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Hikar Spiritual Force opening sequence

The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.


Hikar was in the Northern Water Tribe, accompanied by his master Iruka Sato and a couple of damaged students, except one that was ready to battle but really scared about facing the new Avatar.

–Alright, start!– Said Iruka.
Iruka Sato

"Alright, start!"

The other kid waterbended some water from the ground and shoot it like a bullet towards Hikar, who created an ice wave absorbing the water and redirecting it all in shape of a wave that froze the other kid and knocked him out, Iruka was impressed.

–Wow! That's a record! Compared to the last 50 times you knocked out a waterbender.– Said Iruka looking at the damaged students behind.

–Well, The 51st times where fun, but right now it's getting really boring winning this bunch of amateurs, send me something of YOUR level.– Complained Hikar, challenging his own master.

Hikar Waterbending Training

Hikar quickly defeated his opponent.

–Do you really want some hard work kid? Some...difficult challenge you say?– Said Iruka with a smirk.

–Iruka I'm not a kid anymore, next month I will be 19. And when I mean a challenge, I mean something to make me sweat.– Answered Hikar with his mischievous look.

–Alright then, I will place you with one of my latest five students and he's pretty tough though, here I present you to the legendary one who almost beat me up.– Said Iruka, pointing to the door behind Hikar from the building. From the door I really familiar face came out, and they were both surprised to see who it was.

–Hikar?! Finally it's you!– said the 20-year-old boy.

–I can't believe it!! Kensi?!– the two friends hugged each other with their thick Water Tribe coats. –Man bro, it's been so long!–

"Man bro, it's been so long!"

–So long? You say three eternal years have only "been so long"? The whole gang, except Kosen of course, graduated two weeks ago.– Answered Kensi.

–I missed Bultina's graduation? Dammit I wish I could would've seen her with that dress again, you know, she looks gorgeous with it.– Said Hikar with a kind blushing tone.

–Uhhh, well, about that...–

–You two please quit the chitchat and start to battle.– Said Janji in his particular voice.

Kensi was scared to harm his best friend and half brother.

–Come on Kensi, show me what you got! I heard you almost defeated Iruka, well I defeated that bunch of dummies in 50, sorry, 51 short brawls.– Said Hikar with a smirk in his pre-battle position.

–Alright.– Answered Kensi with a smirk too. The two friends quickly ran into their fighting positions, and Iruka started slowly:

–Get ready... set... START!–

Kensi waterbended the ice underneath to make himself water tendrils from his arms and launched them to Hikar, while he ducked to the right and shoot some water balls from the ground and covered him in a water wall. Kensi absorbed into is tendrils making them longer, getting Hikar an propelling him upwards. Hikar landed creating a deep hole in the ice, which Kensi didn't understand why he did not waterbended himself, but suddenly, Kensi sinked in the water and it froze around his legs, immobilising him, and Hikar came out of the ice on top of a huge water spout.

Kensi threw some ice blades to Hikar as he blasted from the ice in another water spout. Hikar created a water sphere around him as a shield to stop the blades, still on a water spout, and Kensi turned suddenly in a water jet going towards Hikar. Hikar quickly bent some water tentacles from his arms and caught Kensi.

–Hey! You're copying me!– He said, referring to the movement Hikar just did.

–Well, you copied my spout.– Answered Hikar, as he threw Kensi to the ground again with a sneaky look.

Kensi stopped himself from falling by creating a wave that took him towards Hikar again. Hikar bent the tentacles to Kensi's arms to immobilise him, and Hikar went to the ground, holding his friend in the air with the tentacles.

–What're you going to do now?– Hikar said with a smirk.

–This.– And Kensi froze Hikar arms as his water spout faded away.

Hikar froze Kensi's arms too, and they both started to pull each other to themselves, making their water tentacles shorter and shorter, and their feet trailing on the ice, until they were face to face.

–Alright Hikari, now what?– Asked Kensi, seeing they were stuck in that position.

