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An unknown ally assists Hifito and Rosutoko in their time of need.


  • Rosutoko: the fifth child of the now deceased Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Queen Mai. He specialises in marksmanship, taking after his mother, rather than his father, like his siblings
  • Hifito: the eldest daughter of Ty Lee, she is identical in appearance and ability to her mother, being a formidable martial artist, chi-blocker and acrobat
  • Nayvah: The eldest of Zuko's children, he is sadistic and powerhungry, a powerful Firebender who can summon lightning flawlessly. He takes after his aunt Azula
  • Hai Lo: The second eldest child of Zuko and Mai, she is partially insane and has three alternating personalities: Shin (shy), Aina (sadistic, masochistic) and Liosa (seductive)
  • Sin Ly: the third child of Zuko and Mai, he is a sychophant to his older brother and does what he is told, even if it conflicts with every moral and ethic ever taught
  • Masca: the second youngest child of Mai, she is stoic and brooding like her mother on the surface, but powerhungry inside, willing to tear her own family apart to get on top.

The Story

'You need to stop this,' Rosutoko pleaded, his voice shaking with fear; yet low with his willingness to attack his big brother. 'Sin Ly, you don't need to do this. We can heal the wounds you've caused on the world, we have to!'

'I'm sorry, Rosu,' he replied, apathetically, his monotone voice unwavering. 'I have strived for greatness throughout my life, always trailing behind the Great Nayvah, and rightly so. But since my actions against our mother and father, he had finally accepted me as an equal, as a brother-in-arms. Going against him would be a kick in the shin and a spit in the face.'

Sin Ly looked away and with a wave of his arm, the seven Firebenders coiled in front of him, standing at a stance to fight. 'Goodbye, brother. Oh, and you too, Hifito, you were always so nice!'

And they stepped forward, their stances shifting, punching at the air. Flames began to dance around their fists, energy hissing at them, licking the saline air. Their hisses became roars. The dance became stomps of heavy feet, strong and unbending.

The flames were tossed, red swirling balls of ever-shifting light and heat. They flew through the air, will-o'-wisps of ruddy essence, their tails slithering after them, but disintegrating in the cold sea air as they fell from their hosts.

Rosutoko knew what was coming – Death. At sixteen, he'd never thought of his dying moments to be fiery, at the hands of his brothers' own guards. This feeling, the heavy dip in his stomach was familiar, he'd felt the same facing Hai Lo on the valley corridor. But he knew that this was a punishment, even more so than death. Because of his running from Hai Lo's execution of him, which was at the hands of lightning, a momentary death of swift and relatively painless closure, he was to be killed by the heat of fire, prolonged and scorching. It was an ancient penalty, unused for centuries, but his siblings had been looking into the past recently – the old Fire Nation Army uniforms, the old Fire Nation philosophies and now, even the old Fire Nation rebukes.

But as he felt the heat of the fire, distant yet close at hand, he felt himself fall in front her, falling into protection of Hifito. She hugged him, arms tight around his chest, her hands clasping tightly onto his broad shoulders. He held her waist, and as he felt the heat of the fire close in on them, like a ferocious wolf, fur ablaze with the flames of battle, he braced himself, tighten his hold. And he felt her too, squeezed down upon his strong frame, instead lifting herself higher.

But instead of the heat of their blaze, they were met with mist and a sharp, hot hiss. Turning, the two were met with mystified Firebenders and Sin Ly screaming overhead, 'Kill her! Then kill them!'

Then they realised what had happened, running from the far left, passed the wall of stone and over the 5 metre wide sand path between the sea and the cliff was a girl. Her skin was tanned, her hair was black and was tied up in two twisted plaits on either side of her head, in her hands was water, writhing and swirling in her palms. She wore a leather corset, buckled at the front; a strapless top of navy blue, with a paler blue stripe down the middle that covered her breasts; her stomach was showing, but she wore a pair of blue Daisy-Duke-like shorts; atop these was a dress of pale blue that sank into a marine sapphire the further down it got, it was split at her legs, leaving them open to solar and visual exposure, and upon her feet she wore a pair of Ugg-like boots, blue with white fur at the seams.

