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Chapter 3: The Wolf and the Agent

Rumble station

Yamato looked up at the fierce but baffled face of a large bulky man. The man looked at him for a few seconds, and then looked forward and quickly to the left. Yamato was put into a position in which he had to make a decision. The most dangerous kind of decision is the kind where a man has to make a split second action. This decision can either go very well or... very bad. So before the man could act on the sight of a man shoving his head through a hole in the floor Yamato lashed out while thinking the bloke really doesn't deserve this, but he just saw my head stick out of the ground and this is not acceptable.

Iruka turned his head to be met with a crushing force tighten around his neck. The man who just manifested himself had his hand open like a claw, a rock glove was holding down on his apple. He could feel the man struggle to keep his will upon him, Iruka was just as strong and had a spirit of iron. He reached out and grabbed hold onto the glove and very nearly managed to remove it from his neck.

Yamato noticed the fact that the man had nearly broken from his Tiger paw. He quickly pulled the man down into the shadowy darkness. Iruka knew there was no way out of his situation so took a different opportunity. As he fell into darkness he managed to land a crushing blow right on the skin above the eye where the bone was most exposed. He could hear a satisfying clap as they both tumbled in a heap down the tunnel. He quickly rose again just as Yamato missiles a rock fist. Iruka absorbed the force by blocking with the palm of his hand. He instantly punched Yamato's already bleeding face and then landed a swing to his cheek quickly followed by an uppercut. Yamato kicked Iruka directly in the stomach and Iruka fell backwards a few metres. The ex-dai li agent kicked off the ground and moved like he was walking up steps. Only rock boots fired each time he paused. Iruka felt the piercing pain explode on his face as he dropped inert onto the floor. Yamato smugly walked over to the body to step on the loser, as was his tradition. But as he came over and stood directly over the man, his body ruptured with agony as a foot was planted right onto his groin. A second foot clipped his leg and as he dropped, cold grey eyes stared while large legs wrapped around his neck. Iruka shifted his whole wait and landed on the floor with his attacker. As he took the spare minute to breathe he noticed a beautiful woman who stood in a corner looking terrified. When he looked back at who he realised had to be her partner his world went black, white and then black again.

Sea Prunes

Iruka laid in a comfortable, welcoming darkness, a warm embrace compared to the cold fist that put him into that state. He noticed a red velvet curtain that flowed in a non-existent breeze. The curtain danced and swayed until it covered his face. A gross, metallic flavour over powered his mouth, blood. His blood leaked down from his face, his hands removed the red blood from his eyes and he waited. He could hear two voices. A male and a women's voice penetrated his mind as he realised they were speaking about him.

"What is wrong with you, everywhere we go you start a fight like when we were at the market..."The women said.

"Hey, we spoke about that already; the crazy old man attacked me with a bag of sea prunes!"

"Yeah, like a man that old could lift a bag of sea prunes that big..."

"Wait, he's moving" the man said. A suspicious silence flooded the room.Iruka assumed now would be the time to introduce himself to the vibrant couple who lured him into an ambush. Rage surged through him as he realised that his arms and feet were cuffed in rock.

"Yamato, what are you doing?" He heard the woman say. Yamato must be the name of the man Iruka assumed."Asami, I need to know who he is before I kill him" Asami, that's the woman-wait, did he just say kill?After an exhausting struggle Iruka managed sit up. He observed both of them in the silence, the ex-Dai li agent who was about to kill him and his wife Asami. Now would be a good time for sea prunes...maybe an old man to go with it...hehe hehe...An old man with a big bag of sea prunes, what a distraction.Yamato walked up to Iruka. "Since your awake you can answer some questions before I kill you."

"How about you ask me some questions and I go home?" Iruka replied with a white smile.

"Who are you? Why are you here? Maybe there somewhere I could send flowers and an apology letter with your pinkie in it?"

"Who sent me? The old man with the sea prunes of course, he heard you were leaving so he sent me with a bag of sea prunes."

"I don't want your bloody sea prunes-"

"Hehe hehe-what? It was funny!" Asami said as Yamato scowled at her. "You should let him speak before you kill him."

"Your wife seems to like me, why don't you?"

"I'm serious, you don't dress like your from here?"

"My name is Iruka and I'm a Jian Swordsman from the task force developed by Taku's SOLDIER programe. I'm still learning how to use it but I get the main points and I'm rather formidable."

"Your the soldier they sent from Taku...Then I guess I owe you an apology for the fight, but it hurts my pride so I'll just look down instead at my feet in shame."

"You should, your wife caught me off gaurd and you got a lucky blow!" He said as he laughed.Yamato laughed along, but whether it was because Iruka was funny or if it was because Iruka was right he didn't know.

