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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 4, 2013

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Chapter 2 - The Chores

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Chapter 4 - The Arrival


When Sokka takes the kids out for the day, he lets them fight off a bad guy.

It's yet another peaceful morning in Republic City. Aang wakes up, and stretches while yawning. He looks to his side and notices Katara isn't on her side of the bed. He gets out of bed and walks down the hall.

Aang: Katara! 

Katara: *from the living room with a rag in her hand* Good morning sweetie!

Aang: Have you been cleaning?

Katara: Yeah why?

Aang: For how long?

Katara: I don't know, all night probably.

Aang:*in concern* All night? Katara, please take a break, Zuko may be the Firelord, but he's our friend. If the house isn't perfect he won't be mad.

Katara: I know, but I feel like I need to clean, he is royalty after all and we don't know how much he's changed since the last time we've seen him.

Sokka wakes up from the sounds of Aang and Katara's voices. He turns his head to them.

Sokka: Good morning everyone! *looks at the kitchen sink* Wow, did you take care of the dishes Katara? That was my job!

Katara: I know but--

Aang: But she felt like it was her job instead, maybe you could take the kids out for the day and entertain them so they don't make a mess.

Sokka: Okay.*yelling at the kids* Kids! Uncle Sokka is going to take you for a day out!

Kya, Bumi, Tenzin and Lin rush out of their rooms and run to Sokka.

Lin: You aren't my uncle!

Sokka: Well today I am! *yells to Toph* Toph?

Toph walks from out of the guest room, rubbing her eye.

Toph: What?

Sokka: Is it okay if I take Lin with Aang & Katara's kids on a day out?

Toph: Sure, just don't turn her into a mini version of you!

Sokka: I won't!

Sokka and the kids walk outside and they all climb on Appa. Sokka settles the kids on the saddle and places himself on the head of the bison.

Sokka: Yip yip!

Appa takes off into the sky and flies towards Republic City. Back inside the temple, Toph watches the bison fly towards the city and turns back to Aang and Katara.

Toph: Well I gotta go anyway.

Aang: Where are you going?

Toph: Zuko could be here any day now, my officers need to be instructed where to go. We can't have anyone kill Zuko. See ya! *walks out the door*

There is a short, awkward silence in the house. Aang tries to break it.

Aang: Well, now it's just you and me, alon--

He turns to Katara, who is in a chair in the living room, sleeping and snoring. Aang smiles. He walks over to the couch which has a blanket balled up in the corner and wraps it around her. He kisses her forehead and looks at her with adoration in his eyes.

Aang: Don't worry sweetie, I'll take care of the house. 

Meanwhile, on Appa, Sokka and the kids are flying with no one speaking. Bumi breaks the silence.

Bumi: Where are we going Uncle Sokka?

Sokka: I'm taking you to get some breakfast, I don't know about all of you, but I'm starving!

Kya: You're always starving.

Lin: *looks to the ground and points* Sokka! There's a guy down there beating up a shopkeeper!

Sokka: *Sokka looks down and sees a guy getting beaten up* So there is. Hey kids, how would you like to fight a bad guy today?

Bumi: I don't know, I'm not a bender.

Sokka: Neither am I, but I've kicked butt over the years, come on, *Sokka turns Appa around and Appa lands on the ground near the scene* You mister, you better stop that!

Guy: Stop what? 

Sokka: Stop what? Stop terrorizing this shopkeeper!

Guy: Oh yeah, you and what army?

Sokka: Oh, only the army of Councilman Sokka and Team Avatar's kids! 

Tenzin: Is that the best you could come up with?

Sokka: I'll think of something later!

Guy: *sarcastically* Ooo I'm so scared of a council member and a bunch of kids in training!

Sokka: You're going to regret you ever said that! Tenzin, airbend!

Tenzin airbends a huge gust of air towards the bad guy, causing him to fall over.

Sokka: Lin, earthbend around him!

Lin earthbends a huge earthbelt around him tightly.

Sokka: Kya! waterbend his mouth shut!

Kya waterbends some water from the ground and waterbends it onto the bad guys' mouth, freezing it onto his lips.

Sokka: Now Bumi, this is the part where the nonbenders say something to make him angry.

Bumi: Like what? 