–I told you not to call me that.– And Hikar gave Kensi a mischievous look, and Kensi remembered something from when they were little again.

Hikar stomped in the ice underneath and a big ice pillar appeared under Kensi, sending him far from him. But Kensi had predicted him a little and had enough time to bend the water from the tentacles to catch Hikar around tying him up, right before Kensi landed on soft snow. Iruka was totally impressed about the brawl that had just took place.

–We're going to leave this in a tie, because it's obvious that you're equal in strength and abilities. This is also to avoid you kill each other.– Said Iruka.

The two friends helped each other to get back up.

–Well Kensi, I'm really impressed, you got way better in waterbending since the last three years.– Said Hikar, congratulating him. –This is the first tie I've months.–

–Yeah, me too. I guess that means it's the first time you almost win.– Said Kensi sarcastically.

–You know it has been only victories more than I.– Answered Hikar.

–Well how many training is it left for you already?– Asked Kensi.

–The truth is that, it's already done, Avatar Hikar.– Iruka said, Hikar and Kensi couldn't believe what they just heard.

–Are you telling me I finished waterbending training already!? That I'm a fully realised Avatar?!– Hikar was exploding of joy. Iruka left a dramatic pause to make it more enjoyable.

–It's an honor to have trained you, Avatar Hikar.–

–YEEEEEHAAAAA!!!! Avatar HIKAAARRRR!!!!– Kensi went crazy as always and jumped in victory over another water spout.

Hikar was ashamed for him but at the same time he couldn't stop laughing. He couldn't believe it, after those years of training and struggle, he became a totally unbeatable Avatar, he could go back home and see his friends again.

–When are we leaving back to Republic City?– asked Hikar to Iruka.

–Tomorrow if you want.– He answered.

–C'mon Kensi! I have to pack all my things of the last 3 years!– And he ran away to his hut, followed by a tired Kensi.


The two friends were in a White Lotus yacht, destiny Republic City, still talking about the last three years of their life.

–Yeah, Yurei was a pretty tough instructor, but he showed me great airbending skills that made airbending fun.– Said Hikar.

–Huh, that sounds interesting. Did you know he and Amala Sato, were married?–

–Yes, I know pretty much before they divorced.–

–Oh, then you'll know about Iruka and Amala being cousins and...–

–I know the whole story Kensi, I've been with Iruka and Yurei over a tear with each one.– Interrupted Hikar.

–Alright. My turn, the whole gang except Kosen has graduated already.– Said Kensi.

–Really? Oh, I wish I could have seen Bultina on her beautiful dress again.– Hikar said, Kensi felt a little bit uncomfortable.

–Uhhh, yeah right, about that...– He said.

–What? What is it?– Asked Hikar. Kensi, with an uncomfortable look in the eyes, got closer to Hikar and dropped:

–Tao and her are still together, as boyfriends, and he said he's going to propose her now that they're grown ups.– Hikar felt again the same way when Bultina told him she was with Tao three years ago and he remembered the feeling. –Hey don't set the boat on fire buddy, please.–

–It's okay, I'm a good firebender now. I know how to control it, in fact, look.– Said Hikar, right before propelling himself upwards firebending from his hands. –WOOHOO!!– He entirely forgot about how bad was the fact Bultina and Tao were together still.

–Hey dude, be careful.– Said Kensi, laughing.

–AND I CAN AIRBEND TOO!!– Shouted Hikar from above the water before he crated an air spout on top of it, and go through an air funnel back to the boat.

–Wow, I wish I could airbend too.– said Kensi

–Well, anything else? Because there's not to much to tell about me anymore, you already know about my waterbending training.– Said Hikar

–Oh yeah! Kossie learned metalbending and how to ride Nikumi. In fact, she took care of him a lot of time.– Said Kensi.

–Who're those, Kossie and Nikumi?– asked Iruka behind the two friends, scaring them for a moment.

–Ah! Iruka you scared me!– Said Kensi.