"Well that's blood under the bridge, rather quickly too..."Asami says as she moves towards Iruka to remove the rock cuffs that were made with a handy key hole.

Engine Problems

The man in the booth waited calmly for the end of his shift. But before he could tuck into some fried fish he had the job of announcing the departures for the separate trains that travelled around the underground crevices of Silver Town. It had become a daily routine, most of the cidizens arrived around midnight, they usually had to travel to the other side of Silver Town which usually took at least 4-5 hours. They had early shifts and leaving at dusk was the best option. If they could afford it they would probably just move but buying train tickets was by far cheaper than paying for a new house and all the paper work that comes with it. He had come to know many of the customers and the train's engineers, his favourite being a rosy cheeked girl who travelled to the lower districts to work with the less fortunate kids, but she didn't travel those nights. After 12.30 A.M he would make his way home to his brother and sister(or at least they called themselves that) and sleep the night away. He had lived like this for the past 4 months and he didn't like it. But for the mission, he temporarily took this job.He looked at his watch in which he could see his reflection. He had striking, electric blue eyes which was uncommon for the little Fire Nation village from which he came. His hair was brown and pulled all the way back into a small but defined ponytail and his sideburns grew into a light stubble. He tugged on his sleeves which always rolled up because his shouldes were too large for his shirt. He hated his collar and tie too, it was so different from his military uniform. He wondered how he was in such a bad shape as not to recognise Iruka the Wolf, the man has changed his appearance. Iruka never used to wear the hat because his hair would get itchy. He wondered if he almost put the mission in, he was the task force leader, he was in charge of the whole case, he knew every member of staff, every soldier, every citizen, even the hobos and it took him 4 months to track the Ex-Dai li agent. He was the task force leader and he shouldn't be in the booth, it should be some lackey but the Force is a small group and they were spread thin...

It took some time to notice the elderly man standing infront of him.

"Oh, sorry I didn't see you...can I help you with something?"He said as he looked at the man's blue overalls. He works in the engine doesn't work here, no old timer does, what's going on?He thought.

"There is a problem with the main engine, we will not be able to leave for the time being...if there is anybody expecting to leave then..." He smiled "Send them to the tavern, yeah we'll take care of them...Hehehe"He said as walked off to the station tavern for weary travelers. There's nothing wrong with the engine, we checked it ourselves...and who was he? A stranger claims to work here and suddenly the train's engine dosen't work, something's wrong. His instinct told him something was wrong, he began to analyze the station in detail...It was completely empty...The benches looked like no one had sat on them for days, the litter bin was completely empty and the strangest thing was the silence except for some contemporary violin. But there was no violin or even a radio. The violin seemed like an uncanny whisper and only made the silence even louder. He looked toward the train, a long narrow contraption that resembled a nail or some lop sided obelisk. "What the..." It was then that he realized the temperature had dropped, frosty clouds escaped from his mouth. He began to shiver, he ran his hands up and down his arms but he couldn't help but notice his hands were cold like there was ice in his veins.

A twisted dream

There was a telephone, a large but slender contraption with gold door knobs at both ends of the phone. It was seldom used and never did it go off during his shift. But this day was different from other days. It rang loud and disturbing. He jumped up and picked up the phone.

"Kuzon...hey there buddy..."It was Donnie from the main engine.

"Hey Kuzon, do me a favor-BLAHUGGRRE" it sounded like a streak of blood escaped the man,

"Get me off here..."

Now he was scared. He sprinted to the train, a long black needle and went on. The first thing he did was check the mains on the train. The heat was turned all the way up, so why was it so cold? He continued to search, that was when he found the long breaks in the mains, the sword marks and broken dials. He turned and slowly opened the first door. As he stepped through he noticed the seats were blood red. It was the same as always, but it unnerved him. He slowly inched forward, he could see nobody else, but there was two cups on the end table, each one released hot steam. He walked over and slowly opened the second door. He expected the worst, but there was nothing. Absoloutley nothing, the air was freezing and stuffy, like he was in a big ice cube. Walking became a struggle so he ran instead. Closer...Closer...TOO close, it was loud and clear now. The whispering of the violin now screamed in his ears, it sounded like hate and felt like death. And underneath the orchestra of bloody violins was a harsh voice...

"Kill...kill me quickly...please do it quickly..."And sobbing filled the following silence.

He pushed the door open to see darkness with a river of blood flowing down, twin rivers. He looked up to see Donnie's body nailed to the wall. A large steak protruded from his hand, a hole in the palm. The same could be seen on his other hand, as if he was hammered into the metal. A third one was present, right where his belly button should be.

