Chapter 3: The Irony Of Ballroom Conversation
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Chapter 2: The Tale Of The Wise Old Man And His Talented Son

Chapter 3:The Irony Of Ballroom Conversation

Iroh sighed and breathed in the sea air. He was standing on the dock, his freshly pressed, red and gold uniform, a stark contrasted to the blue of the ocean. A fleet of battle ships were docked in the harbor and deckhands were loading cargo onto the closest and largest of the ships.

"Iroh!" a voice called, and he turned to face Aya, as she ran towards him. "Why are we meeting here? And why are you wearing that uniform?" she asked, catching her breath.

"Do you remember when we were at the ball, and you told me the only thing the admirals were talking about, was the third fleet's movements?' Iroh started, his eyes carefully watching her reaction.

"Yes?" she asked confused, "what about it?"

"Well, they changed the plans; the fleet is going to Republic City to help stop the Equalist uprising," he said slowly, trying to find the best way to tell her.

"And you brought me all the way down here to tell me that?" She asked skeptically, her eyebrows raised.

"This is the third fleet," Iroh replied, waving his arms expansively towards the dock.

"I'm still confused," Aya said, frowning at him.

"And I'm in charge of leading it," Iroh finished, he closed his eyes and waited for her to explode.

There was silence, and then Aya spoke. "Iroh, this is so dangerous. You might not come back." Her voice was quiet, but it quivered with emotional pain. Iroh put his hands on her face, and made her look at him.

His orange eyes pierced her thoughts. "I will come back. And when I do, we are going to go out for dinner. And I will have the dumplings, and you will have that disgusting soup with sea prunes that you love so much." Aya laughed, but tears were running down her face. He embraced her, and held her body against his chest.

"Iroh, I'm scared. For you, for me, I-I-I just don't want you to... not come back." Aya was crying now, sobs echoed from her voice, and she looked up at him. Iroh's heart tugged, and he wanted nothing more than to cradle her in his arms and comfort her, but the blast of a horn shattered his actions.

Aya did not hesitate, quickly kissing him. It was passionate and needing, she didn't want to watch him leave. The horn blasted again, and her kiss turned sweet. It was a farewell kiss. "If I don't..." he started, but Aya cut him off.

"You will come back," she said forcefully, fighting through tears. "Now go, get on that ship, before I drag you away." She shoved him gently. "I love you," she whispered, smiling, but with clear marks of sadness in her expression.

"From the moment I saw you, I loved you too," he cooed in reply, turning away, and boarding the ship.

The ship soon departed, and Aya ran to the top of the hill at the end of the docks. She waved at the ship that held the man she loved, sobbing. She held her hand to her mouth to snuff out the noise of her tears, and clutched at her chest. She let the tears run down her face, and she bowed her head. She didn't know if he would come back, but she would be waiting here if he did.

Author's Note

Well, all finished! I enjoyed writing this a lot and thanks to you for reading it! I don't know if I'll continue with the story, but I'll have to see what season 2 of Korra is like before I decide. Thanks again!

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