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Chapter 3: The Shocking Truth
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15 December 2011

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Miyuki took a deep breath, and then let it out as she thrust both her clenched fists in front of her and curved her forearms slightly. A magnificent blast of fire emerged as she finished the motion.

"That's right, Miyuki! Brilliant! Do that again," said Lee, very pleased with how Miyuki had mastered such a difficult move so quickly. "Perfect," he added when Miyuki performed it a second time.

"Thanks, Lee! You make my day. You're an amazing teacher." Miyuki replied, smiling for the first time in weeks.

Lee smiled. "You've been an amazing student, Miyuki. You have almost mastered Firebending now."

The door swung open and Miyuki's uncle appeared. "MIYUKI!" screamed Bojing. "Where are you!? Finish your silly little lesson and come here to start cleaning! I've been waiting for hours!"

Miyuki let out a sigh and apologized to Lee. She hated her uncle. He always made her do such harsh work. She always dreaded the end of her Firebending lessons, as they were her only escape from Bojing.

"Yes, Bojing?" Miyuki teased.

"YES? MIYUKI, DO YOUR CHORES OR I WILL SEND YOU OUT ONTO THE STREET!" screamed Bojing, his face bursting with anger. The new attitude Miyuki has gained since she started her Firebending training did not sit well with him.

"Anywhere is better than here...," she muttered under her breath.

Bojing glared at Miyuki as she walked past him. "You can go now," he curtly added to Lee.

She scrubbed and scrubbed the floor of Bojing's room, until he was pleased with it. And because he was her mean uncle, he chose the hardest room of the house to clean to start her off on.

Next she went to sweep the front porch and, as usual, Bojing kept an extremely close eye on her - screaming at her for missing a spot every two minutes. Miyuki was fuming with anger. Sweat dripped down her face, and tears flooded her eyes.

Eventually Miyuki could not take it anymore. "ENOUGH!" she screamed, "Will you shut up?"

"Excuse me, Miyuki? What did you say? Don't talk to me like that or else!"

"Or else, what? Stop annoying me or else I'll burn your entire house down!" she screamed.

"Oh--uh--" he began, looking nervous. Looking at the fire in Miyuki's eyes he thought that she might actually be serious.

"That's what I thought," Miyuki followed up with a smirk.

This made her mood a little better - seeing Bojing so scared. Soon afterwards, he gave her a break.

Miyuki swung open the back door of Uncle Bojing's manor and waltzed into the hedge garden in the back yard. She did not know how much more of this she could take. Every day she spent working hard and building up a sweat. By the time night fell, she was thoroughly exhausted and she was swept away into a dreamless sleep that never lasted long enough. Then her uncle would yank her out of bed and it was time to start the same routine over again. Now Miyuki finally had a little bit of time to herself. Although it would not last, she might as well make the best of it. While catching her breath, Miyuki sat cross-legged on the lush ground and pulled up strands of grass to pass the time.

Lee's Firebending lessons were by far the best part of her day. It was her chance to express herself and vent her frustration with each flaming punch she threw. Lee was the only person here she had a truly positive relationship with. Other than him, there was only her cruel Uncle Bojing, his stuck-up servants and attendants and Captain Yuan and his group of goons who protected Miyuki at all costs but refused to give her more information or help her in any other way. Miyuki sighed and thought to herself. How am I supposed to help the world when I can't even help myself?

Almost as an echo of her thoughts, she heard a voice coming from the opposite side of the hedge. "Ugh – finally we get a break. Things have been really hectic today." Miyuki recognized this voice as that of Ming, the soldier who escorted her out of the room when she was told of her identity as the Avatar.

"You said it, Ming," another soldier uttered in agreement. Miyuki wondered whether she should let them know of her presence and go talk to them now, but she decided against it.

"But can we spend our break time in the lounge, where the comfy chairs?" said Ming sarcastically. "No, because Miyuki's uncle won't let us set foot inside or touch anything unless its official business."

"This Bojing guy is a real jerk."

"Indeed he is, How," said Ming in frustration. "He bosses around Avatar Miyuki like a common servant. He doesn't treat her with the respect the Avatar deserves. If only she didn't ask us so many questions. Then I might sympathize with her more."

"Captain Yuan's orders were clear," How told him. "We can't disclose anything about how the Avatars before her were murdered before they matured." Miyuki gasped just soft enough so they would not notice.

"Yeah, if she knew that, she would freak out," Ming concurred. "And those people who killed those Avatars before are still out there hunting for her now."

"Killing the Avatar again and again while we're playing defense," How muttered. "Well, let's check on the others. I'm getting bored staring at these hedges."

"Sounds good."

Miyuki darted behind a shrub so Ming and How would not realize she had been listening in the whole time as they walked by. So that was what they were protecting her from – people who specialized in hunting Avatars. That was why it seemed to most that the Avatar had disappeared from the world. No one had seen a fully-realized Avatar in over a generation. Miyuki was now relying on these soldiers to protect her while she trained at her uncle's house when they had failed before. What reason was there to believe they would succeed with her?

"I have to get out of here."

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