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Chapter 3 - To the South
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The Future of Korra





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May 4, 2014

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Chapter 2 – The Plan

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Chapter 4 – Welcome to Valem Town!

In the morning Mako woke up, he saw that Korra had left the room. Mako was shocked and worried that Korra could be injured even more. Mako put on his clothes as quickly as possible. Mako ran to the washroom to see if Korra was there. Shocked and worried Mako ran to the dining hall and burst through the doors.

"Korra!!!!!" Mako yelled at the top of his lungs as he burst in, but he immediately saw Korra with her cast on her left arm, and when Mako saw her he immediately bit his tongue. Mako was embarrassed.

"Yes, Mako?" Korra asked.

Mako hesitated, "H-h-h-i."

"Mako... Don't be scared." Korra patted the pillow beside her.

"Come sit here, beside me," Korra told Mako.

Mako could tell that Korra's health was much better than yesterday after the accident, but he could still tell that Korra wasn't at full health just by how she talked.

"Today, we're leaving to go see Katara," Tenzin told Korra.

"Are we going to see Mom too?" Korra asked.

"Of course Korra, and after our visit we will go to Valem town," Tenzin said to Korra.

Mako looked at Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo who were quieter than usual, and had their heads down and never looked up to see Korra or their father. Seeing their mood made Mako down too. Mako was wondering what kind of punishment has Tenzin given them for their actions, and then he thought, even though it's wrong to hurt other people, she was cheating, and Jinora and Ikki never meant Korra to be harmed.

Korra pushed her plate.

"I'm not hungry," she announced.

Mako took Korra and ushered her out of the dining room and into their bedroom. Mako grabbed the bags of luggage that Korra packed. Mako brought everything that was on the list that Korra made when she and Tenzin was planning the trip, and finally he took Korra, Naga, and his children and put them on Oogi. Tenzin's family was ready to leave, Mako made a quick check to see if he had brought everything.

"We're ready Tenzin."


Oogi took off. Mako took a book about Valem Town and Vogdar City. He flipped to the page that lists notable citizens. Mako was curious about an old elderly lady that keeps skeletons in her closet. Then Mako looked at the list of notable citizens for Vodgar City, he felt more weirded out after reading about three criminals that live in the city. Mako looked away from his book, he say Korra laying on Oogi snoring away. Mako decided that he will have a nap too.

Mako woke up to a cool breeze, he looked around. He saw that Jinora had read quite a few books while he was asleep and Ikki was playing tea with Meelo and Chira. Mako also saw that Pema was taking care of Rohan and all his children except for Chira. Mako looked over at Korra and stared at her for a while.

While Korra was sleeping on Oogi, she had a dream that she was 112 years old and that she was on a death bed in an all metal room surrounded with her family, she was about to be killed.

"You can not do this to me!" Korra screamed with her scratchy, old voice. "I can still be the Avatar, even at age 112!"

"Korra, you don't get it," the female doctor said to Korra in a smooth and relaxing voice. "You're the longest living avatar in history... You have monuments and statues, colossal statues, around the world... You are the Avatar, for two generations, and the third generation has started... Look at your grandchildren, the eldest one is four Not many Avatars were able to see their grandchildren. My point is you may be still going, but we need a new Avatar, this is something you will never see yourself."

"I still will not let you do this to me!"

"I told you that you will never get it. But we do."

"I don't care if you need a new Avatar, I can still do my job as well as a fresh Avatar."

"Now!" The female doctor ordered. Korra saw the other doctor taking a syringe from a box and filling it with pick liquid. Korra couldn't let this happen, she entered the Avatar State and used her airbending to squish everyone against the wall.

"Everyone out, NOW!!" The female doctor boomed.

"We cannot inject the fluid into Korra while she's in the Avatar State, we'll have to sneak up on her. I've got an idea."

Korra's family walked in to see Korra.

"Why didn't you do anything? How could you let this happen?" Korra asked.

"Mom, I love you. I wish we could keep you alive but, its true we do need a new Avatar."

Shocked, Korra looked at Chira like if she had failed Chira. Korra felt something poking into her, she looked at her right arm, the doctor just pulled an empty syringe from her arm. Korra looked at Chira, Chira had tears coming out of her eyes, she broke out sobbing, Korra started sobbing too. Then Korra stopped sobbing, and then everything went black.

Korra woke up, hunched over and gasped for air. Everyone looked at her. Mako walked over to Korra and sat down beside her to comfort her.

"What happened Korra?"

"Mako, I had a dream, a serious dream. I was in my 100s, I was on a bed and I was told that I had to be put down because I was useless and the world needs a new Avatar. My children and my grandchildren were watching me... And then... everything went black." Tears start running from Korra's eyes, Mako hugs her.

"It's okay Korra, you are the new avatar, and you will be the avatar for a long long time."

"Thanks Mako."

"We're here." Tenzin announced.


"What's wrong Korra?" Mako asked.

"Oh, I just forgot what happened to my arm."

"Don't sweat, Katara will fix it."

"I think I was already told that."

"Tenzin told you earlier today, at breakfast."

"Speaking of breakfast, why did you burst in and screamed my name?"

"Well I saw you weren't in our room, and you weren't in the bathroom so I thought that either you ran away or you got kidnapped."

Korra blushed, "Thanks for taking care of me." Korra turns around. "You brought Naga too!?"

"Why not? We'll probably need her in the city, you know."

"Yeah, I'm just really excited that I'm about to be surrounded with my whole family."

Oogi finally landed down at the Southern Water Tribe city.

"Tenzin, I think first me and Mako will have a brief visit with Mom and Dad, you can go see Katara and I will meet up with you their later."

