A Rain of Bombs
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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fullfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed away, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and nearly didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly cargo: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end.
But the question is: Will there still be a world to save?

Previously on Avatar: The War of the Worlds

Mike is imprisoned because of a promise he had made and tells Asura about Fall Schwarz, for whta he is called insane by Luo.
Meanwhile, Johnston transforms the USA into the Fourth Reich and officially declares war on the Four Nations except the Fire Nation, Euraisa and the Gliese 370 and 581 and the Kepler 22 colonies. Prior the attack on Avatara, the Fire Nation joins him.
As Asura walks out of the police headquarters, she spots a few spaceships in the sky.

Campaigns of Revenge

Fire Lord Olizon sat in his throne in his flagship, the Sozin. Around him were all High Generals and Admirals, which made it a ordinary war meeting, with only one difference: this meeting was not only on a ship, it was in the centre of all the Fire Nation's Naval forces gathered in the Mo Ce Sea. Not only were it battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers, airships, submarines and destroyers, but the majority of ships were landing boats, carrying soldiers this world had never seen before: a steelen helmet in the same colours as the clothing, greyish-green tunic, a pair of trousers in the same colour, both not protecting their wearers from the enemy at all, and a pair of boots, made of leather, but the greatest difference from past soldiers was the armament, which was a projectile weapon, called assault rifle.
"General, I want a short report of our current situation!", Olizon ordered a General sitting next to him.
"As you wish, your majesty. Very well, the URN's defenses are concentrated outside Republic City, so there's little to worry about. Those that are stationed there, the Nemesis for example, will be destroyed during the bombing. Our task is to guide the Führer's troops through Republic City. But even without his support, we could win this battle since we have firearms, and they don't. They may espionage us, but not good enough to capture this information."
"So we will proceed according to Fall Schwarz... ", Olizon stated thinking, continuing sadistic,"The Avatar will regret the day he took Ozai's bending! ...oh... wait... THE DEAD CANNOT REGRET!"
The huge force of Olizon, the Armada, began to move, dividing the waters of the Mo Ce Sea.

Johnston stood in the front of the Germania's bridge, observing his task force's change of formation, from a swastika into battle formation. His flagship was the only real warship left, all the others flew off to the Kepler 22 system to crush the rebellious forces of the Allies. He himself drew his attention to the conquest of Avatara, and thus the bombardment.
"The bombing shall begin...", he said as the sun rose,"This unworthy life will regret the day they thought they could rule us, the MASTER RACE!"
Continuing sadistic, he said,"Oh... The dead cannot regret..."
As he ended his sentence, the bombing bays opened, unleashing their deadly cargo.

Bombs and Fire

Asura was, like the rest of Air Temple Island and vast parts of Republic City, woken by the sirenes which began to howl as the huge armada of bombers was spotted. Seeing everyone had got up much faster than her, she walked out into the yard, asking sleepy,"What... What's... What's going on?"
Malu was the first one to answer her friend's question fast,"Well, it seems like this Mike had been right after all, look into the sky! Hundreds of spaceships, ready to... attack Republic City!"
Malu went off, leaving Asura standing there alone. Councilwoman Sakya, Malu's mother, lead the children into the basement hoping they would survive unharmed, a few of the older ones, like Malu, preparing to defend their home. As a convinced Malu gave Asura her glider, the first bombs exploded above and in the streets of Republic City. Both of them took off to do something against the bombing. As they reached Aang Memorial Island, the Nemesis shot at the attackers, definitely not using firebending cannons and tried to escape the bombing, but all of that was futile as a huge mass of metal came into sight on the horizon to the west, revealing itself as Olizons Armada. Asura hopelessly looked to Malu, who ordered her to get to Kiruya, while she herself would fly back to Air Temple Island to defend her home. Accepting it, Asura nodded, flying towards the spreading inferno in the URNs capital.

Mike had been staring out of the window all night, not closing his eyes for more than a second, but prior to what was now, he had fallen asleep, as he was woken by the howling of sirenes, signaling an attack on Republic City. As he looked out of the window, he spotted hundreds of bombers, dropping bombs of raw destructive power, releasing shock wave after shock wave, destroying homes, families, lives. As these neared to the Police Headquarters, Mike felt an emotion he had not felt in many years: fear. Each bomb that was dropped and detonated could be felt by now, the ground shaking more and more violent every time. As the first bomb blasted the buildings roof off and leaving a huge crater through several floors, Luo ran out, leaving Mike to his fate. As the second bomb exploded, it sent Mike and several things, such as the cell door, flying through the room. He looked down and saw himself lying at the wall, realising he had several cracked ribs and he was free to go, before he blacked out.