–Kosen is a metalbending girl friend and Nikumi is my armadillo lion, he's nice.– Answered Hikar.

–Hm, interesting. And those Tao and Bultina are engaged already?– Said Iruka.

–No, hopefully not.– Said Hikar, Iruka gave him a mischievous look.

–That sounds like you don't want them to be together.–

–What? No! I don't... Bully and I... we're just friends!– Said Hikar.

–Hikar likes her.– Said Kensi silently to Iruka.

–Don't worry my friend, you can leave it there, and look for more fish in the sea, it happened to me.–

–Honey, I thought I was your first crush.– Said Janji from above, in a balcony of the ferry.

–Yes, you were my first man crush, but please, I'm talking to them.– Said Iruka to his husband, as the two friends laughed.

–Do they still go to the Rhynoki Pub every month?– Asked Hikar remembering the time they spent there.

–Yep, in fact, I think we can go this evening and see how are they.– Said Kensi.

–That'd be great!– Said Hikar

–OK then, this is what we're doing...– Kensi started to ask something to Hikar's ear.


Once they arrived, after a crazy reencounter with Nikumi jumping over Hikar and licking his face, Kensi and Hikar went to their house to leave their luggage and salutate their parents again.

–I can't believe my son has become a fully realised Avatar already.– Said Sterkur.

–We're very proud of you.– Said Vona. –Where do you want to have dinner to celebrate it?–

–Actually, I'm going with the guys to the pub, they're there and I'm going to give them a surprise, but don't worry mom, we can celebrate it somehow tomorrow.– Said Hikar with a smiley face.

–But, but, this only happens once in a lifetime! How are we going to not celebrate this?– Vona asked worried.

–Vona, it's alright. He's already almost nineteen years old, let him decide what he wants to do with his life and celebrations.–

–Huhhh, alright.– Said Vona, worried for her son, as always.

–G'night Mom. G'night Dad.– Said Kensi, before leaving through the door again.

Meanwhile, in the Rhynori Pub, between all the people and teenagers enjoying their friends's company, there were four friends sitting in a table, two of them were clearly a couple between a redheaded earth girl and an almost shaven muscular boy, there was also another girl who looked like the earth girl's younger sister, and another fire girl who seamed to be really good friends with the earth girl and her sister.

–You know this guy Kong-Li, the firebender that doesn't know how to make even a single flame? He's been texting me since we bumped by accident in the graduation and he won't stop. The next message I'm going to send him if he tries to flirt with me again will be: "Erase my contact before I receive any more messages from you or I'll metalbend your phone to your face from here". I think you know what I mean.– Said Kosen, wearing a Dark green T-shirt and a pair of metal bracelets on her wrists.

–Fun fact Kosen: that Kong-Li guy hit on me too without knowing I was in a relationship with Kensi, he stopped me in the inner yard and said: "Hey girl, just wanted to tell you that you're making me burn, cause you are on fire for sure." And he did like he could firebend a little flame with his fingers, I answered: "Well, let's see if my boyfriend cools down the things." And Kensi froze his underwear, and had to go to the bathroom like a penguin!– Retaled Shaila.

–Yeah that was hilarious.– Said Tao.

–HA HA HAAA! I still remember him curse my name between teeth and his pants drip!– Said someone familiar.

The whole gang turned around, and they saw Kensi standing there in front of them.

–Kensi you're back! How was the Northern Water Tribe?– Asked Bultina.

–Well, pretty cold, and many amateurs to train waterbending.– Answered Kensi

–If you've been cold, then let me warm you.– Said Shaila, who was standing up right in front of Kensi holding his blue jacket.

–Sure M'lady.– and they both passionately kissed between all people in front of their friends.


"Sure M'lady."

–HA! They think they're romantic? Lets show them romantic.– And Tao got Bultina from the shoulder with his arm and passionately kissed her, but she retreated.

–What the hell are you doing?– Asked her angry.


"What the hell are you doing?"

–Being romantic.– Answered Tao.

