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December 25, 2011

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"Sha Lu" is the 4th chapter of the Child of the War continuity. It was written by Annawantimes.


Several hours had passed since the stranger Jenju met had destroyed a small shop owned by bandits. The man later introduced himself as Sha Lu, and he failed to answer Jenju's question.

Sha Lu added a few logs to the roaring campfire he had started. "Well are you just going to sit there, or are you going to help me kid?"

"My name's Jenju," Jenju announced, and then said under his breath, "I've told you three times already."

Sha Lu tossed the last log into the fire and sat on the ground.

"You want to hear a story kid?"


Sha Lu sat back thought for a moment, until he finally began to speak. "Back a few years ago, I was traveling around the Earth Kingdom. Unemployed, I went around, town by town looking for a job. Nothing ever came around."

Jenju rolled his eyes, thinking the story would be very boring.

"I came around to the edge of the Si Wong Desert, and stopped by at a small cantina, filled with all kinds of wanderers, just like me. One guy sat around at a table, I ordered one of the drinks they had, and sat with this strange man, because there was no place else to."

Jenju straightened up, wondering what he would tell next.

"So the man looked me in the eye, and said, 'Where you going, stranger?' I said back to him, 'Don't know for sure, I've got nothing to my name.' So he asked me if I'd like to gamble for some money, and I agreed. That first time I won, I knew I could never stop."

Jenju pondered for a moment, and then remembered that he had said he was a gambler.

"I became pretty well off, until I started losing. I began losing money so fast, but I knew I'd never be able to kick the habit. I began learning ways to cheat at the games, so I did. And pretty soon, I was earning money again. I became renoun for being a dishonest cheating, lying gambler."

Sha Lu looked as if he were crying, but Jenju never believed he could do so. He cleared his throat, and began telling his story again. "So one day I was over in the Western part of the Kingdom at a tavern, and I met a man who didn't look familiar with the place, so I went over and started a game. All was well, until he caught me in the act of cheating. He took me outside to reason, but when I got out there, he tied me up and carried me off a camp where the rest of his Fire Nation battalion was camping."

Jenju gulped, knowing his story couldn't end well.

"Well, what happened next has always been a mystery to me, but somehow, they let me go. It uhh, had to do with a bargain of some sort."

Jenju looked at Sha Lu. "Is that a true story?"

"Yeah, I've got no imagination, I couldn't make up a tale like that."

Jenju shrugged. "Well, tomorrow we better get a move on."

"There is no we. Keep that in mind. Now go to sleep."

Jenju fell asleep very quickly, allowing Sha Lu to take care of what he needed to. An hour or so later, Sha Lu heard a call from the woods. "Coming." He shouted.

Colonel Mongke looked hopped down from his Rhino and looked at Sha Lu. "Give me report, what happened up in the northwestern tier?"

"Well, uhh, sir, I terminated a backwoods pirate shop, they captured some Earth Kingdom boy."

"Where is that boy now?"

"Took care of him." Sha Lu lied.

"Okay. Meet me in this spot two nights from now, and next time, don't make me wait."

"Yes sir."

Jenju was woken up by Sha Lu's response to Mongke's call. He had heard most of their conversation, and he knew now what Sha Lu did. He was an undercover spy for the Fire Nation.

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