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Once Jai got on the deck of the ship she saw a group of the soldiers headed right at them.

"Why didn't you didn't get rid of the guards first?" she exclaimed.

"Well Horou said he had a plan," Bo said defensively.

The soldiers marched up to them. " Give me the map," one of them said.

The soldiers all wore black military uniforms. And a few of them, that were clearly Waterbenders, had jugs of water hanging at their sides.

"No," Aya said, and stepped to the side, to let Jai bend the water from one of the soldiers bottles. Jia whipped the water at the soldiers, driving them back a bit. They responded with fireballs, and Bo quickly bent a small section of the ship's deck up, into a shield between them and the soldiers.

"Is that all they can do?" he wondered out loud, "throw fireballs?"

"Don't tell me this is the plan," Jai said as she crouched behind the shield.

"I don't know what Horou is doing," Bo said defensively.

"Don't worry," Aya said, " Horou has a plan."

As if on cue a loud explosion blasted through the air, and the ship tilted sharply forward, and slowly sunk nose first.

"Woah!" Bo exclaimed, and grabbed the edge of the shield, to keep from sliding down to the sea. Aya and Jia quickly followed suit.

Soldiers slid down all around them. Some grabbed onto ropes to halt their slide. Others fell into the water and swam for shore. One soldier thought fast, and froze the water around the ship as he was sliding down. The small island of ice he created stopped the ship from sinking any further.

"Follow me," Aya said and let go. Jai looked Bo and raised one eyebrow. He just smiled and let go.

All three of them slid down the ship, and bolted for the shore as soon as they hit the ice. Other soldiers on the ice ran after them.

"Horou must have blasted a hole in the ships hull. So he's got to be somewhere nearby," Aya continued.

Jai was about to create an ice bridge to the shore, when three soldiers burst out of the water, and grabbed onto the edge of the ice.

"Woah!" Bo exclaimed again, and then saw Horou riding towards them. In a red speed boat." There's Horou!" Bo said.

The soldiers quickly climbed onto the ice. One lunged at Jai, but she bent a tentacle of water from the sea, that grabbed him around the waist. It lifted him into the air, like some kind of giant octopus had grabbed the man, and tossed him head first, into a trash can onshore. He had a hard time getting back out.

The other one tried to punch Bo, but he ducked just in time and gave him an uppercut that sent him falling back into the sea.

Horou had reached them by then, and Aya jumped aboard. Jia froze the last one in a block of ice and she and Bo jumped in the boat.

The frozen soldier glared at the escaping boat. The ice around him began to melt and finally, in one explosive blast of fire, he freed himself. He shot jets of fire from his fists that propelled him into the air.

'You're not getting away that easily' he thought to himself as he flew after them.

"That was a good plan Horou," Jia said, "you had me worried there for a second."

Horou just nodded.

"Not much for conversation are you?" she muttered to herself.

"Hey look behind us!" Bo said and pointed to the Firebender that was chasing them.

"Of course," Aya said, "things can never just go smoothly."

"Hey I froze him!" Jia exclaimed indignantly.

The soldier landed on the bow of the boat, and smashed the windshield. Horou covered his face as the shards of glass went flying. Then he lunged at the soldier, knocking him onto his back. The man shoved Horou aside and stood up. But he was immediately struck by a water whip that Jia launched at him, and he nearly fell off the boat. Horou tripped him and he finally did. But he sent a final fireball into the side of the boat as they sped away. It hit the side of the boat blasting a gaping hole in it.

Horou almost fell off as the boat rocked from the impact. But he regained his balance and climbed into the drivers seat.

"We've gotta head back to shore" Aya said.

"Who was that guy?" Jia asked.

"I don't know, but I don't like him," Bo said.

It was a rocky shore, with pebbles instead of sand, and a tall green forest that stood a few yards inland. Jia bent the tide up so that the boat got beached and then they followed a trail into the forest. The forest was shaded from the mid-morning sun by all the trees, and it was quiet. A big change from the town that Jia and Bo grew up in. All they could hear was the endless buzzing of the mosquitoes. There were hundreds of them and they all seemed 2 be targeting Bo.