Like many others, Zolu was woken by sirenes without knowing what was going on. Sleepy, he walked up and down on the Nemesis' bridge, thinking about what to do after he and his officers had fully realised their current situation.
"So... We're being attacked by someone who is superior in technology... someone who's superoir in numbers... Well, bad. But we, comrades, shall never surrender! You know what? SCREW SECRECY! We'll show them why the Nemesis is named like it is!", was his final conclusion.
Following his orders, the huge turrets aimed at the bombers, revealing their true nature as artillery shells collieded with the bombers outer hull, detonationg and destroying the light spacecraft.
All calibres were fired at the armada of bombers, which drew their attention from their targets to the huge battleship. Zolu soon realised it was time to flee, and so did his ship, it escaped Yue Bay and was headed to the Eastern Lake, or at least it was Zolus order.
Zolu stood there on the bridge, commanding how to evade the Fire Nations strikes, as the highest naval military authority of the URN walked in: the Grand Admiral.
"Who is superior, a Captain or a Grand Admiral?", he asked rhetorically, drawing the attention of the officers to him.
"...if the Grand Admiral doesn't know simple tactics and strategy?", Zolu continued aloud, resulting in the Grand Admiral banishing him from the Navy and demoting him until he cannot be demoted anymore. Zolu walked off to the ships rescue boats, but found himself crawling through the water towards a city that now was on fire. Where huge skyscrapers had stood just an hour ago, flames were now erupting and smoke was raising into the air in huge clouds. As he reached the harbour facilities of the huge metropolis, he saw nothing but ashes, destruction, death and pain.
"What difference would it make if a guy with a sword would fight here or not?", he asked himself during his search for a vehicle. As he found one, an abandoned military car, half an hour later, he seated himself behind the steering wheel, as he noticed, looking into the sky, hundreds of thousands of paratroopers parachuted down into the destroyed metropolis. He started the car to get to the Hospital as fast as possible, as officers had told him this was one of the few buildings that had survived the bombardment.


His vision returned to him, the pain did not, and so, he rose without any aching. Mike soon realised that if wanted to survive, he had to get his weapons back, and for that, he would have to get to the basement. So he had to find his way to the basement to get his two completely obsolete guns and his knife back to fight soldiers in special fighting suits who lived to kill.
"Luo's right... I am insane... if I really want to do this...", he said coughing.
He kept on going and soon, he found Luo standing beneath a huge cupola of - once - glass and steel. All of sudden, a bomb - one of the final ones - broke through the steelen beams and chocked on one of the bent beams, swinging. Because of the possibility of the bomb to detonate every second, Mike ran as fast as he could towards Luo to save him from the bombs detonation. As soon as he had grabbed the Police Captains belly to throw him into safety, the bomb detonated and threw them both through the entrace.
"Thank... you... Thank you for saving me! I really regret... regret what I called... called you... before...", Luo said choking and coughing.
"Anytime. Could you now give me my equipment back?"
"Surely. Afterwards, you should go to the Hospital. Looks like your ribs are... cracked or something."
So Luo gave the Grand Admiral instructions and his equipment, before he ran to the Republic City Hospital, using an earth wave. Mike walked off, reloading his Lee-Enfield.

Her eyes saw fires burning entire families, children crying because of the loss of their relatives, a few heavily wounded dragging themselves towards the Hospital, collapsing on the way and never getting up again. As she, Avatar Asura, blinked, she let go of a single teardrop. It was too heavy for her to carry, it was unbearable. She maneuvred herself to a place where the fires seemed to be extinguished, where she kneeled near a wall between ashes and cropses and started crying,"I... I have failed! All these people... It's my fault!"
From above, snowflakes fell and started to cover the horrid sight, but were not the only ones, as hundreds of thousands of paratroopers parachuted into the destroyed metropolis as a storm devastated the city as well, extinguished the fires.

As he walked through what once has been a burstling city, he saw the most horrible things in the last two-hundred years, but kept going on. He was headed to the Hospital to get his cracked ribs healed, even if he did not feel any of it. He tightened his grip on his rifle, he proceeded walking through the ruins as it began to snow and a storm he had to fight blew through the streets. As Mike had reached a corner that seemed to be more or less safe, he looked up into the sky, hoping it soon would end. But instead his hopes soon were destroyed as a huge zeppelin-like airship flew over and, as many others around, realised paratrooper after paratrooper. Knowing it would be futile to fight against these soldiers who now stormed and occupied the city, he kept going on. As indicated by the ashes and burned buildings all around, he was coming into a part of the city that had been destroyed by fires and bombs. When he went on, he catched sight of a young woman kneeling besides a wall, crying, and a froup of three soldiers on the walls other side, who caught sight of her as well and now were aiming at her. He sprinted faster than he had ever before, catching her by her back and knocking her over that way. As the - familiar looking - woman wanted to ask what he just had done, three bullets shot through the air where her head had been just a split second ago.
"Asura?! What are you doing here?"
"Well... I guess I should ask you the same question, Mike, but you already answered it..."

