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October 7, 2016

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"The Allies of Destiny" is the third chapter of the miniseries of Red Truth.

Chapter 3 – The Allies of Destiny

It was early morning in the Earth Kingdom city of Han Tui. The sunbeams broke through the window of Ghazan's bedroom. Although he had these green curtains which were supposed to protect his beauty sleep from the morning sun, this time it did not work out, as the sun seemed to be even more powerful this time. As a result, Ghazan, laying in his bed, now awakened, though that was okay, as he was going to school in only a quarter. In fact, Ghazan went to an Earthbender Academy for Boys, boys who were high skilled earthbenders who were trying out special techniques, like himself. He dressed himself, and got out on the kitchen, where his older sister was sitting at the table, drinking a cup of tea and reading the newspapers.

"So, you're finally awake, Ghazan?" she asked, without looking at him.

"Are you going to work?" he asked.

"I do only work from home. You know that," she said.

"Got any new ideas?" Ghazan asked. He was referring to the fact that his sister worked as an designer of wall-to-wall carpets. .

"Not yet, but if you leave now, then maybe I'll manage to earn some money this time," she said.

"See ya," he said, and leaved the house.

Ghazan's best friend at the time was Toza, an earthbender who went to the same academy as him. They walked on the streets of the city on their way to school together, as usual.

"I've got the feeling that something special is going to happen to me in near future," Ghazan said.

"Really? What?" Toza asked curious.

"I don't know. But I feel like I have some hidden powers that can give me the opportunity to help change the world," Ghazan explained.

"And what do you want to change?" his friend asked a bit confused.

"You'll find out soon," Ghazan said and smiled.

Arriving at the school, they were met by a grumpy caretaker.

"School's closed. You're having a day off today," he informed.

"Thank you for the information," Ghazan said, as he and Toza leaved the building.

The two of them were walking in the streets of the city again, and they still had this pretty weather. They sat down on a bench for a while, talking. Ghazan could suddenly spot a familiar face who sat on the bench right across them. While Ghazan and Toza were teenagers, this guy was a bit older, around twenty. He sat on the bench and ate noodles, and did not notice them at first. .

"Look! There's Aiwei," Ghazan said to Toza.

"Hey, Aiwei!" he said and waved his arm. When Aiwei finally saw them, he felt finished eating, so he leaved the noodle box in the trash and went towards them.

"Why aren't you guys at school?" he asked.

"School's closed for some reason, so we've got a day off," Ghazan explained.

"Cool. So what are you planning to do?" Aiwei asked.

"We have no plans yet," Toza said. Aiwei got this wise smile on his mouth.

"You wanna join me in a truth hunt?" the truth seer suggested.

"Sure," Ghazan said, as he and Toza smiled back.

A truth hunt was a game Aiwei had invented, mostly used for fun, to see how honest people actually were when they were giving claims.

"Let's try it on him," Ghazan said and pointed at an old man they had never seen before. .

"Hello. Do you mind if we ask you a couple of questions?" Aiwei asked.

"You may try," the man said.

"What's your name?" Aiwei asked.

"My name is Xai Bau," he said. Aiwei could tell that the man was telling the truth.

"Why are you here in Han Tui?" Aiwei asked.

"I'm looking for people who can join me in a search of a new world order," he said.

"He is telling the truth," Aiwei said to the two others. Ghazan was interested, this was something he had waited for.

"Really? Do you want me a part of your group?" he asked eager.

"Maybe," Xai Bau said. They were interrupted by a man, more precisely the principal of the Earthbender Academy.

"Ghazan? Toza? What are you doing here?" he asked.

"We're playing a truth hunt with Aiwei," Toza revealed.

"A 'truth hunt'? What's that? Are you teaching these kids illegal stuff?" he asked Aiwei.

"Illegal?" Aiwei asked, not considering a truth hunt as something wrong to do.

"You guys should be in school now," the principal said.

"We're having a day of!" Ghazan reminded.

"No you don't. Who told you that?" the principal asked.

"The caretaker," Ghazan said.

"He got fired months ago. He is a liar!" the principal said.


"You should've known that by now. I think its best you guys come with me. You too, Aiwei," the principal said.

"RUUUUUN!!!" Toza yelled, and did so. The principal had his whistle, which he used to call some earthbenders who worked as guards of the school.

"Take down these guys!" the principal yelled. The fight started.

Xai Bau, being against all kind of non-freedom, used his earthbending skills against the principal, though was not very bad himself.

There were four guards, Ghazan and Aiwei took two each.

Although these guards were far better than the White Lotus sentries, Aiwei easily took them down with his skills.

Ghazan bended a big rock against the face of one of them, immediately stunning him. The other guard was a master; he had even developed the rare ability to lavabend, and he used his skills in attempt to defeat his enemy.

Ghazan could see the lava coming against him. And even more notable, he could feel the intense heat coming against him. However, there was some with the situation which made him feel so strangely safe. He just let the lava come against him, and as it actually hit his body, he managed to bend it in reality.

While Ghazan had this life-changing experience, Xai Bau had managed to defeat the principal.

As a result of all this, Ghazan, Aiwei, and Xai Bau managed to escape outside the city.

"You're a lavabender, Ghazan!" Aiwei said proud to his mate.

"I know. I just realized," he said.

"And do you know what I just realized?" Xai Bau asked with this wise smile on his mouth.

"You guys are the perfect recruits to our new world order," he said.

"Count me in," Aiwei assured.

"What about you, Ghazan?" Xai Bau asked hopeful.

"I'm in," Ghazan said.

"Are you sure you want to ... to leave your sister, your friends, and your city? To completely change your life forever?" Aiwei asked.

"I've waited too long for something like this to happen. I have to grab the possibility now that I have the chance," Ghazan said.

"Then we're together about this!" Xai Bau said. The three of them got into Xai Bau's car.

"So where's the next stop?" Aiwei asked.

"The Northern Water Tribe. We're going to find waterbender recruits," Xai Bau revealed.

Author's notes

  • Like with the previous chapters, please take note that the profile image of this chapter does not represent Ghazan's age at this point, we are only using his profile image to symbolize the fact that this chapter is about him.
  • During this series, you can find out which of the three things about Ghazan which Bolin tried out was true. We already know that he's raised by an older sister. But do you think he already has a mustache as a teenager, or is he simply going to have special connection to Ming-Hua?

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