–Well, it's not the same situation, we haven't been separated two days like them we saw each other this morning.– Replied Bultina.

–Oh, how's Hikar doing in Waterbending training?– Asked Kosen, daydreaming about how would her first date with Hikar would look like.

–Oh really, good, in fact, we tied in our last match together, me versus him.–

–Wow, he must have got really good for it.– Said Kosen.

–Yeah, in fact...– Kensi turned away to show Hikar behind him.

–Guess who is a fully realised Avatar!– Said Hikar, now in his normal sport outfit.

–HIKAR!– The three girls got up from the table and went to hug Hikar simultaneously. after not seeing their friend for three years.

–Hey bro! Or should I say "Avatar Hikar".– Said Tao as he made a fistbump with a hugged Hikar.

–Good to see you too. Girls could you please get of me? This is getting uncomfortable.– Asked Hikar.

–Hug us back.– Said Kosen, Hikar hugged the three girls back. –Thank you.– And they happily went back to their seats, including Hikar.

–You've changed a lot Hikar. You did a lot of sport?– Asked Bultina.

–Yeah, this three years I've been training, and training, and training, and...  playing videogames in my free time, or meditating trying to get in the Spirit World, I failed in that.– Said Hikar.

–Videogames? Those of Avatar Korra?– Said Tao.

–Yeah, I kinda played as myself. I didn't know Korra was that strong and pretty at the same time, guess I'm going to be even more of that.–

–Yes you are.– Said Kosen lying on Hikar's shoulder.

–Keep daydreaming Hik.– Said Kensi.

–And you? What did you do?– Asked Hikar.

–While you were out, we decided to create a new team to accompany you in your Avatar duties, so basically here you have your new team.– Said Bultina

–Your new Team Avatar!– Said Kensi

–Yeah.– Tao started to point the members. –Metal!– Pointed to Kosen. –Lightning!– Pointed to Shaila. –Water!– Pointed to Kensi. –Sword and arrow!– And he got Bultina in his arms and pointed to them two. –And of course the Avatar!– Concluded with Hikar.

–Haha, thanks Tao, but there's still halfway through for me.– Answered Hikar.

–What?!– The whole gang was jaw-dropped.

–But you said you were a fully realised Avatar! You mastered all four elements!–

–Yeah you're right, I mastered the four elements, but there's more: metalbending, energybending, Spirit World and of course the most important: the Avatar State.–

–Yeah you're right, what a bummer.– Said Tao. –And you'll need to contact Korra, and Aang, and...–

–No, he can't contact him.– Interrupted Shaila.

–What?– Said Tao.

–Korra lost her connection with the past lives when Raava got shred from her. The Avatar Cycle started anew. Aang, Roku, Kyoshi...they're all gone, even Wan and Singi, the first Avatars.– Explained Hikar. –Yurei taught me that.–

The guys weren't now in terms to discuss

–Where did you learned the elements each year?– Asked Shaila

–Oh yes, first I went to Zukokyo to learn firebending, there I met Shaila's old family: Fire Lord Iroh and Lady Zania, her royal grandparents. Next year I went to the Western Air Temple to learn airbending with Yurei, I met a lot of pretty Air Acolytes...– explained Hikar.

Team Avatar Hikar

"Oh yes, first I went to Zukokyo to learn firebending, there I met Shaila's old family: Fire Lord Iroh and Lady Zania, her royal grandparents. Next year I went to the Western Air Temple to learn airbending with Yurei, I met a lot of pretty Air Acolytes..."
"You kissed an Air Acolyte?"

–You kissed an Air Acolyte?– Kensi was surprised –You didn't told me!–

–Well, more or less, THEY kissed me. But anyway, then one year later I went to the Northern Water Tribe, sometime we went to the Southern to know both styles, and thank Korra she opened the portals to make it quick...–

–You've been in the Spirit World already?– Said Tao, amazed.

–Yeah well, but it was just from portal to portal not much.– Answered Hikar, suddenly there was starting to sound something like a dispute or a fight.