"What the hell is this! Noooo! Nooo what is that?! Who does that?!

"Did you know?...that Donnie's worst night mare was to be crucified? said a horribly pleasant voice.

He spun around to see a young girl standing in the corner. She was dressed in Armour, purely made out of metal. It was masterful, it fitted her feminine figure but still looked deadly. The designs on her bracers, chest guard, helmet, vanguards and leg armor were chiseled and looked like a delightful tea garden. The armor was also built to mold onto her abdominal muscles, a skirt protruded from her waist and a pointed hat could be seen, perched on her head.

"He was really scared when he saw my real self...I was working with him on this train, he didn't know that I was a metal bender, or that he had told me the whole plan. It was really fun and I enjoyed hammering the nails into the palm of his hands, oh how he screamed! Oooohhh the rush it gave me." It looked like she tried to smile. "Oh don't mind that, it happens all the time, when I'm excited I show my nasty side. What's in your dreams I wonder...I don't wanna kill you now but I'm gonna be back!"

He spread and rotated his hands. A splendid ember sparked to life and millions of sparks trailed his fingers. It rotated and grew and then with a push of his arms a hellish halo surged from him.

"I'm Cho! Nice to meet you!" she said as she lifted her hand into the air, a metal arrow head snaked out like thread and grappled onto the roof of the train. Her body moved swiftly along and she quickly reached the end leaving behind what resembled claw marks. She slammed down both hands onto the roof, then lifted up her body in a sit up manner. The roof ripped open with her, and as she tuck and rolled off the metal fitted like a second, less marvelous layer. Kuzon jumped through the gaping hole and began to follow. She was already 3 carts ahead. He shot out balls of fire with boxer hands, first with his right, left and then right again. He cartwheeled along the first and then fly kicked the air. A huge turret of fire surged through like dragon's breath. But the metal bender was already at the end and summer salted off. She grabbed the rear end of the train and crunched down. The metal seemed to ripple around her entrenched fingers, she kicked the lower train down, it broke and she bended the earth below. She pulled and the train began folding into the dirt, an invisible hole that grew when more train entered. She grabbed a new place for more purchase and picked up her speed. The whole train moved, faster and faster it went into the Metal bender's hole. Quickly the train began to disappear and then Kuzon's footing disappeared too. The cart he was on was pulled along, his body was running backwards like on a tread mill. He almost lost his footing when 3 carts behind were pulled from under him. He had one more cart to go, he jumped down and released from his mouth a swooping hawk of embers along the vanishing obilisk. He landed and had time to be amazed at the girls strength, she managed to stuff a titanic train into an underground platform. The girl witnessed the hawk and clapped her hands over her head, a make shift nest was built and she protected herself in the iron sphere.

He took the chance to breathe and then lifted of the ground, trails of fire blasting from the soles of his feet, he levitated and then shot toward the nest. He rained down embers, huge fans of fire. He hit down again, grunting and growling. Then he chose a different strike. He thrust his hands and each time his hands made contact a tail of flames sprung out. He smashed down in rage, the temperature rose many a degree and the nest was now glowing red. "Huh uhhgrr...huh, die you filthy bitch!"

Suddenly several beams split off and acted like swords. They danced forward and in some complicated pattern managed to strike and lead him away from the nest. They all recoiled, turned and spun to have points facing him. They came down like shooting razors(very blunt razors!) and landed on delicate places. He spasmed in pain, rolled around and when he looked up he saw the warrior. She waved her hand and all the beams came together and melded into something new, a gargantuan battle axe...while she payed attention to the axe he pulled out a streak of fire that unmasked her, showing dark purple hair, small beady eyes and a crooked noes.

"Damn you!" she said. Her hair puled up, he failed to notice the metal extensions. A thousand needles rose and the sliced down and penetrated every part, every vein, every hair on his right arm.


"Does it feel good? Does it?" she asked with pleasure.

"How does this feel" he replied as he created a planet of fire, which then blinked twice, turned blue and flashed. Suddenly a blinding electrical current sizzled from his hand and the metal conducted. Millions of little currents danced along the extensions and sparked her brain. She shuddered and buckled and screamed. Her body revolved and shook as her fiber was electrocuted. The sparks grew, massive bolts began pulsating through her body, above her body, some times it would fork from her toes to her neck. The fuse was still blowing, her skin cracked and burned, a disgusting stench was evoked as the burn became a blue flame engulfing her limbs. Her skin visibly melted, and began peeling itself from her core...

"Filthy dog" he spat, and then left the bender in a horrifying sprawl. So who was the man from before, he knew about he had to be secret police, they were working with the Bei Fong...

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