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"Vakama! It's so good to see you again! We thought something horrible happened with you, you've been gone for so long..." said a feminine voice.

"Yeah, I've been through a lot recently, you know leaving your family and your home for a while changes you tremendously, how is everyone?" Vakama said.

"Everyone is good, but they will be great after seeing you again! Wow, I still can't believe how much you've changed; you look like a different person." The woman said.

"After you've been through the things I've seen and done then it's understandable", Vakama smiled, "can you take me back to the village? You guys really improved the place and I forgot where to-"

"Just follow me" the women said.

The women led Vakama through the Fire Nation village as he looked around and noted how everything, even the people, changed. What he remembered as children's faces has now turned to mature teenagers. The shop owners were more warm and friendly then he used to remember them as.

While he was deep in thought he realized he was about to see his own family again and was trying to figure out what to say to them once he got there, but everything he was preparing suddenly became totally forgotten once he saw the faces of his family.

"Vakama!" They all yelled as they ran to him and embraced him with a warm hug.

"You look like a man now", his father said.

"We have a lot of catching up to do!" his sister said.

"I can't belie-"his mother stared, before tearing. "Mom don't cry "Vakama said as he was about to hug her, but she just backed off and said she's fine.

"So how has your military training been? Did you learn a lot of moves?" his father asked with humor in his voice.

"Yeah dad I've been training extremely hard, to bad I can only visit temporarily, where's Jin?"


"Yeah dad my girlfriend, isn't she here?"

"Vakama about Jin, maybe we should wait until tomorrow after you rest"

Vakama could tell he was hiding something, and he was too tired to play around, he wanted to know what happened straight up.

"Dad I've been gone for almost a year under military training, I can take anything, what happened?"

"It's for the best that you wait tomorrow son..."

"No I want to know now, what happened to her?"


"Tell me now!" Vakama demanded, a tear finding its way down his face.

His father gazed down on the floor before meeting Vakama's eyes.

"She's dead".

Vakama, overpowered by pain and sadness, went to his room to be alone.

The Cave

Vakama now slowly opened his eyes as he remembered that day, such a long time ago, but it felt so recent, its ironic how bad memories seem to stick in your head longer than good memories do. He wanted to dig deeper in the memory but he knew if he did Koh might steal his face. So thus he kept the memory and pain within him.

The same way he has done it for a decade.


  • I made it feel like he came back from the Spirit World in the beginning to make the chapter have a stronger impact.
  • The Jin that is mentioned in this chapter isn't the one Zuko met in the canon series.

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