Kyoshi Island
The Old Gang.
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Azula's Mysterious Plan





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January 16, 2011

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Aang, Katara, and Zuko travel to Kyoshi Island to recruit Sokka and Suki for their mission. Then they fly to the Bei Fong Estate to find Toph yearning for adventure and ready to join them in an instant.

Chapter 3: The Old Gang.

Appa finally touched ground on a sandy beach after three long days of flight. Aang collapsed off the side of his bison, his muscles sore from so much time without use. Katara and Zuko slid down Appa's tail and joined the Avatar as he got to his feet.

"Alright," said Aang, pointing ahead. "First stop: Kyoshi Island." They walked in silence for a few minutes, feeling the cool ocean breeze blow over them. Zuko felt a twinge of regret; the last time he had visited here he had nearly burned the village down in his desperate attempt to capture the Avatar. From the look on Katara's face he could tell that Katara remembered the incident as vividly as he did.

Shaking the memory from his mind, he focused on the task at hand. They were here to find Sokka and Suki. It was nearly sundown, so they were most likely finishing up the day's training. Aang led the way, and as they approached the training area of the Island two familiar figures came into view.

A tall boy dressed in all blue with hair tied back in a ponytail held a long black sword, and was slicing at the air with agility and determination. Behind him was another familiar face; Suki was adorned with her traditional Kyoshi attire and makeup, and was determinedly practicing a fan form. As the three of them approached, Sokka and Suki noticed the newcomers and stopped their exercises.

"Oh my gosh, Sokka! Look who it is!" Suki said, dropping her fans and running to greet them. "How are you guys, we've missed you!" As she hugged each of them in turn, Sokka gave Zuko and Aang each a firm handshake but then finally yielded when Katara insisted that they have a group hug like in old times.

After they had exchanged pleasantries, Sokka exclaimed, "I got a new sword! Piandao helped me make it! And look," Sokka added, pulling a black boomerang out of his back pocket. "A new boomerang too! I made them both out of the leftover materials from the space rock!" Seeing all their grim faces he realized they hadn't simply come here to catch up. "So, what are you all doing here?"

"How'd you like to go on another adventure, just like old times?" Aang asked, to which Sokka smiled.

"Adventure would be putting it lightly," Zuko said darkly. "Come on, I'll explain on the way." And the group departed on Appa. Next stop: Gaoling.

It was another couple days of flying before they reached the familiar Earth Kingdom town. Not much had changed in the year and a half since they had last set foot in this town. All the buildings were just as they were, and the people were bustling along busily as ever as they hurried through the streets doing their daily errands. Aang led the group to the Bei Fong Estate, where they were welcomed with the familiar hero's treatment.

"Is Toph here?" Aang asked.

"I thought I recognized those steps. Light on your feet as always, huh Twinkletoes?" Toph emerged from a nearby room and punched each of them hard on the arm, her familiar method of showing affection.

As each of them furiously rubbed their throbbing arms, Zuko said, "Toph. We need your help. The world is in danger."

"Danger? Yes! FINALLY!" Toph said gleefully. In the wake of the silence that followed she assumed they had confused looks on their faces, which they did, so she continued, "After I came back home, my parents started giving me the freedom I always wanted. They realized how strong and grown-up I really am...but still, this place is BORING! I'd be glad to go with you guys and see a little action again!"

This was all they needed to hear. Toph bid a quick farewell to her parents and, ignoring their protests, she led the group out of the house. They all got on Appa once again and set off just as the sun started to creep towards the horizon.

Author's Note

I like to think of the first three chapters as more background than anything else, and I'd say it's chapter four when things really pick up. Again, please leave your comments!

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