"Hey Horou how'd you get that boat so quick?" he asked Horou as he swatted at the pesky insects.

"I hot-wired it" he responded.

"What!" Bo exclaimed "so now were criminals! Great."

"I left some money in the boat to repair the damage," Aya said.

"Where are we headed now?" Jia asked.

"There's a town nearby where we can get a ship. And then we can get some lunch."

"Good, I'm so hungry I could eat a sky-bison," Bo said.

Bo and Jia were glad when they left the mosquito infested forest. It was around noon and Bo had so many bites he looked like he had chicken pox.

"How come these bugs are going after me?" Bo complained.

"Mayby you taste good," Jia teased.

The sun blazed overhead and the trail led through some grassy hills, to a bridge that was over a river.

They followed the trail and entered the town.

"I'm starved" Bo said, and headed to a nearby vendor that was selling lunches.

"Stay here" Aya said, "I'll go get us a ship and meet you back here soon."

"Okay," Jia said, and went to get some lunch with Bo.

Horou left with Aya.

The town was large and loud. Buildings towered over the crowds of people that filled the streets. It wasn't a metropolis, yet. Street performers drew crowds and every now and then bicyclists zipped down the street on errands.

Jia and Bo were each eating cup of ramen noodles and watching a magician bring a fly back to life, when Jia felt something bump her leg. She looked down and saw a small dog looking up at her.

He looked like a little furball, with long shaggy hair and small beady eyes. His little tail wagged as he looked up at Jia.

"Aww are you hungry?" she asked it. She knelt down and gave it the rest of her noodles.

Bo looked down and saw her feeding the dog. "Oh no," he said, when the dog looked up at him, "you're not getting any of my food."

The dog turned his head as if to ask 'why not?'

They sat down at a bench and Jia decided to name the dog Da.

"Da?" Bo asked. "Alrighty then. Whatever."

Unknown to them they were being watched. By one of the soldiers they had just escaped from earlier that morning.

Thirty minuets later Aya met back with them and said, "we've got a ship, and a room for the night. The ship leaves in the morning."

"Okay, so where are we headed?" Jia asked.

"East, according to the map the scroll is on a string of islands in the east."

"Alright lets go!" Bo said and got up.

'What is with this lady?' Jia wondered 'she didn't even acknowledge Da.'

The followed Aya to The Blue Moon Motel. It was a small one story building in the shape of a u. With the main office in the center.

Aya opened the door to room 215 and gave a key to Bo.

"You're in room 216. Be up and ready by six," She said.

"Okay," Bo said and entered his room.

The room was just big enough for two beds, the small table next to the A.C, and the chest of drawers that was against the wall, facing the beds. The bathroom was at the back of the room next to the closet. A tan carpet covered the floor, and matching curtains covered the window above the A.C.

"Take off your shoes," Horou said to Bo. Horou was sitting at the tabel looking at the map.

"Hey you can talk!" Bo said and smiled at his joke as he walked in. He closed the door and sat at the table.

"So you're making a copy," he said as he looked at the map.

Horou had a blank piece of paper the same size as the map, and was drawing a very accurate replica of the map.

"In case anything happens to the map," Bo continued, "smart."

Horou kept drawing.

"Okay then. I'm gonna take a nap," Bo said, and flopped onto the bed next to the table. He quickly fell asleep. With his shoes on.

Across the street two of Haman's soldiers were watching The Blue Moon Motel. Thier names were Akima and Dranok.

Akima was a skilled tracker and spy. As soon as Aya and the others escaped she was contacted and told to trail them. It didn't take long for her Shirshu to pick up on their scent. Now it was just a matter of waiting for backup.

Akima was an athletic woman in her 30's. She had long black hair and cold blue eyes. She was dressed in black cargo pants and T-shirt.

They hired a ship that's headed east and then came here," She said to Dranok.

"Good, we'll just get them before they leave," Dranok said. He wore a Black leather trench coat over his soldier's uniform.

"Wait here for backup," he said and then left.

The Rise Of Haman
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