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Time to Reunite
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Avatar: Cosmic Energy


Cosmic Energy



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8th of July 2013

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Chapter 2: The Lost Scrolls

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Chapter 4: The Duo Together Once More

Time to Reunite is the third chapter in the Fanon series Avatar: Cosmic Energy.

Time to Reunite

Aang awoke to a dim lit room with just a speck of light that moved very slowly around the room. Aang slowly sat up feeling a pain in his abdomen as he did. He then remembered his injuries. He felt his torso feeling for the cuts and bruises. No bruises. Aang then remembered Katara had healed them. "Thanks Katara," Aang muttered to himself. He soon noticed how chilly it felt and realised the cloths that cover his torso were removed. Once his eyes had adjusted to the lighting, Aang found his staff beside him. He then came slowly to his feet with some effort then proceeded to the door. He tugged the old door open. He saw it opened up to a familiar looking corridor. He then proceeded to the window ledge stumbling with the effort. He then looked out and saw a temple quite close to him and saw the sky was filled with pure white clouds below. He realized where he was; the Southern Air Temple.

Aang soon closed his eyes and soon saw them. Sky bison flying round chasing each other. The temple looked so new. He then saw some young monks playing air scooter. He felt so tranquil.

But then they stopped laughing and playing and enjoying their free time. They all stared at one young monk who had just come from the shadows. They went silent. The monk seemed joyous at seeing them and make an air scooter and began spinning round but he soon halted. It looked they were telling him it would be unfair for him to play making him leave them be. As the depressed and exiled child walked off an old monk steeped form behind a tree looking very sad for the young child.

Aang then opened his eyes stumbling back as he did so. It wasn't real. He was just remembering. Aang then rested his back against the crooked and rotted wall and knelt down. He began to sob. "I miss you Gyatso," Aang sobbed.

"Aang?" said a drifting yet clear, voice.

"Gyatso?" Aang said with new enthusiasm. A smile rose around his face, gleaming with life once more. He then turned to where the voice had come from it wasn't Gyatso. It was Katara.

Katara smiled the beauty of her face shined bright but Aang could not see it. "Aang, you're okay."

Katara ran towards him, still wearing her Water Tribe clothing she had at Omashu. Aang stood up and wiped away his tears. He was clutched with an almost deadly hug from Katara who squeezed tightly.

"I'm fine...I'm fine," croaked Aang, forcing Katara to release him.

Katara stared at him in confusion. "Aang what's wrong" She said her smile fading away.

Aang quivered slightly "Nothing." He turned away from her. His eyes filled with tears once again.

Katara raised her hand to Aang's face stroking it slightly; causing Aang to turned back to her. "Aang you may be many things but you're not a liar. You may be able to fool strangers but you can't lie to your friends or-"

"What are you then?" Aang shouted viciously cutting her off before she could finish. He gripped her hand and threw it away from his face.

This made Katara do it. She slapped him. Hard. Leaving a red mark on Aang's left cheek causing him to groan.

"I'm your....girlfriend," Katara said hesitantly. Her cheeks began to blush bright red.

They then stared at each other, then Aang realised who Katara was. He smiled and drew her into a hug.

Aang began to cry again. "I'm Sorry I was thinking of Gyatso I didn't mean-" but Aang couldn't continue speaking he had became overwhelmed by the memory of Gyatso. Aang began to her shoulder. Surprisingly Aang stopped laughing. Katara whipped the tears from his eyes. They let go. Suddenly they both started to giggle getting louder and louder until they were both laughing uncontrollably.

"Oh your face when you said that then." Aang giggled, unable to hide his laughter.

"What about you shrieking like a girl you were." Katara scoffed at him now also unable to hide her laughter.

"It really hurt!!!!" Aang, struggling to hold back his enjoyment, responded. This made them begin to laugh hysterically. Their eyes met. Aang had forgotten why he was crying and began to see the divine beauty shown on Katara's face.

They both suddenly stopped laughing. Katara suddenly approached Aang. They stood face to face, eye to eye. Aang didn't move back. They were breathing on each other their noses brushing the others face. They were being drawn in so much they couldn't move away. Aang brushed her hair. Katara stroked his shoulder. Their lips met. They then shared a deep kiss but parted not before long but were then drawn back in this one lasting much longer. They eventually parted but still had hold of each other. They looked right into the others eyes.

"All better?"

"All better."