–Excuse me but you three can't be...– The man was interrupted when he was propelled backwards with airbending.

Everybody standed up looking at what had just happened, and they saw three hooded persons, the first one had his hand in front of him, and the other two looked one taller and another more younger. Suddenly, the younger one did an strange movement with his hands and everybody in the place except Hikar felt an strange pain on their body and were paralyzed in the moment.

–What the...? Argh!– Said Kosen before being paralyzed too. Hikar saw he wasn't in that grip his friends were.

–Wha...? How...?– Hikar didn't know what was happening, and less, why wasn't he paralysed too. Was it because he's the Avatar?

–Good evening Avatar Hikar.– Said the hooded airbender, who sounded like a girl.

–Who...who are you?! And the hell are you doing to my friend and this poor people!?– Said Hikar angrily. –And do you know I'm the Avatar if it hasn't been announced public yet?!?– the people couldn't believe that teenager was the new Avatar.

Red Triangle Presentation

–Of course, we know you but you don't know us.– And the airbender girl took her hood off, showing a pretty pale face with brown hair, and the most strange thing: a Red Arrow tattoo. She turned to Hikar showing her dark, blue eyes and an evil smirk. –My name is Aria, "The Red Airbender", and this are my brothers: Zeick, the combustionbender,– she wave her hand to the tall hooded, a teenage boy with a red triangle on his forehead and a mohican, blue eyes and tan skin. –and Deyek, the bloodbender.–

–Well hello there.– Said the young bloodbender, with the same eyes and look as his older siblings.

–How can you three be brothers if you're three different elements...? YAAAGH!–Said quickly Kensi, before he was bloodbent again by Deyek.

–Hey! Leave him!– Said Hikar, angrily.

–We will, we don't want to harm these people, but we will if we have no other choice.– Said Zeick, with his evil look.

–What do you want from me? And how did you know I'm the Avatar?– Hikar asked angrily.

–We will answer all your questions, if you come with us, our father and our organisation has a special deal for you, and I would recommend you accept it for your friends, and Sterkur, and Vona, and her secret.– Aria explained, and with that Hikar was overloaded in rage.

–Wha...what secret?! FREE THESE PEOPLE NOW!!– Hikar screamed.

–Then come with us.– Said Aria. Hikar, thought for a moment, the people were staring at him, and then he glazed his green eyes towards Aria.

–How about...we decide this outside?– And quickly Hikar airbent them out of the pub, propelling the three sibling through the windows, breaking them.

The three siblings were caught of guard as they were propelled outside the local, and laid outside in the middle of the empty street, half knocked out and with a couple bruises. Hikar also jumped out the window. Meanwhile, the people inside the local were freed from Deyek's grip and fell down the floor exhausted, while Kensi and Kosen did all they could to get up, but they were tired.

–If you're here to face me, then face ME!– Hikar shouted at them. Meanwhile, Kensi and Kosen made it to jump out of the window, both bending a water whip and metal bracelets, and Nikumi got ready to battle, but the three were suddenly frozen in the air by Deyek's grip again.

Hikar vs Aria & Zeick

"If you're here to face me, then face ME!"

–You two fight him, I'll take care of these three!– Said Deyek

Aria airbent an air vortex and Zeick launched a combustion ray, but Hikar earthbent an earth wall and stopped both the vortex and the ray. Hikar jumped over the wall and firebent several balls and kicked the earth wall to them; Zeick firebent the balls in shape of a fire ring.

–Come on! Let's do our move..ugh!– But Zeick didn't saw the boulder and was kicked away, extinguishing the fire ring. Aria quickly airbent some air slashes and tried to jump, but Hikar earthbent Aria's feet, and he airbent back at her, knocking her out. He waterbended ice from some drinks in the pub and froze the hands of Aria and Zeick, making them incapable to bend.

–Two out of three, your turn Deyek...uhn!– He was about to strike Deyek another fireball, but he was caught in his grip for the first time, levitating Hikar 5 feet above the ground.

