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The Northern Air Temple
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July 12, 2012

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Chapter 2: The Confession

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Chapter 4: The White Lotus

The sun shone in Bo's eyes. He blinked a couple of times to clear the sleep from his eyes and noticed that it was early morning. He looked over to see that Lien was already up. He tried to see where she was and he noticed that she wasn't anywhere on board.

Bo instantly was alert. Oh no, did she jump out, was she captured, is she dead, he thought. Bo stood up and noticed that for some reason air beneath the balloon had turned green, and that there was a small patch of water sitting in the middle of it, and at the edge of the water was Lien waterbending.

Now Bo was genuinely confused. Then it hit him, Lien had landed the balloon, and had done it quite well at that. Lien continued to amaze Bo even after they had escaped Wàng's fief. She was very smart and determined.

Bo walked up to Lien. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Catching breakfast." Lien replied.

Bo looked to his left and saw a pit full of fish that were either flopping around or dead as a doornail. "Would you like me to start cooking these?"

"Sure, that'd be great, thanks Bo."

As Bo firebent the fish that Lien had caught, he couldn't help but wonder why Lien was taking so many fish, the pond was big and probably already had plenty of fish, but it's not like they could really eat all of them for breakfast. It then occurred to Bo that they could just save the fish, after all as long as they were properly cooked and dried then they would keep almost indefinitely, plus they could just freeze them in a block of ice.

Breakfast was quick and Lien and Bo boarded the balloon soon afterwards because they had both felt soldiers marching towards them from multiple sides through the Earth. It was probably another battle between warring fiefs over who really had the right to control the area, it was always the same thing.

Once the two were in the air again Bo continued to teach Lien the final forms of metalbending. It took the entire afternoon to complete. They landed the balloon to carry out Lien's final earthbending test.

"Are you ready?" Bo asked.

"Most definitely," Lien said as she took her stance. Suddenly out of nowhere, a boulder came flying at her from the left. Lien blasted it apart and as soon as she had she noticed Bo charging toward her with boulders and rock disks flying at her. Lien expertly blocked all of the rocks but was still knocked on her butt by Bo who leaped into the air and landed back on the ground sending a shock wave of Earth at Lien.

Thinking quickly Lien launched herself into the air on a pillar of stone which collapsed just as she came off of it. When she landed she created a shock wave of her own and began to fight back against Bo who continued to throw rocks at her. The battle lasted for several minutes when Bo sent a spear which had been stored on the airship at Lien. Lien punched straight into the head of the spear. It flattened against her fist and now in the shape of a sharp disk, Lien thrust it back a Bo who dodged it and sent a rock flying at her.

Now Lien decided to improvise. She took the rock that had been thrust at her and spun around just as it came within striking distance of her, spun, and thrust the rock back at Bo while throwing another three rock disks at him. The first rock which she had redirected Bo smashed, but the three disks knocked him down. Lien quickly closed the distance and trapped him by submerging trapping his arms and legs in the earth. To finish, Lien smashed another rock disk next to Bo's face.

After the dust cleared Bo smiled, "Test passed, although, if this had been a real battle I would have defeated you."

"Let's chalk that up to your ability to also bend the other three elements," Lien remarked as Bo undid his restraints and gazed around at the mess they had made. All the grass that had once been there was now torn up and lying in heaps around the battle field. Bo quickly flattened the terrain in the area and then picked up the metal disk that was once a spear and put it back in the balloon.

It was dark now and Bo gazed up at the mountains that were right next to them. Soon, we meet the airbenders who escaped, Bo thought as he and Lien jumped in back in the balloon. Bo started the engine back up and the balloon began to ascend again and move towards the mountains. They ate a quick but large dinner and exhausted all of the fish they had caught and cooked that morning and another night passed.

The sun rose again and Bo looked out of the balloon to see more mountains, but these mountains were special, they had structures build into them, but below, there were no airbenders to be found. Bo's heart sank. They had missed them, the airbenders were dead, they hadn't escaped.

Behind him, Lien stirred and rose. She took looked over the side and saw the mountains below. "We made it Bo, we made it, we're at the Northern Air Temple!" Lien exclaimed excitedly.

"Yes, we're here, but the airbenders aren't."

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