Sokka: In your face! Now go lets go get the shopkeeper

Sokka and the kids go inside the shop to look for the shopkeeper. Sokka finds him laying on the ground with dozens on cuts and bruises all over his body. Sokka and Bumi help him get on his feet.

Sokka: Are you alright sir?

Shopkeeper: I'm fine, but I don't have an alarm yet to make the burglar's go away.

Sokka: Don't worry sir, we'll get you an alarm.

Toph and her guards show up to the scene. She walks inside, feeling the vibrations, she knows Sokka and the kids are there.

Toph: What are you doing here Sokka? 

Sokka: Oh just helping this guy from a burglar.

Toph: Did you let the kids fight?

Sokka: Well yeah, but your daughter did fantastic! She'll be a great earthbender like you one day.

Toph: I'm am so proud of you Lin *hugs Lin tightly*

Lin: Thanks mommy.

Toph: Oh and we got news saying that Zuko will be here by tomorrow, I think we should go back to Aang and Katara's place and let them know.

Sokka: Everyone get back on Appa! We have to tell Aang and Katara something!

Tenzin: What's the news Uncle Sokka?

Sokka: Zuko is going to be here by tomorrow. 

Sokka, Toph, and the kids climb on Appa. Toph and the kids sit on the saddle and Sokka sits on the head.

Sokka: Yip yip!

Appa takes off into the sky flying across Yue Bay, landing on Air Temple Island. Sokka, Toph, and the kids rush to the door of the temple, and Sokka barges in.

Sokka: Aang! Katara!

Aang: Shh! You'll wake up Katara!

Sokka: Aang, I know my sister, she can sleep through anything, but only when she's really tired.

Aang: What's going on?

Sokka: Zuko will be coming by tomorrow.

Aang: That's great.

Kya: Dad! We fought off this guy threatening a shopkeeper!

Aang: You let them fight? I told you to take them out for a day, go to a park, get some food, but not fight!

Sokka: The guy didn't even fight them! I just told them what to do and everything worked out perfectly! 

Tenzin: I airbended him to the ground!

Lin: I earthbended him in all around his body so he couldn't escape!

Kya: I waterbended his mouth shut!

Bumi: And Uncle Sokka and I helped with the shopkeeper afterwards!

Sokka: It reminded me of the good days when we were Team Avatar, and we still are Team Avatar!

Aang: Well, how could I not be proud of my kids for fighting crime? *Grabs his kids and hugs them all tightly together* So if this house is going to be as perfect as Katara wants it to be, we should clean until nightfall.

Sokka: Will there be food breaks?

Aang: Of course. Come on everyone lets clean!

As the hours go by, Aang, Sokka, Toph and the kids clean the temple until every inch of it is clean. It's nightfall. Everyone is exhausted. 

Aang: Thank you so much for helping me clean, Katara is going to be so happy when she wakes up.

Katara: *wakes up* I fell asleep! Have I've been out all day?

Aang: Yeah, but don't worry Katara, everyone helped clean the house to perfection.

Katara: *looks around in amazement of how clean the house looks* It is perfect! *jumps into Aang's arms* Thank you so much everyone! *everyone forms a group hug* Zuko is going to be so happy. 

Sokka: Yeah, well I'm tired, I'm just going to sit down *sits down in the same chair from the previous night* and-- *starts snoring*

Toph: Well, I gotta go work out the police stuff, bye! *leaves with Lin*

Aang: Oh, and Katara. Zuko is coming tomorrow.

Katara: Good, because this house can't get any more perfect. 

Katara gives Aang a kiss on the cheek, causing his face to turn pink.

Aang: Well, I'm going to bed, you coming?

Katara: I just woke up, I'm not tired at all. I think I'll just eat something and go to bed later.

Aang: Okay. 

Katara: Good night sweetie. I love you.

Aang: I love you too. *goes into bedroom*

Meanwhile, on Zuko's Fire Nation ship, Zuko is standing on the ships deck looking at the water in front of him, thinking. His daughter walks out, but stops a few yards away from him.

Zuko's Daughter: Dad! Are you coming to bed?

Zuko: Yes, but I just want to prepare you for something.

Zuko's Daughter: What is it?

Zuko: People don't like the Firelord, so don't be surprised if we have to go into battle when we arrive.


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