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The Secret Base
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The Secret Base is the third episode of the emerging Avatar: The Last Airbender FanFiction Nomad. It was first published to Vanja1995's deviantART account on February 20, 2009. It is the first pseudo-filler episode (by this, it is meant like the non-continuous episodes of the original series).


Aang, Katara and Sokka set off to the Southern Water Tribe, but Sokka disappears, and they discover something frightening.




  • This episode was meant to mimic the more lighthearted ones of the original series.
  • Aang and Katara change into Blackshock outfits, but never change back.
  • Toph and the others don't go on the journey to the Southern Water Tribe because 1) Toph can't see on snow and ice, and 2) Katara and Sokka go because its their original home, and their family is their, Aang goes because its Avatar Duty.

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