The Ends of the Earth
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Timeback Saga



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July 5, 2014

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Chapter 2: Trip Through Time

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Korra's eyes begin to glow dark and black as Vaatu begins to appear out of Korra and finally returns. Yangchen uses the Avatar State to make an air sphere surrounding Korra and her. "It's time, Korra, destroy him," said Yangchen. Yangchen's eyes glow and she disappears. The air sphere disappears and Korra launches a powerful fire blast to Vaatu.

Vaatu grabs Korra's head with his tentacles. Korra's eyes begin to glow and Eska and Desna appear in front of her. "Haha I need a host to use bending against you," said Vaatu. Vaatu possesses the twins and proceeds to waterbend Korra.

Korra uses the skill Kuruk transferred to her and summons Roku to possess her. Roku appears and uses the Avatar State to create a devastating firestorm, destroying the meadow and severely hurting Vaatu. Vaatu as Eska and Desna fires purple optic blasts at Korra, hurting her.

Korra summons Kyoshi to help her. Kyoshi uses the Avatar State to crack open the earth and release the magma from the core, but Vaatu counters with a huge tidal wave. The wave hits Kyoshi and from the water reflection Kyoshi splits from Korra. Korra begins to continuously shoot fire blasts at Vaatu, but Vaatu blocks it with waterbending.

Korra begins lose hope as she continuously shoots any bending at him. Losing strength, she falls to the ground. Vaatu, still possessing Eska and Desna, fires more purple optic blasts at her. Korra had an idea, it was her last chance.

As Eska and Desna posing as Vaatu draw their hands for the final blow, Korra quickly grabs the twins' hands and her eyes begin to glow. "Time for you to go back," said Korra. Eska and Desna begin to float and behind them is a swirling purple portal, Eska and Desna's eyes begin to glow red and Vaatu splits from the twins. Eska and Desna are sucked to the portal.

Korra grabs Vaatu and performs a dangerous energybending skill. She begins to corrupt Vaatu; Vaatu could not fight and Korra begins to rip Vaatu, destroying the evil spirit. But Korra took pity and instead of destroying Vaatu, she filled Vaatu with good, she split Vaatu's physical form from his evil. Korra's eyes begin to glow and Raava appears. Raava grabs Vaatu and Vaatu begins to disappear in a blue light. As Raava and Vaatu join, Raava's size grows much bigger and Vaatu disappears. "Hey, Raava, will Vaatu ever come back?" asked Korra.

"No, he won't," said Raava.

Korra begins to teleport and she appears on the bridge of cosmic energy where she started. There, all her past lives stand behind her. Then the portal opens up at the end of the bridge and she arrives back at Air Temple Island. She feels delighted that she has reconnected with her past lives.

In a prison far away from Republic City, A man named Zaheer discovers he can airbend. "Ghazan, Ming-Hua and P'li I'll free you and we can rid the world of the Avatar," said Zaheer.

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