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Waiting Out the Storm
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Noah's Tale


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April 9, 2013

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This is the third chapter in the fanon Noah's Tale.

Chapter 3

I fell in place beside Nina again on the road to Ba Sing Se. "Thanks," I plainly said.

"For what?" She asked, looking up from her book she was reading. That astonished me; she was on a tiny Air Ball, keeping it going, making sure she was on the path, and reading a book.

"For what you did back there," I relied. "I was just, out of line."

Nina shrieked, and I looked over at her. A raindrop had dropped onto her book. I looked up at the sky, which was turning gray. Just at the same time, a raindrop dropped onto my eye. I wiped my eyes off. What were a few raindrops here and there turned into a total downpour. I covered us with a large sheet of earth.

Nina finally called out, yelling above the rain, "Look, there!" She pointed to a cave that was situated just off the path we were taking. Just as we got in, and I dropped the earth sheet, flashes of lightning and crackles of thunder shot almost right outside.

The cave we were in went about half the length of the huge mountain it sat at the base of. We all piled into the back, trying to get dry. The thunder clapped above our heads, and we knew the lightning was hitting the mountain.

There was nothing else to do, so we just sort of played with our gadgets. Nina was reading again, Neville was playing with his tech, El was at the entrance doing some Waterbending, and I was next to Nina, playing with Toby. I suddenly realized that Tal wasn't in here. I widened my eyes, and ran over to El.

She turned around when I approached. "Have you seen Tal?" I asked.

She hesitated, and I knew she knew something, but wasn't going to tell me. "He went outside," she said, "he said he needed some fresh air."

I rolled my eyes, and replied, "Thanks." I went outside, getting soaked in the pouring rain. I finally found Tal after minutes of searching. He was out, in the middle of the field.

It looked like he was Firebending, though there was nothing. The air got hot, there was an electric feel in the air, and right as a lightning bolt crashed right on Tal, he captured it, used some of his own Electricitybending, and sent it crashing into a tree. He sent it off with a grunt, and after it left his grasp, he fell to the ground. He looked in anticipation, and when it didn't hit exactly on target, he hit the ground in anger.

I looked on in amazement. Apparently he saw me, because he got up and walked my way. He brushed my shoulder coming by, remarking, "See something?" I stood there, rain falling on my head. I finally gave up, lifted a rock of Earth, and as hard as I could, using the moves my master taught me, sent it flying into the nearest tree, knocking it down. I continued like that until I got completely worn out.

I came into the cave, completely soaked. El and Tal were in the back, talking; Nina was still reading, and Neville still playing with his tech. I sat down at the entrance, my legs bent up in front of me. Toby came over and licked my nose. I gave him an affectionate rub, and mumbled, "At least I have one friend."

I noticed Nina closed her book, and was coming over to me. I glanced at her, turned my head the other way, and looked out the entrance of the cave. She sat down next to me, smiling as always. "Something wrong?" she asked. "I saw you outside. You're pretty good." She put her hand on my wet, muddy clothes.

I turned my head to her. "Yeah, sure," I remarked. "That's just something I do when I'm mad."

Nina got up, but sat back down in front of me. "Sometimes you just need a friend to talk to," she finally said. We looked into each other's eyes, then disconnected and looked out into the rain when another flash of lightning hit. "Come on, you can tell me anything."

"Are you my friend?" I snapped back. "You always seem to be stuck in that little book of yours." I expected her to recoil, but she just stared at me, smile still on her face.

"I read my book all the time because," she hesitated for a moment, and then continued, "Because I don't have any friends. Being cooped up in that cabin, making trips to the City only for special things, basically hiding is making me homesick! I want to talk to someone! This journey is finally letting me see something."

I stared at her in amazement. I was at a loss for words, but my heart finally broke, and it all came spilling out. "I have the same problem," I said. "I barely have any friends, hopping around everywhere. When I'm alone and behind closed doors, I just break down. I just have mixed emotions about everything. I can never make sense of it. It just seems like I don't belong anywhere."

Nina looked at me, her eyes reflecting her sympathy for me. "But you do belong somewhere," she said softly. "You belong everywhere, actually. You just go from place to place, changing people, but you don't even seem to see the outcome. They are so grateful, and they want to thank you, just like I do. You'll find your place, and maybe it will come very later in life." She looked at me, her eyes again reflecting my own image, the image of a broken boy, wishing to find his place, trying to find where he belongs. "It's alright," Nina said, grabbing my hands.

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