Korra jumped on Naga, while Mako was loading the children onto Naga. After everyone was loaded onto Naga, Mako hoped on, Korra waved to Tenzin and Naga took off.

Naga stopped outside Korra's house, Mako jumped off Naga and helped the children down and then finally picked up Korra and put her down on the ground. Mako told Naga to stay and he tidied Naga so she wouldn't run away. Korra then knocked on her childhood's home door. Korra's Mother Senna opened the door and immediately hugged Korra. Senna then saw Korra's arm.

"What happened Korra? Are you okay?" Senna asked Korra.

"Yes, I'm okay," Korra said to her mother. "I want you to meet my children." Korra said to her mother. Senna looked surprised.

"You never told me that you had children in the letters."

"I know. I wanted to see your reaction."

"So is Mako your husband?"

"No, Mako is just my boyfriend." Senna looked confused at Korra.

"So who's your husband."

"I don't have one." Senna was shocked to hear that Korra didn't have a husband.

"Oh... So who would be your children's father?"

"Mako of course."

Mako came over carrying Koshael and Kukri. Chira wobbled over to Korra and hugged her. Senna picked up Chira.

"Are you my Mommy's Mommy?" Chira asked.

"Yes, you know how cute you are?"

"I'm cute," Chira replied.

"What's your name?" Senna asked.

"My name is Chira, My Daddy is Mako and my Mommy is Korra, and you're grandma."

Senna giggled and put Chira down. Korra looked into the house and saw no sign of her father.

"Where's Dad?" Korra asked.

"He uh went to, Vogdar city. As a representative, to negotiate about trades. If everything goes well we'll be able to eat fresh fruit at an affordable price!"

"That sounds great!"

A cold breeze came upon them. Mako started shivering.

"Korra come inside, you too Mako. It looks like you guys need some warm tea."

Mako went inside carrying Koshael and Kukri. He sat down at the table beside Korra. Senna sat across from them.

"So Mako what are the other two children names?"

"This one is Koshael, sometimes we call him Kosh for short, and this one is the youngest one named Kukri."

"And do you help Korra all the time with the children?"

"Usually Pema is the main care person, but if she isn't around me and Korra usually work together. She feeds them and gives them naps, I play with them and make sure they're happy."

The kettle whistles. Senna gets up and takes the kettle off the stove and pours yellow water into three cups.

"Sorry about the lack of choice Mako. We put the flavour with the water and then boil it, this is so our tea is as hot as possible so we can warm up faster."

Mako takes a sip of tea and tries not to be noticed when he spits the 100°C (212°F) back into his tea cup.

"How could you drink this super hot tea?"

"I don't know, I guess we just got used to it. But its great for warming up the body," Korra told Mako.

"Its okay Mako, you don't have to drink it right away," Senna told Mako.

After tea, Korra and Senna were having a conversation about Republic City and Air Temple Island. Mako was still drinking his tea.

Later Mako finished drinking the tea, he thanked Senna for the tea and Senna told Mako and Korra to come again soon. Mako helped Korra get on Naga as well as lifting up his children. Mako struggled getting himself on Naga but once he had got on Naga, Korra told Naga to take off.

Naga then stopped at Katara's house. Mako once again helped Korra get off Naga along with the rest of the family. Korra knocked on Katara's door. Tenzin opened the door.

"Welcome Korra, so are you ready to be healed?"

"Yes Tenzin, and after we're leaving."

"Oh that's right, I almost forgot about our plan!"

Korra, Mako, and Chira walked in.

"You must be Chira," Katara asked the little child.

"My name is Chira, Who are you?"

Katara was impressed, "I am Katara, I was your mother's waterbender teacher."

"I'm a firebender, but Mommy says I'm not allowed to firebend inside or around wood."

"That is a very wise thing for a firebender to know. So what brings you here?"

"Mommy was racing and she flew and crashed and hurt her arm with a giant boo-boo."

"Oh my." Katara responded in shock. Katara looked at Korra. "Is this true?"

"I wish it wasn't," Korra responded.

"Let me check it out." Korra took her bandage cast off her left arm, Katara looked at it. "Don't worry this will be a short and easy fix." Katara bended some water onto the long scratch on Korra's arm. In a few minutes the scratch was gone. "There, all finished."

"Thank you Katara, couldn't of done it without you."

"My pleasure Korra."

"So Tenzin are we ready?"

"I guess so," Tenzin responded.

"Maybe Kya should go with you," Katara told Tenzin.

"Yeah Tenzin we could have another family trip! With vacation Tenzin!" Bumi said with excitement.

"Its all Kya's decision, if she wants to come she is welcomed to."

"Mom are you sure you won't need me?"

"I'll be fine Kya, what ever decision you make will be fine with me."

"I guess I could use a break... Sure, I'll go." Jinora hugs Kya.

"I can't wait to see Valem town can you?" Jinora says to Kya.

"I never heard of it but, sure I guess I'm excited," Kya replies.

"Okay Kya, you better pack your stuff quickly because we want to leave before sundown," Tenzin tells Kya.

"Okay, just give me a few minutes."

While Kya is packing her stuff, Tenzin cleans up the mess that Meelo made, he also started washing the dishes.

"Okay I'm ready Tenzin!" Kya tells Tenzin.

"I'm almost done...There... done." Tenzin turns around. "Does anyone have to go before we go?" Nobody raises their hands. "Okay then, lets go!"

Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya gave Katara a big hug while Korra gave her mother a hug. Everyone got on Oogi and did a quick check to see if they got everything. After everyone one was ready, Tenzin commanded Oogi to take off. Katara and Senna waved good bye and Korra and Kya waved back.

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