They then released each other from their trance although had not realised their hands where still touching. They soon departed from the corridor and began to proceed to where Appa was resting on his four paws and Momo was whizzing round in the sir trying to catch some moths and bugs. There was a pot of warm stew on the floor, probably breakfast. Aang noticed the statue of Gyatso. Old and rotted but still showed his face in full bloom.

Katara walked up to Aang's side. She also began to look at Gyatso. "Do you miss him?" Katara asked seeing Aang still looked a bit depressed.

A tear trickled down the side of Aang's face. "All the time."

"Hey don't worry." Katara held his hand and began to rub it.

"I'm not worrying just remembering." Aang wiped the tear off of his face.

Aang began to walk over to Appa but soon dropped feeling a burning pain in his ribs. Katara quickly rushed over and helped him up to the steps where she sat him down.

"Sorry I should of mentioned." Aang stared at her looking extremely puzzled.

"I couldn't heal you completely. You see I had Appa fly us to Fong's fortress. Once there I began to do a full healing session on you. I soon realized you must of bruised your ribs and arms as you wouldn't move very much when you were awake and I felt a kind of disturbance in your chi lines in your arms. Fong then had us all leave the fortress as He suspected some of his men couldn't be trusted after what happened in Omashu. So I flew us here. It took us three days."

Aang then remembered that he had woken up in Fong's fortress but only briefly.

"So I was asleep for 5 days?" said Aang looking anxious.

"Yes. I have sent a message to Sokka to get Toph and get her to the South pole where she'll be safe." Aang look slightly baffled as to why she had told Sokka to get Toph the South Pole. "Think Aang. If they're targeting you then they'll target your friends too."

"You're right. Wait have you told Zuko and Suki?"

"No, I only had time for one message at the fortress after all I left only fter a few hours and seeing to you took a full hour to get rid of all your visible injuries. You did have a lot of cuts. Zuko will be fine being the Firelord and all. Suki is safe as she is a Kyoshi Warrior and has the whole group with her and Sokka's safe because he's with dad."

Aang stared at her in utter surprise. "Wait are you saying Toph can't protect herself because she can DEFINITELY protect herself" Aang asked with a tone of shock thinking Katara actually thought Toph needed to be protected.

Katara looked at Aang blankly and put her hands on her thighs and responded by saying "Of course I know that. But I think if we can get her to the South pole then maybe-"

"You mean to get the gang back together to take theses guys down?" Aang said wanting to get to the point.

"Yes." Katara answered him as bluntly as she did not seem bothered by the fact he had interrupted her again.

"Then let's do it." Aang jumped up eagerly but soon flinched in pain whilst proceeding to sit again.

Katara looked at Aang so full of spirit although injured. He didn't realize they'd have to wait until he'd recovered. They both stood up and looked at the sun rising on the horizon smiling knowing that, right now, they were safe.

It was quite strange for Mar to sit in such a fancy yet once royal suited room. It was indeed in ruin after the skirmish that occurred three days ago but such didn't matter. His son had done what had to be done, and although the plan had not went as swimmingly as had been hoped, it was still a success nonetheless. The king had been overthrown and with the army under his control he felt certain that city was now under his and his associates power. He still couldn't believe how so many soldiers accepted to follow them after the promise of money, power and authority. It saddened him that not all believed or accepted such a proposition but this no longer mattered to Mar. His son had succeeded, now all they needed were the others. Which of course was why he was now standing in this once wondrous throne room to give orders to a squad of his sentries to accompany his son on the mission.

He stood tall in front of his men, shining in their purple armour, each with the insignia or either earth or fire on there chest marked proudly in the centre, their eyes piercing through the rough gaps for their eyes to peer up to him as he addressed them.

"As you know..." He began, his stern and powerful voice resonating through the room. "Omashu is now under our jurisdiction. Most are now accepting us as their new leaders. My son himself has made all this possible except..."

Mar paused again, almost regretting at having to tell them of the one downside.

"The Avatar has not been acquired. That is why we need to move on, our master wants to move on to his companions. The king is already captured and detained, but this wasn't enough to draw him back. So we must one move on to those closest to him. You all will join my son to carry out our next objective..." He paused one last time

"To acquire Toph Beifong!"

The crowd raised their right hands in perfect timing and yelled "Toph Beifong" as they punched the air. Mar couldn't help but smile down at them in sadistic enjoyment as his soldiers of would-be killers continued to shout out, the sound stretching outside to a city in utter captivity and devastation.

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