Reinforced by his rifle, Mike stumbled across the ruins towards the Hospital, almost encountering several teams of three soldiers a few times. The few civilians who had survived the bombing now searched for cover in any possible way, such as in partially submerged basements, to save themselves from the armies that now seized control of the city. Also, an old tunnel network seemed to exist, which had been in use more than one-hundred years ago and now became home to the survivors. Thoughts about his home, his friends now raced through his mind, he asked himself how it looked at home, if the Marshals of Europe could hold Johnston back or not. But his thoughts were cut off as he caught sight of a group of three soldiers, wearing their grey uniforms and gas masks. He crouched besides the wall he had hid himself behind which seemed futile as one of the soldiers could be heard saying,"Enemy spotted! Behind that wall!"
Mike could see the huge complex that formed the Hospital already, and began to run from cover to cover. The three soldiers seemed to know what he was about to do, and so they threw grenades where he was headed to next. Mike, not knowing what he was doing at all, took his rifle and threw these back with his rifle's butt. The three soldiers ran where the Grand Admiral had just been and were confused as they saw him running to the Hospital's entrace. His vision already started to blur as he ran for his life, his feet became tired and his cracked ribs did not help his escape. As he had reached the entrace, he collapsed and found hiself laying on his back, the Hospital's wall behind him. His rifle was out of his hands' range, so he had to rely on his revolver. The three soldiers that had chased him now reached him, standing in front of him in a line. All of them aimed their handguns at his head, as a water whip threw the left of the men into the ruins, probably breaking a few of his bones. The soldiers' attention turned from Mike to the young woman who had directed her water at their comrade. This was his chance, so he rose his right hand, in which he held the Webley revolver, aimed and pulled the trigger. He proceeded like this another time within seconds, killing the two remaining soldiers with two perfect headshots. As the two bodies collapsed, his own rose, thanking the woman,"I thank you... Kiruya... I believe..."
"Its me who should thank you... Mike?", he could hear before he blacked out again. Kiruya called for Asura, and together they carried him into the building.
"Hey! Wake up!", Asura commanded Mike, who still laid unconscious on the hospital bed.
"Spirits damnit! Wake up!", she shouted, slapping him.
Mike looked at her like he wanted to kill her, but soon found out something strande had happened: he did not feel any pain. He felt for his ribs and found them more solid than ever before.
"Wait. What the heck happened to my ribs?"
Kiruya grinned and said,"Healing."
The five of them walked off, heavily armed compared to their surroundings, into the building's cellar. They finally arrived in a bunker-like structure where a map of Republic City was laying. Asura began to speak,"So, as we can all see, a nation superior in technology and numbers started to attack us. What will we-"
"End the war. It's simple. We kill Johnston and therefore, end the war. This is our duty. Or at least I think...", Mike cut her off.
Everyone looked at the Grand Admiral, who himself looked at the Avatar, who seemed to agree with his suggestion.
"So... I guess we'll need every help we can get... So we need Malu. She may be an airbender, but she's as powerful as... well, I lack of someone comparable. She's a fierce fighter we will need...", Asura stated.
"Well, this is where come in. There's a huge network of tunnels beneath the surface, dating back to the time of the Equalist Rebellion. We could use it to get to the shore and then, well, we've got two waterbenders here.", Luo suggested.
"It will be safer than travelling on the surface, so it's a very good idea, but at some point, we will have to fight soldiers. An electric weapon would be excellent for fighting them at close ranges, since their weapons and gas masks rely on electricity.", Mike told the other four.
"This is just perfect, there's a huge Equalist weapon depot down there! Electrified gloves are just the weapon you're looking for!", Zolu cried out.
"So... Is it settled then?", Mike asked the four.
"Surely. I guess the new Team Avatar is about to begin tis first mission.", Asura stated, receiving everyone's support.

Notes and Trivia

  • The Black Ships in the opening sequence are a reference to the Black Ships in Edo-Period Japan (Western ships that arrived in Japan), especially to Matthew Perry's ships that caused Japan to end its isolationism.
  • There are two references to a scene in the video game Brothers in Arms, first the scene where Luo stands beneath the cupola and the bomb breaks through, and second the scene where Mike lays at the wall of the Hospital and the three soldiers aim their handguns at him.

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