Through Rock and Steel is the fourth chapter of Book 1 and the fourth chapter of the whole series.

Masked Hakoda
Through Rock And Steel
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9 September 2011

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Kurai and Mizu are traveling west of the Earth Kingdom with Gloomietta on their tracks... And while Firebenders attack them an Earthbending woman that wa shunting them down thinking they are spies aid them. Finally they make a lucky escape with a ship.


In the river Gloomietta's ship is sailing to find her enemies.

Gloomieta herself is watching with patient over the coast as far as her sight is able to reach.

The captain of the ship stood behind her. " So where are they going?"

"Lady Gloomietta... We don't know exactly where are they."

He put a map in front of ehr of the northern Earth Kingdom.

"We are here." The captain showed a point at the middle of the rives.

"You said last time we saw them here..."

She pointed at a location a little far from their place.

"Yes... Now they must be somewhere here..."

He did a circle with his fingers over a small land not far from them.

"So we must land to catch them?" She asked turning to watch the land.

"Yes... Should I prepare our crew first?" The captain asked.

"Get them ready for hunt."

"How many?"

"All of them."

"But leader... Then our ship would be defenseless."

"Sorry captain but how will it be in danger? Earthbenders would enter a ship and be out of their safe land or will Waterbenders come here from nowhere?"

The captain gulped and with a trembling voice he said:

"Whatever you say princess..."

Far on the land Kurai and Mizu are walking across a small place.

The sky is dark with clouds everywhere.

"So where are we going?" Mizu asked bored for walking without doing something exciting...

"To the west as you see."

"Yes, but where are we heading exactly?"

"I don't know."

"What... You don't know where are we going? Our water bottles are almost empty and I hardly find food that Shonen and Noko can eat." Mizu said angry and turned away her head.

"Why are you so angry lately?"

"Because nothing happens. I thought it would be exciting to follow you."

"Well you know that the map was burned when the temple exploded..."

"You mean you burned it with your explosion when you became something other..."

"Let's not speak about it. We must find somewhere to hide because I am sure the girl with the ship is still following us."

Gloomietta's ship had turned around with all the soldiers ready to get on the land...

The bridge fall and Gloomietta walked and stopped before her soldiers.

"Remember, we don't know where they are... They may be days away...

We know they are north of us and that they are heading west.

We will head northwest..."

Suddenly the whole ship moved by a huge wave. Water drops arrived every soldier from the left.

Gloomietta walked on the side and every soldier turned to the left while the captain had already went running there.

He was looking frozen on what attacked them with his mouth open.

Gloomietta arrived by his side and saw some Water Tribe ships. They had thrown something like bomb in the water.

"Soldiers with spears in the front, Firebenders move on land and burn them by coast." Gloomietta shout and everyone followed her orders...

"And the Waterbenders?" The captain asked.

"As far as I know they are ships of the south Water Tribe. And there are not Waterbenders on the Southern Water Tribe..." Gloomietta walked towards the center of the ship with an evil grin while the first warriors of the Water Tribe got on the ship.

The first combat moves had started and Gloomietta saw a man that was not like the others.

She knew it was the captain and they came to combat with her dodging all of his attacks...

But also he was able not to be hit by her Firebending...

Far away Kurai and Mizu were walking...

"I am tired..." Mizu said walking with her hands lying in the air and her body leaned in the front.

Kurai didn't gave attention.

"So you know how to use swords?"

"Yes. Why do you ask now?"

"I am bored. So are you a good swordsman... Is your sword strong?"

"A sword is no difference... Material can play a role but it depends on the person to use the weapon right."

"So, are you a good swordsman..."

"When I hold and use the sword is like everything is more slow and although I have moments it's like everything move so slow that it gives me time to think..."

Kurai stopped on his steps moments later. He watched the place they were at...

There were rocks one on top of the other. It's rock line was some meters away from each other creating a circle of rock columns. Kurai walked in the circle. It was huge around fifty meters from est to west...

"Somethings seems strange..." Kurai said to himself.