As she ran, she Waterbent the sea to knock over the closest two Firebenders and the ebbing water froze before her, immobilising them. A snake of water slinked up from the ocean and grabbed two more, pulling them, submerging them. As their heads bobbed back up, another block of ice materialised around them, freezing them into place. Skidding over the frozen Benders, her water covered hands clamped themselves over the mouths of two more Firebenders, freezing them as well to the sand, leaving them scrabbling, clawing at their own faces. Coming to the final one, who shivered and shook at the sight of her, she breathed upon him, 'Boo ...' the warm summer air steaming with icy mist. He fainted.

She turned to the teenage duo, smiling, she flipped to her right, into the water. Gliding across the ocean's shining complexion, she Waterbent the seawater onto the beach, continuing passed Hifito and Rosutoko, who still clung to each other with fear, she sashayed up the ledge of dirt and grass and froze the water into a looking glass of frost. Sliding off the slipway, she dove for the fleeing Sin Ly. He tripped over her kick and tumbled onto the grass. Turning his grimace bare for all to see, his face was scarred with fear and anger. He slammed his fists against ground and fire forced him to his feet, but he was met by a right hook for the Waterbender.

A roundhouse kick from the girl was dodged and parried with a flaming punch, but his wrist was pulled down into the mud and frozen onto the slide of frozen seawater. Grunting to himself, she kicked Sin Ly's abdomen repeatedly, each time left him winded and spluttering. Taking his legs, he was flipped onto his back, his arm twisted grotesquely as his hand was still frozen into the ice.

In his sudden pain, he cried out, splaying saliva onto her bare legs. Slamming his fist on ground, electricity flared in his palm, hissing and licking at his fingers. Sin Ly threw his hands into the air, flaring his compressed lightning at her, twirling out of the way, she was met by a standing teenager. His face was anger-scarred, snared in a psychotic glare, his sharp, shark-like teeth bared over his twisted back lips. Around him were the dying flames upon the grass, a scorched circle of char and steaming water.

'You,' he spat, his fists clenching. 'You ... you are ... nothing, but a ... a ... a peasant. A peasant, without decorum or civility! You don't even bow in the presence of royalty. I should strike you down before me, fire ensnaring your Water Tribe corpse and soon I will destroy you ent – '

Cut short from his spluttering monologue, he was tossed aside by a flurry of punches and sharp, immaculate kicks. Hifito now stood over him. Her fists were clenched, her face tight with disdain. Scrambling back, he rose to his feet, his hands hooked, coiling inward with fury. Steadying himself, his stance was offensive and he thrust his fist forward without hesitation, summoning flames.

But simply hot air puffed from his arm. He tried again, still nothing. Sin Ly's head slowly rose. 'You ... you and your imprudent mother's art. You blocked my chi, you piece of filth!'

He began towards Hifito, his face blemished with bubbling fury and anger, his fists continuously moving, undoing, recoiling. His eyes were wide, bloodthirsty and death-willing.

However, once again found himself on the floor, but he was metres from her, the little acrobat girl with the disgusting abilities. What happened? As his consciousness faded away he saw what had happened. His brother, that's what. Behind Hifito and to the right was Rosutoko, pebbles in hand and throwing them up and catching them regularly. 'You ... you ... traitor ...' he sighed, as he fell into the arms of Sleep.

Walking you Hifito's side, he embraced her, and she reciprocated, taking hold his frame again, lifting herself up slightly to his level. He breathed heavy; wishing that every that just happened was a dream. A horrible, repulsive dream, but he knew better. He'd seen that look in Sin Ly's eyes before. He'd seen the beast that hid and warped inside his heart, venom filling his veins.

Letting each other go, they turned to the Waterbender.

'Who are you?' Rosu scowled defensively.

'My name's Ilya,' she smiled, bittersweet and sugared.

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