–Were you saying?– Said Deyek maliciously. And he bloodbent Hikar to and abandoned wall in front of the pub, with such strength Hikar broke it and collapsed over him.

–HIKAR! NO!– Screamed Kosen

–Get up! C'mon, you can defeat them they're just a bunch of kids!– he tried to encourage him Kensi.

The three siblings, Aria and Zeick already freed from their ice handcuffs, came towards the mountain of rocks.

–That's it? He's dead? Because if yes we're in big trouble with dad.– Said Zeick.

–Nah, I don't think Hikar's dead, he looks pretty hard-headed.– Said Aria.

Suddenly, from the rocks light rays started to come out from between the boulders, each time more intensified, and the ground started to shake. Then, out of nowhere, the boulders broke around like and Hikar suddenly appeared over a big air spout and a ring of big boulders around, and his green eyes had turned very blue and shining: he just entered the Avatar State.

Avatar State Fail

–Uhoh.– Said Deyek, scared as his siblings

–Yep, you're screwed.– Said Kensi, with a smirk, from the pub freed with Kosen from the bloodbending grip of Deyek.

–Raaaaaah!– Hikar prepared to propel the boulders to his three rivals, but suddenly, he was paralyzed and his glowing eyes started to flicker, turning off. –ARGH! NO!–

–Deyek?– Asked Aria.

–Don't look at me.– Answered Deyek.

–Well then look at me!– And Zeick launched a combustion ray to Hikar's shoulder, when he definitely got out of the Avatar State involuntarily, and his boulders and air spout fell down to the floor, and he was struck by the combustion ray and also fell to the floor.

–Are you nuts!? You just terminated the Avatar in the Avatar State! Those weren't our orders!– Screamed Aria to Zeick.

–No, he was already out of the State when I launched it, lets just leave that as a lesson for him: Never mess alone with the Red Triangle.– Said Zeick, before they all propelled themselves in Aria's vortex to a roof where she had her staff, and left the borough flying. Meanwhile, Kensi, Kosen and many people came towards Hikar to see how was he.

–Hikar! Oh my gosh!– Said Kosen as she saw the wound he had under the rip in his green tank top.

–It's okay, I still can...hnng!– Hikar winced in pain.

–Dude, stay there, don't move.– Said Tao.

–Water! Bring me water! Or something I can waterbend!– Exclaimed Kensi kneeled next to Hikar.

–Here!– Shaila came with a glass of water.

–Thanks honey, that's what I need.– Answered Kensi, and he waterbended the water to Hikar's shoulder, and the water started to glow.

–Wha...Kensi you can heal?– Said Hikar.

Kensi heals Hikar

"Wha...Kensi you can heal?"

–I forgot to tell you, I'm learning to spiritbend.– Answered Kensi as he left the water from Hikar's healed shoulder.

–Well, I guess there's still more to do for the Avatar State.– Said Bultina.

–I don't know what happened, I was in the Avatar State, controlling it great and suddenly someone, or something turned it off.– Said Hikar, standing up with his slightly broken tank top.

–Well it wasn't Deyek.– Said Kensi.

–Hm, there can be only one explanation.– Thought Hikar.

–What?– Asked Kosen, and everybody stared at Hikar to hear his answer.



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While training. [[1]]

Going back home, in the pub. [[2]]

Right when Hikar starts battling the Red Triangle. [[3]]


  • This is the first time we see Hikar Airbending and Waterbending.
  • This is the first time we saw Kensi and Kosen properly bending their element's sub-styles: Kosen metalbending and Kensi healing.
  • Singi is not the canonical name of the second Avatar, rather, she is a fanon-created character by DragonGirl028: Singi. Thanks for giving me permission to mention her.
  • This is the first time we see the complete Red Triangle.
  • Kensi's dialogue about why do the three siblings are three different elements was inspired by a question made by Deist Zealot in the main page. It will be answered in the future.

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