"Finally I can rest." Mizu said and Kurai turned at ehr as she was about to sit on a rock that protruded from its column." "Mizu!" Kurai shout and grabbed her hand and dragged her away. The rock column started to fall. Kurai dragging Mizu from her hand run away and the rocks scattered around.

They stopped meters away. Some boulders came flying to them. Kurai jumped into the air and cut the rocks with his sword. He landed down. The rocks had fell not simple.

"I didn't know swords can cut rocks so easily..."

"It's a special sword..." Kurai without finishing his sentence jumped on the back before a sharp pillar that came from the ground would be able to hit him.

He grabbed Mizu and carried her on his hands dodging the other sharp pillars that were getting out of the ground.

He was running rapidly but then a pillar appeared before them and he for even less of a second jumped on the edge.

They were lying on the ground to see what would happen.

Nothing happened. Everything was quiet.

They got up and looked around but no one was to be found.

"Appear before us, Earthbender..." Kurai shout.

They both saw on the top of a column a woman...

They couldn't see her very well but they knew it was she who attacked them.

"It's just a woman..." Mizu stated.

"Why did you pass from here?" She asked with a cold voice.

"We are traveling west." Kurai answered.

"To where?"

"We don't know, we have lost our map." Mizu shout with her hands near her mouth to be heard.

"Why should I believe you? I am sure you are spies from the Fire Nation.," she said.

"We are not..." Mizu said angry.

"Then why are you traveling west?" She asked with sarcasm...

"We are in search of the Avatar." Kurai replied.

"And why have I to believe you?"

"I am from the Northern Water Tribe and also a Waterbender..."

"Prove it... Bend water..."

"I can't. I am powerless cause..."

"Enough..." She with ehr right hand Earthbended the rock she was standing at...

The rock landed meters before them and the woman jumped towards them...

She wore dark green clothes and both Kurai and Mizu watched that she had only one hand.

She had a long ponytail and wore something to hide her face up to the nose.

She was holding a sword but Kurai blocked it with his own.

Both they were struggling for who would win.

"I have defeated 400 swordsmen in all the Earth Kingdom, why you think you can stand me?" She asked struggling to push Kurai away.

"No matter if you win all the other swordsmen you can't beat someone if you underestimate him."

Far away on the river Gloomietta's ship is empty...

All the soldiers have set foot on land.

"Now with no more delays we must catch our enemies."

They started to running as fast as they could with Gloomietta in the lead.

The Firebenders not carrying weapons were faster than the spearmen.

Far away on a cliff Mizu and Kurai are eating lunch. They have put rocks to lean over them...

Shonen and Noko are eating few nuts...

"You were amazing back there Kurai."

Kurai didn't spoke but continued to eat his lunch.

"I can learn you fi you have strong will."

He replied finishing his food.

"I don't need help. I am a powerful Waterbender."

"A Waterbender that can't bend water," he said and got up.

The cliff was really high. It was also very steep.

Mizu angry told to him not to make fun of her.

Suddenly they both heard noise. It sure was heard as rock and Kurai saw the woman from before.

The one handed woman to Earhbending her way up to the cliff.

When she arrived almost at the top she jumped with her sword to slash Kurai.

Kurai shielded himself with his own sword and pushed her on the other side of the top of the cliff.

"Time for some real moves," she said and with sudden moves she attacked Kurai by his side.

Kurai jumped up really high and then he fell to the ground sitting on his knee hitting the woman's leg with the hold of his sword in the process.

The woman fell but the hill was very steep and she couldn't hold so she stabbed her sword on the side of the cliff and stayed hunged there not having other hand to Earthbend.

Kurai then jumped and went downwards the cliff letting the sand that was moving downwards to transport him.

Mizu shout " Won't you take anything?"

"I am already down here."

Mizu angry on the top of the cliff said, " That man..." She then took their things and jumped like Kurai did.

But ended up creating a small avalanche of sand...

When they landed she was covered by sand and their things were scattered.

While Kurai dug her out Noko and Shonen collected as most things they could.

"Don't try it again. You don't have balance."

After they repacked their things and continued to walk further.

