about why he does what he does.
  • Yurei's air is blue given the fact that it's cold air, he's got that ability because he's ethnically Water Tribe, and this ability was inspired by the "snow substyle" in this image.
  • Tao's "Nutcracker move" was inspired by the classic Spanish comic character "Goliath", from Captain Thunder.

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