Agni Kai between Zhao and Zuko
The Second Agni Kai
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Chapter 3: The Second Agni Kai

We arrived on a harbor to get repairs for the ship. Once we arrived, Uncle and I got off as the ship began getting repaired.

"Uncle, I want the repairs done as quickly as possible. I don't want to risk staying too long and losing his trail," I said.

"You mean the Avatar," Uncle corrected.

"Don't mention his name on these docks! Once word gets out that he's alive, every Firebender will be out looking for him and I don't want anyone getting in the way!" I hissed.

"Getting in the way of what?" a voice asked. I turned and glared. Captain Zhao.

"Captain Zhao," I said.

"It's Commander now. General Iroh, great hero of our nation," Zhao said, bowing to Uncle. He bowed back.

"Retired general," he corrected.

"The Firelord's brother and son are welcome guests anytime. What brings you to my harbor?" Zhao asked.

"Our ship is being repaired," Uncle said.

"That's quite a bit of damage," Zhao said.

"Yes. You wouldn't believe what happened," I said. I turned to Uncle. "Uncle! Tell Commander Zhao what happened," I said.

"Yes, I will do that. It was incredible! Wait, did we crash or something?" Uncle asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Yes! Right into an Earth Kingdom ship!" I said uneasily. Zhao invited us for tea and to tell the details. I politely said no but Uncle insisted that I show Zhao my respect so I accepted the invitation.

While having tea, Zhao asked me if I found any evidence that the Avatar is alive. I lied and said no. Uncle and I were just about to leave when the guards blocked us. Turns out that the crew had been interrogated. The crew even told them that the Avatar was in my ship and had escaped! I was furious! Right then, Zhao said that the Avatar was too dangerous for me and he would go after him! The Avatar is mine! I was ready to strangle Zhao and his crew but I was held back. I glared at the table and kicked it.

Now that Zhao had a search party to hunt the Avatar, I would really fail. Right then, Zhao challenged me to an Agni Kai at sunset. I glared and accepted.

Sunset came. I stood up and let the Agni Kai robes slip off of my body. I stood, barechested. Zhao stood the same way.

"Remember your Firebending basics, Prince Zuko. They are your greatest weapons," Uncle told me.

"I refuse to let him win," I said darkly. We faced each other and assumed a fighting stance.

The gong rang. I shot fire at Zhao which he deflected. We continued to shoot fire and deflect attacks. I kicked some fire and he did the same.

"Basics Zuko! Break his root!" Uncle was saying. Zhao was unscathed whereas I was breathing heavily with exhaustion. However, I managed to regain my strength and finished the fight. I raised my arm, ready to deliver the final blow. However, I couldn't.

"That's it? Your father raised a coward," Zhao mocked.

"Next time you get in my way, I won't hold back," I warned. As Uncle and I walked back to the ship, an uneasy feeling came in my stomach. Now, I had competition.

Author's Note

Sorry if I skipped out on any dialogue

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