The Extermination Begins
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Avatar: Rise of the Nations


Book 1: War



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January 26th 2013

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Chapter 2: Spiritual Enlightenment

Airships raid the dark overcast skies and fleets of ships rush through the waves to arrive on the shores of The Fire Nation. Underwater waterbender submarines are firing torpedoes to the Fire Nation's fleet. The war has officially begun.

While Tenzin and Fire Lady Ursa are awaiting Commander Bumi's naval fleet, the ground starts to shake beneath them in the palace war room. The pillars start to fall and Ursa sprints towards the giant door. While holding it open so everyone can escape, the roof caves in and she barely escapes as the last general runs through the door, she quickly dives out of the way.

"Is everyone okay?" Ursa asks. The ground began shaking once more and boulders made of ice fall through the ceilings.

"No, how can they have arrived this soon. Bumi's fleet still may be 3 hours away. We have to slow them down!" Tenzin said.

"All men report to General Shu to begin the defense! They must not infiltrate our palace city!" an admiral says.

All of the troops run to their positions. The Fire Nation army and Earth Kingdom had somewhat merged in some places. The Fire Nation army had a few Earthbenders and the Earth Kingdom Army had a few Firebenders.

The city gates fell down easily and the Northern Water Tribe Army raided the city with great speed and power, taking out the troops and officers quick. Tenzin had blown back the invading force and yelled "Why are you doing this?! Why would you invade the Fire Nation out of nowhere!". He waited for a response.

The army stepped aside to form two parallel lines and the Northern Water Tribe King stepped through.

"The Fire Nation has never been on our side. They have harassed us every year of every decade since Avatar Kyoshi's existence. They have invaded us a century ago and took the life of our Moon Spirit and our previous princess. Even in the years of so called "peace" they have had no restraint in taking out our Northern Water Tribe colonies. The Hundred Year War may be over but we will never forgive them. Now, it's our time to take the offensive! Charge!"

The army charged forward once more.

"The New Era has arrived! The Era of The Final Battle! The War to End All Wars! We'll never forgive you!" The king said.

"Stop! We aren't like that anymore! We haven't done anything negative to you since I've led this nation! Please stop!" Ursa shouted. The army ignored and kept up the offensive. The Fire Nation soldiers started to fight back a bit harder than before.

But then a group of very skilled water benders took the water out of the air around groups of Fire Nation soldiers.

"You see, for years we have developed the skills such as creating powerful waves, freezing people, and even Bloodbending. But now we have developed a new skill. We can take away the humidity of your air, and your oxygen! We control the gases of this universe to dominate our enemies! Nothing you can do at this point" The king said as he started to walk outside the city gates.

Meanwhile, Republic City has already fallen, and the Earth Kingdom army is on its way towards the Fire Nation. Korra and Asami reached Republic City only to find rubble, landslides, and complete destruction of Air Temple Island.

"Korra, how can this happen? Where is everyone? Where's Mako?" Asami asked as Korra sat in silence. Staring into the distance, she spots Mako's red scarf on the ground.

"How can this happen...Isn't Bolin in the Earth Kingdom Army? We need to go to the Fire Nation now to assist Tenzin. The life we previously had is now over" Korra said. Her eyes began to water but not one tear shed. While flying over Air Temple Island she noticed a huge white thing on the ground. Korra guides the bison down to the ground to see what it is. As she gets closer, she realizes it's Naga.

Korra finally began to cry, and Asami hugged her.

"Get your hands off of me!" Korra shouted.

"Korra, please..Let me..." Asami stopped her sentence half way through, watching Korra go into the Avatar State.

"No one will ever hurt anyone I love again. No one!" Korra said. She sped off while Waterbending a huge wave and riding it towards the Fire Nation. Asami mounted up on the flying bison and flew after her.

(Chapter not complete yet, we just released what we planned so far)

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