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Chapter 3 - The Sozin's Curse

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This chapter is the third chapter of Master of Avatar State written by Avatarbender.

A bit of information

Every chapter in my fanon is told by a character. The third one is Aang's.

Previously on Master of Avatar State

Team Avatar visited Zuko and Mai. Zuko poisoned Appa and tried to do the same with Aang and his friends. Azula is back and she tries to get the title of Fire Lord back.


Team Avatar land on Earth Kingdom and they visit a hut. They get some information about Zuko and Sozin's Curse.



I don't get it. Why would Zuko want kill us? Fire dandelions, Iroh said that these herbs will lose their poisonous power, if they are made along with chamomile. But the that tea was made of berries. Some berries have ability to make fire dandelion more poisonous, but did Zuko give us those? I thought he was our friend. After the evening of world peace celebration, we haven't spoke. He wasn't even interested of us. Is he trying to conquer the world, like Sozin and Azulon and Ozai... I shake my head. Zuko can't be bad.

Right now we are flying back to Earth Kingdom. The road is long and Appa is already tired. We should do a little break and land somewhere. "Appa, down!" I command. "We will land. Appa needs a little rest." Everyone agrees.

The landing is very difficult, because Appa is too tired. Shortly after landing, he falls asleep. And we look around. There is a tiny hut nearby. We walk there and knock on the door. "Yes, come in!" A friendly voice says. We open the door and look around. It's tiny, but beautiful hut. Everything is well-decorated. At first, we see table. And chairs. And some pictures. So we walk in and we see the rest of the hut. Simple, but beautiful.

"Hello, Avatar. It's a great honor to meet you!" An old woman says. "Sit!" She says friendly. „What brings you here?" She is friendly and offers us some cookies from the table. I and Katara decline, but Sokka and Toph take some. Okay, not some, but many.

„We just wanted to see, who lives here." Katara says. I wanted to say that, but it doesn't deter me. I don't have to say anything. "No, you have a reason, why you came here. Fate brought you here." Says the woman and goes to another room. She comes back with teacups and jugs on a tray.

"Please, take some tea." She says then.

"What do you mean with 'fate brought us here'?" I ask. What does she mean with that? I take a cup and pour some tea for myself. I smell it. Fire dandelion. And chamomile.

"I know, that your friend is weird." The woman says. "And I know the reason of that..." Katara spits her tea out of her mouth. Even I would've done that, but I don't want to be rude. Sokka and Toph eat their cookies.

"And... What is the reason?" I ask carefully. Katara drinks tea and takes a bite of a cookie. "The Sozin's Curse!" Says the woman. I frown. Katara asks: "And... what does it mean?"

"I don't know. You want more tea?" The woman asks then. Neither I, nor Katara want, but Toph and Sokka take. Then, Katara whispers to my ear: "What a crazy old woman!" I nod and the woman stands up. She is angry, but no one of us knows, why... Okay, I and Katara do, but how could she have heard us?

"How do you dare?" She asks and then makes a rockball. She sends it to us, but Toph catches it. Her hand gets stuck in it, but she destroys the ball. "I trusted you!" She shouts and sends an earth wave to us. Toph doesn't even react so fast, so now we are out of the hut.

"Okay... It seems like we have to go." Says Sokka. We walk back to Appa. He still sleeps. I go to wake him up, but he doesn't. "Appa, wake up! We have to go!" I shout, but the bison still sleeps. Then I listen his breath and I realize: he doesn't snore. Appa snores always...

Katara comes to me and says: "Aang, he doesn't wake up. He's dead." I can't believe it, but when I hear his heartbeats slowly stopping, I know it's true. Appa is dead. I feel tears flowing from my eyes. I feel them flowing off my cheeks. They land on Appa's fur. I see pictures of my and Appa's life. I see the time, when I got him. We were so happy. Together we spent so many time... Appa was one of my best friends. I was stuck with him in the iceberg, for a hundred years. I flew with him, to find bending instructors, who could help me master all elements. And now, Appa is no more.

Even if I mastered the Avatar State, my eyes and chi tattoos start to glow. I make an air ball around myself and I rise into the air. I hear Katara trying to calm me an Sokka explaining Toph, what's happening. I turn around and send a fire ball to the woman's hut. She runs out and shouts something. I send an air wave to her and she flies away. I land, but don't leave the Avatar State. I walk to Appa and try to energybend. It works and I send some life energy of a previous Avatar to Appa. But he doesn't wake up.

I start to cry and the Avatar State becomes stronger and stronger. I hear every previous Avatar's voice. They are trying to say something, but I can't hear them. I hear the ancient lion turtle saying something. Katara tries to do something, but I can't control myself. I just send them away from me. With fire. I burn Toph's feet and Katara's hands. Even Sokka gets burned, but I can't see, where. They are retreating and now I hear, what are the Avatars saying. They are trying to warn me from something about the blending of the seventh and the first chackra.

I put my hand on Appa and I see something... Zuko is pouring something to Appa's mouth. I look closer. Fire dandelion. He poisoned Appa.

Then Roku appears. "The Sozin's Curse. It made Zuko bad, like his dad." Says Roku. I can't believe it. "But the woman didn't say, what it means." I say.

"The Sozin's Curse is a real curse. It was made by Sozin. Remember, he started The Hundred Year War. His bad plans made a terrible energy. Now, the energy makes every Fire Lord bad." Roku explains.


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