They walked towards the south to get to the river for water...

Mizu put water on their bottles.

After the water was ready they had to rest.

The weather was more clear and the sun would made them feel more tired if they walked right now.

They rested their backs on a tree.

"Kurai..." Mizu whispered and he replied with a simple 'yes?'.

"Will you teach me how to use a knife?" Mizu asked cowardly for admitting she is powerless now.

"Of course," he said with a calm voice as every time.

They both got up and Kurai turned to her and said.

"Remove your clothes."

"What?" She shout both angry and embarrassed.

"You must not carry weight. Stay with your black underclothes and let your hair free."

He said and walked a little further.

Mizu removed her blue clothes both on feet and hands. She then removed the small indigo band that was tying the end of her hair.

She went and stood opposite of him holding her knife.

Kurai drew his sword turned to her and said.

"Take your fighting stance."

She put her left foot more back and her right hand going to her left side.

Her left hand was raised in the air and Kurai was able to see her palm.

"Now, remember. The weapon is driven by you. You chose were to move it. It is a part of yourself and show if you stab someone with it is like you did it. When you use a weapon, think of it as a part of your body and your mind."

Some moments passed and Mizu charged only to be blocked by Kurai's sword and having her knife thrown and stabbed at the tree they were resting at.

"Okay... I got it." She ran over to the tree and got her knfie out.

She saw Noko and Shonen running away. Kurai also saw them running to the east.

He noticed then that they must felt danger.

He turned away and saw two rocks coming to his direction.

He smashed the one in the middle with his sword while the other one missed him.

"Mizu!" He shouted...

Mizu screaming fell to the ground as the rock passed and smashed the tree at two pieces.

The upper part of the tree fell and Mizu rolled to the right to escape the impact.

Kurai saw she was safe and so he turned to find who attacked them.

Moments of silence passed and then the woman from before jumped out of the sand and

sent three rocks to Kurai.

Kurai dodged the one, slashed the other in two but the third sent him into the water.

Mizu ran towards him but another rock was sent towards Kurai.

To save him she made a small wave moving Kurai to the coast.

The rock hit the sea making a big splash.

Kurai stood up looking amazed Mizu.

"I can Waterbend again..." she said amazed.

"They were telling the truth." The one handed woman whispered.

But suddenly fire was thrown burning the slashed tree.

Both three turned and saw Gloomietta along Firebenders arriving.

Kurai, Mizu and the Earthbender looked at each other and nodded.

Outnumbered they fought the Firebenders...

Gloomietta was held back along some of the Firebenders on her right by the Earthbender woman.

Mizu unable to use very good her Waterbending was helping Kurai to make their enemies fall unconscious.

Defeating many of the Firebenders and as some more slow troops were away the three of them surrounded Gloomietta.

She jumped in the air throwing fire with her feet at Kurai and with each of her hands at Mizu and the Earthbender.

When she landed she started throwing fire at Kurai who was the only not lying at the ground as the girls used their bending for shield but were thrown away.

Mizu got up and saw ship of the Water Tribe approaching.

"They must be from the South," she said.

Kurai used his sword to shield himself against some Firebending attacks.

But by the pressure Gloomietta found the right time to throw fire at his left side.

He would have been burned if the Earthbender hadn't pushed him out of the way.

Mizu and him looked shocked as her left sleeve was burning.

"You are late. Someone other have got already this hand."

She said and turned her arm around sending her meters away with a throwing rock.

"Come here." One man from the ships shouted.

They threw a ladder.

"We don't have time..." He shouted again and saw them the troops that were coming to fight them.

Both three of them got on the ship who sailed fast because of the wind.

Gloomietta trying her best run towards them and by throwing fire on the ground with her feet she was sent high in the air.

The ship was going really fast and she would caught it's edge.

Mizu Waterbended the water of the river and turned a small part of it into a small part of ice in the size of a fist.

It was sending flying up to Gloomietta's chin who fell to the coast unconscious.

The ships sailed away leaving Gloomietta and her troops behind.

Productions notes

Series Continuity

  • Mizu's Waterbending is back.
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